There are 1000 of web hosting companies providing the same hosting service and everyone claims to be the best in the industry and It always become a difficult job to select the best one. When, I was searching for the best hosting providers to host my Blog and that time, I have done a lot of research and then I selected by Hosting partner. That time, I decided to write the article on web hosting which will help to decide your hosting partner.

Today, In this article I will provide you the detailed comparison between Fastcomet vs Siteground which will help you to decide where you have to host your websites. Fastcomet and Siteground both are well known web hosting industry and you will 1000s of hosting reviews on different platforms.

Fastcomet vs Siteground

There are many blogs and websites where you can find the comparison between Siteground and Fastcomet, but mainly they are very technical which makes very difficult to understand for a newbie. That is why, I am writing this article and comparing Siteground vs Fastcomet on basic and technical features which will help you to decide your hosting partner for a long time.

Fastcomet vs Siteground – Find out the Best Hosting Company

In this comparison between Fastcomet vs Siteground, I will compare on around 15 different parameters which will be a detailed comparison.

Fastcomet vs Siteground – Price Comparison


  • The Basic hosting plan of Fastcomet starts at $2.95 per month
  • Siteground basic hosting plan starts at $3.95 per month

In the Price comparison Fastcomet takes the lead, Fastcomet is one of the affordable web hosting service providers

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Renewal Rate

  • Fastcomet renewal rate is same as that of purchase price, so after your hosting plans comes to the end, you can renew at the same price
  • In Siteground, you have to pay $9.95 per month during renewal time and I think it is too expensive for anyone

Domain Name

  • Fastcomet provides Free Domain name for lifetime, till you have hosting account with them, So here you save around $10 to $15 per year
  • Siteground doesn’t provide Free Domain name

Website Hosting

  • In Basic Fastcomet hosting plan you can host single hosting plan and On higher hosting plan you can host ulimited websites
  • Siteground also providing the same hosting plans where you can host single website and with higher hosting plan you can host unlimited websites


  • In basic hosting plan of Fastcomet you will get 15GB of SSD Cloud hosting
  • In basic hosting plan of Siteground, you will get 10GB of Web space

So, In comparison between, Storage Fastcomet takes a lead in compare to Siteground


  • Fastcomet provides Unlimited bandwidth to its customers and The basic hosting plan is best for traffic of ~25,000
  • Siteground basic hosting plans is best for traffic of ~10,000 visitors

Free Email Addresses

  • In Fastcomet, you will get unlimited business email accounts in all hosting plans
  • Siteground also provides unlimited email accounts as well


  • Fastcomet provides discounts and offers on every occasions and you can contact them for any offers and discounts.
  • Siteground always provide the offer and the price which is shown on the website is always a discounted price
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Fastcomet vs Siteground – SSL Comparison

SSL Certificate

  • Fastcomet offers Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and within a Single click you can install SSL
  • Siteground also provides Free SSL certificate

Cloudflare SSL

  • Fastcomet provides Free Cloudflare CDN with SSL on all hosting plans
  • Siteground alsot provides Cloudflare CDN

Free GlobalSign Private SSL

  • Fastcomet provides the Free Globalsign Private SSL certificate for the higher hosting plans. It is not provided in basic hosting plan which costs you $2.95 per month.
  • Siteground doesn’t provide free globalsign private SSL to its customers on any hosting plans

Free Dynamic SSL Seal

  • Fastcomet provides Free dynamic SSL seal for higher hosting plans where the user get the validity of the SSL certificate you are using and it is generated every time you visit the site.
  • Siteground doesn’t provide dynamic ssl seal

Fastcomet vs Siteground – Database Features Comparison

MySQL databases

  • Fastcomet provides Unlimited MySql databases
  • Siteground also provides unlimited MySQL databases

Database Quotas

  • In Fastcomet, Database Size is 350MB, Database Table Size is 125 MB and DB Queries Execution Time: Up to 1 second
  • I haven’t found any place where Siteground has provided the Database quotas

Fastcomet vs Siteground – Developers Features Comparison

Bash Support

  • Fastcomet all hosting plans support Bash
  • Siteground also supports Bash , where you can install by using shell scripts
  • Fastcomet also supports Perl Support, Python Support, MySQL 5.6, Node.js Support, Pre Installed GIT, WP-CLI, Drush, SSH, Free Ray Media Server (RMS), Laravel, Genesis, Phalcon, Symfony and Google Apps integration on all the hosting plans offered by Fastcomet
  • Siteground also known as very developer friendly web hosting service and they also provide every features for the developer
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Fastcomet vs Siteground – Customer Support Comaprison

  • Fastcomet provides one of the excellent customer support service and within a Minute you can contact them via Live chat support and you can raised you support ticket which they have 10 minutes of ETA to resolve that ticket or they will answer your query with full detailed information
  • Siteground is also famous for its customer support service

So, Here is the detailed information on Siteground vs Fastcomet and I hope it will help you to decide your Hosting partner.

My Recommendations

If you want to know my Recommendations, I will recommend you to go with FASTCOMET, Best web hosting provider.