Node.JS has reformed web development in many ways and that’s why it is one of the best the open-source and cross-platform to execute the JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Node.JS has come to light in the year 2009, almost 9 years after they have released a stable version of Node.JS in 2018.

It is to be remembered that Node.JS is not a framework but a programming language.

Most people get confused between the framework & programming language.

Node.JS is basically used to build backend services, for example, services like Whatsapp API, or any other mobile app.

Node.JS is also seen using by big companies such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber and many more.

I have written a detailed article on best node js hosting, where you will get the list of best hosting

There are different features of Node.JS but the primary function of the using Node.JS to build back-end services. Here are some features.

  1. Node JS operation is easy and basically used for building a prototype in agile development.
  2. It is faster and perfect annotations for building a scalable services
  3. Node. JS is basically a JavaScript that helps a JavaScript programmer to build back end services easily.
  4. Source codes are easy and look familiar to the coder.
  5. Node JS being open-source has the source library.
  6. It is mentioned that Node.JS is Asynchronous in nature.

How do Node.JS benefit?

Now. If you think about Node.JS benefits you will see why most developers carry out different operations in web development using Node.JS.

Easy scalability– it is used because of the different scalable options in the horizontal and vertical direction. Developers get the privilege to add resources while scaling any application.

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Real-time web apps – Even if the developer is working to build a web app through PHP. It takes almost equivalent time when using Node.JS. But when it comes to building instant chatting services Node.JS is mostly preferred.

Fast Suite – Node.JS operate on the v8 engine build by Google. Node.JS is effective in handling asynchronous operation. As because Node.JS a way better and performs different tasks such as writing databases or file system smoothly.

Easy to learn and code – Node.JS is always the first choice for any developer, just because it is made using JavaScript.

Hence, frontend developers are always fond of working in Node.JS by not having difficulties with source code during building any web application using the Node.JS.

Powerful caching – offer caching of a single module. Most web developers are aware of the powerful caching in Node.JS.

This is made to ascertain whenever a request is placed for the first module the second module gets cached within the application memory.

Hence, developers do not need to re-execute the code again.

Data streaming – Node.JS helps in the data stream that helps the application to load faster when data is on roll for transmission. It offers phenomenal speed and suitable for high-speed video and audio transmission.

Corporate support – big companies such as Walmart, PayPal, Microsoft, and yahoo is using Node.JS for building web applications.

Node.JS is meant to handle different application and build. Following are a few examples.

  • Real-time chats
  • Complex single page application
  • JS comes with ready tools best known as Node.JS suite
  • JSON API based application
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In this article, we’ll talk about the Heroku and Redhat OpenShift the best free Node.JS hosting providers in 2023.


Heroku is a cloud-based platform that allows running and testing different application using Ruby and Node.JS. Heroku came to light in the year 2007 incorporated in San Francisco, USA.

Looking at Node.JS advantages. Heroku is a perfect place for quick deployments for any number of applications.

At the same, it enables using 3rd party services in just one click.


Additionally, the only reason Heroku is a perfect hosting for the deployment of Node.JS.

Like many cloud application platform Heroku is one of the best Node.JS hosting providers that help you host the web apps on its remote servers.

Heroku serves the application source from GIT that is made for a specific build. It uses an in-built Linux container known as Dyno for running different commands.

The fundamental aspect of Heroku cloud-based platform that it runs the apps inside a vault (Container) which is fully managed for a perfect runtime environment and

With loads of Pros for Heroku comes a few Cons too.

  • Although it is free and can only be used for light application. For high traffic, they have expensive pricing.
  • It is absolutely not suited for beginners.
  • Customer support is not available.

Heroku provide users with loads of technical documentation which is great for technical users.

Heroku cloud-based platform is highly optimized for testing a web application using Node.JS but it is good only for low traffic Node.JS websites.

Redhat OpenShift

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Heroku cloud-based platform for deploying Node.JS web application.

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Redhat OpenShiftis one of the best free Node.JS hosting providers in 2023 for hosting popular Node.JS apps. It works similar to Heroku where developers build, test or deploy an application to conduct application usefulness.

It is a cloud-based platform for testing different application. The key features that make it a distinct competitor against Heroku are as follows.

  • The best in standard today’s enterprise
  • Redhat OpenShift is flexible in nature stacking up to other languages
  • Supports different code building
  • It provides complete access to build in databases
  • Deploying methods are extensive through managing application code, fine-tuning, debugging and so on.

However, no independent platform is perfect. Redhat OpenShift also has a few demerits

  • Redhat OpenShift is generally for advanced users.
  • No support for the live chat or neither customer support is available.

Redhat OpenShift has a large community of developers. The platform is user-friendly allowing you to build web apps quickly.

Redhat OpenShift supports multi-core architecture for obtaining faster speeds.

Conclusion on Free Node Js Hosting in 2023

Node.JS is a flourishing technology in today’s market. Node.JS meant to deliver good benefits in building web and app developments.

However, it would certainly take up more resources such as memory and storage than other forms of hosting.

The Heroku and Redhat OpenShift are completely free Node.JS hosting providers in 2023.