If your website is getting a lot of 404 errors in your wordpress website. Getting 404 server error happens due to different Reason Below are the reason for getting 404 Not found error.

The Error “404 Page Not found” is the error page displayed when any visitor clicks on a particular page and that page is not available on server.

  1. If you have deleted particular post and that post is index by Google or you have done Social Bookmarking or you have submitted URL and Visitor clicks that link then it will found 404 not found error.
  2. If you have change the Permalink Structure in wordpress , then all the Old index URl will lead to 404 error page.
  3. When you move your website from wordpress.com to wordpress.org or you are moving to New Domain. Then you will find lot of 404 server errors.
There are many ways to resolve the 404 Not Found, But the Simple way of get ridden of 404 error is to have a Plugin , where we can easily setup the Redirect of No Found Pages without touching any code.
 So here I will give you the List of 404 Redirect Plugin that can be use for creating 404 Redirect.
  • Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin : The Redirect with the help of this Plugin we can easily setup redirect for any Pages and Post. You can use this plugin to linking to external URL specifying the URL.
This Plugin is one of the best Redirect Plugin over 200,00+ Downloaded or installed . This Plugin is updated 6 days ago so it means the developer are working on this plugin.
Quick Page/ Post Redirect Plugin has 4.6 out of 5 Rating in wordpress.
This Plugin is Completely Free for use.
You can Visit Here and Download the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin
  • SEO Redirection Plugin : By Using SEO Redirection Plugin you can easily Manage and create Redirect to you 404 blog post.By using this plugin you can setup different types of redirect such as 302 ,301 and 307. This Plugin Monitors the 404 errors and easily we can setup the Redirect. You can create redirect for individual post and you also have an Option for Bulk Upload the URLs

This Plugin is downloaded over 50,000+ , This plugin is updated 4 days ago , So the Developers are contributing in this plugin. So if you plan to go for this Plugin, You can install that.

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The Average Rating for SEO Redirection Plugin on WordPress is 4.7 out of 5.
Visit Here to Download the SEO Redirection Plugin

  • Peter’s Login Redirect : This Plugin is Developed and Maintained by Peter, In this Plugin you can setup redirect for User who are logging in and Logging off website. You can create and implement different redirect for specific Users having a specific roles or capabilities and for rest of the user you can setup other Redirect URL.
This Plugin is downloaded over 70,000+ time and the Last Update of this Plugin is 4 Months.
he Average Rating for Peter’s Login Redirect  on WordPress is 4.9 out of 5.
Visit Here to Download the Peter’s Login Redirect.

There are Many Free Redirect Plugin available in WordPress , But the above 3 Plugin is totally free to use.

Below are some Paid Redirect Plugin for WordPress.
Going for Paid Plugin is always helpful as you are entitled to get the Premium Support and Constant update of the Plugin from the Developers.

  • Yoast SEO Premium : When you purchase a Premium SEO Plugin from WordPress you gets an additional benefits of Creating Redirect to all the 404 errors from your Yoast SEO Dashboard .
In Future, I will write about Paid or Premium Plugin for WordPress for creating Redirect,