After the undisputed win in Assam Polls, BJP is in full uproar to conquer Uttar Pradesh Polls destined to hold in early 2017. Since 2014, BJP has remained undefeated in states were congress has previously ruled but had lost two consecutive elections in Delhi and Bihar in 2015. Though BJP won the election against regional parties like Shivsena, NCP, National Conference and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha in Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand respectively, yet most of the people termed these wins as the result of Modi wave.

UP election in 2017 is one of the major important elections not only for BJP to prove its mettle but for deciding the new parameters for national politics. The results will set the path for the favorable outcomes for general elections 2019. From my point of view, here are reasons that can help BJP win the grand state election of 2017.

  • BJP’s chance of win doubles if the party announces the CM candidate for UP as what they did in LS 2014 and Assam elections. BJP lacks big face in UP and that can deter their win in the elections.
  • If the words of Subramanian Swamy come true then development of Ram Mandir will start from early 2017 after the Supreme Court’s verdict, that alone reason is enough for BJP to create polarization of votes in BJP’s favor.
  • Transfer of Dalit votes in BJP’s bag. It happened in 2014 elections that the vote of the Dalits which previously were reserved by BSP was transferred to BJP, the sole reason for BSP getting a Big Zero.
  • Continuous communal violence in western UP is another big reason which can lead to BJP getting huge votes from the west as it happened in 2014 and the people have pledged to make BJP win after getting disappointed by Samajwadi party’s huge partiality towards Muslims.
  • Entry of electoral strategist Prashant Kishor’s led Congress in UP which can deter the votes of secular parties. Though Kishor aimed the upper caste votes which can also deter BJP’s vote bank but has more chance to harm secular vote bank as opposite ideology of BJP vote banks are less transferable to congress.
  • BJP got a Brahmastra in the form of poll strategist Rajat sethi who is an alumnus of IIT, MIT and Harvard University and was the key reason for BJP’s win in Assam.
  • Samajwadi parties poor governance and increased crime rate is another reason for BJP gaining votes.
  • The sole development concept of Narendra Modi and the work done by BJP ministers in UP is another big reason. The development in Railway sector done by shri Manoj sinha is a prime symbol of good governance. Even the arch rivals of BJP admit the work done by shri Sinha.
These reasons are enough for BJP’s win in UP next year. If the development speed further increases, the chances of BJP’s win increases. Today’s atmosphere is positive for BJP, if they continue their hard work and applies better strategies then BJP’s win is almost sure. This win will confirm the mood of voters for election 2019.
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