According to me Fastcomet is one of the top and best web hosting provider for your blogs and websites.

They are also my recommended Best Web Hosting companies and I have shared my detailed Fastcomet review, which will help you to decide Fastcomet as your hosting partner.

Today, In this article you will read to know How to use a Free SSL Certificate with your Hosting with Fastcomet.

Fastcomet is among the hosting company which provides the Free SSL certificate on every hosting plans. Also, to use this SSL certificate with your domain, you don’t have to use Dedicated IP. Installing free SSL certificate on Fastcomet is very easy and you can implement SSL certificate to your domain without having any technical knowledge.

Let’s Read the Complete Step by Step Guide on How you can use a Free SSL Certificate on Fastcomet Hosting for your wordpress blog or websites

Step 1  – Login to your Fastcomet Account

Step 2 – Login to your Cpanel Account, you can see in the Cpanel button on the above image, you can click on that and from their you can directly login in your cpanel account.

Step 3 – In the Cpanel, Try to find Let’s Encrypt SSL option in security section.

Step 4 – On Let’s Encrypt SSL Page, the domain name will be displayed that is available on your website. On this page there is an option Issue in Action section in front of your domain name.

Step 5 – When you click on Issue button then it will take to next page where you have the option to select where you have to install the SSL certificate.

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Step 6 – Select All the options, Including the www and non www versions of your domain name and Mail option as well and select Issue option and it is done.

So by this 6 steps, you can install Free SSL certificate to your Fastcomet hosting.


This step is only for the one who has just started a New WordPress blog or websites and if you are moving or transferring your website then you have to have  to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS which will not hamper your website traffic.