So, Today In this article I will share with you the personal experience with Fastcomet. I will provide the detailed Fastcomet Review on Its Features, Services, Plans, and Pricing.

Here, I will provide you Fastcomet Review in a very simple language that will help you to decide on Fastcomet as your Hosting Partner. In this Fastcomet Review, you will not find a too technical thing that will confuse your decision.

Staring as one of the finest and best web hosting company, Fastcomet has grown to be a synonym for perfection. Over its period of existence, it has worked its way up to the top for being extremely reliable and concrete in its services.

The basic things that you look for in a web hosting company are fast SSD drives, Random Access Memories, and high-quality bandwidth, which is well established by this company.

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Fastcomet Reviews

Checking its criteria of having fast RAM with ultra-fast processing SSD drives. There are many proud users who have raised its bar as the flagship hosting company of the year 2023.

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Fastcomet Reviews Will be done on Different Parameters which will help you to decide Fastcomet as your Hosting Partner. Below are the different parameters for Fastcomet Review.

About Fastcomet

As said earlier, it is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies of the current year and it is continuing to grow its roots even further. You might not have come across this name as it was typically engaged in serving multi-national companies.

It has been delivering excellence for about seven years now and continues to do so by making itself available to the general public as well. To define Fastcomet by the digits, it has been serving more than eleven thousand five hundred customers over the range of seventy countries worldwide.

Achieving such great feats, it has officially included itself in the fastest developing web hosting companies of all time.

Uptime and Reliability of Fastcomet

Fastcomet provides one of the best uptime to its hosting clients. You will get a guarantee of 99.9% of Uptime from Fastcomet and It is one of the reliable web hosting companies around the corner.

Fastcomet Review on Features (Why Fastcomet as your Hosting Partner)

  • Renew any service from Fastcomet at the same price as that of during Signed Up
  • Fastcomet doesn’t provide any kind of Hidden Fees during signup or not additional charges
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of money-back guarantee service
  • Fastcomet provides Free SSD Storage with Cloud Hosting
  • Free Cloudflare CDN is provided by Fastcomet on every hosting account purchase
  • Fastcomet claims to respond within 10 minutes on all your Ticket enquirers or 24×7 Live Chat (Personally, I have felt that Fastcomet provides one of the best customer support)
  • If you are hosting an Open Source Script, don’t worry about that, Fastcomet provides one of the best Open Source Support Service
  • Fastcomet Loves, Open Source i.e My First Recommendation for any Open Source hosting is none other than Fastcomet because of Free Installations, Free Module Installation, Free Template Installation, and all the security feature is provided for your Open source script
  • I think Fastcomet is the only Hosting company, which provides all the tutorial material for all Open Source script and it is a very detailed information

Fastcomet Hosting Review on Pricing and Plans

Most of the servers that Fastcomet uses are powered by the latest Intel E5 processors with data processing by top end quality SSD drives. The specialty about SSD drives is, they help in improvising the website speed by more than 250% which is absolutely amazing.

There are basically three basic variants of the plans that Fastcomet offers which are widely used by people across the globe. The plans offered are:

Shared Hosting Plans – 

No matter what you do online, there would be a dire necessity of having a second website opened for your reference. It is always wise to stick to a plan which would allow you to open multiple websites at a single time.

This plan served by Fastcomet gives you just that. In the segment of shared hosting plans, Fastcomet is also proving the customers three plans to narrow their choices. The hosting plans for Fastcomet are Single Website Hosting Plan, Multiple Website Hosting Plan and E-commerce Hosting Plan

Fastcomet Pricing Reviews

Fastcloud Website Hosting Plan

  • The Single Website Hosting Plan starts at $1 Per Month (Currently 95% offer is going on)
  • This plan is best suitable for a Blog or Small Medium Business
  • Free Domain Name for Life is provided by Fastcomet, till you have an account with them
  • 15 GB of SSD Webspace is provided in this plan
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with this hosting plan is provided

FastCloud Plus Website Hosting Plan

  • The Price of Multiple Website Hosting Plan Starts at $4.45 Per Month
  • In this Plan, you can host multiple websites
  • Free Domain transfer
  • 25GB of SSD Webspace for your website
  • Unlimited Bandwidth is provided on your Hosting account
  • I will not recommend this Hosting plan instead of this Use E-commerce Hosting Plan if you to Host Multiple websites
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Fastcloud Extra Hosting Plan

  • The Hosting Price of E-commerce Plan is $5.95 Per Month
  • Unlimited SSD Space is provided in this plan
  • Free Domain name on every hosting plan
  • Fully E-commerce Optimized environment
  • Free GlobalSign / SSL Certificate is provided
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Free Personal DNS is provided in this plan

All of these plans vary by different means of facilities that the customers can choose from according to their use. Here is an official comparison brochure from Fastcomet that might come into your use.

It is recommended that you go for a plan that allows you to host multiple websites as they are highly beneficial for multi-tasking. If you are keen on having an SSL certificate then the E-commerce plan would benefit you a lot as it comes pre-bundled with an SSL certificate.

Domain Name – The Main Plus point of Fastcomet, is that they offer a Free Domain Name on every hosting purchase from them and It is free for Lifetime.

Here is the Full List of Free Domain Name that is provided by Fastcomet. You will Get COM , NET , ORG , INFO , BIZ , US , EU , CA , ES , IN , RU , CN , DE , CO.UK domain for free and for the rest you have to pay the charges. I think Fastcomet has cover all the famous and demanding Domain extensions.
I hope, In the future, they will expand this list of Domain Name by including additional Country Specific Domain Extension.  Fastcomet also provides Domain Registration service, so if you don’t find your extension in a Free Domain Name list, you can purchase with Fastcomet.
Bandwidth – Fastcomet provides Unlimited Bandwidth to its every hosting account purchased from them. I have checked with all the terms and conditions of fastcomet, but I haven’t found any capping on your Bandwidth. But before trusting about unlimited bandwidth you should always confirm with Fastcomet regarding the same
Web Space – Fastcomet provides Limited Web Hosting to unlimited Web Hosting. The Webspace increases as you select your Hosting plan
  • In Fastcloud Hosting plan, you will get 15GB of SSD Web Space
  • In Fastcloud Plus Web Hosting plan, you will get 25GB of SSD Webspace
  • In Fastcloud Extra Web Hosting plan, you will get 35GB SSD Web Space for your website

Control Panel’s

Fastcomet provides the latest Control Panel software Cpanel. which will help you to manage your all website data through Cpanel.

Website Builder

Fastcomet doesn’t provide any Website Builder to its customers. Instead of that fast comet provides the Free Website template which you can use to create a website by using this free theme. Fastcomet also provides a Free theme for many open sources scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

1 Click Installer

Fastcomet provides Softaculous which will help you to install 350+ Open source scripts in a single click. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to install your website or script, ask the technical help from Fastcomet, they will provide you the free script installation service.

Fastcomet Review on Customer Support Details

Apart from the Pricing, Customer Support of fast comet has attracted my eyes to provide the detailed fastcomet review. Whenever, I had any issue regarding any features of Fastcomet, within a 1-minute Fastcomet chat team have replied to me.

  • I have read many reviews on different Hosting review sites, everyone has appreciated the Customer Support of Fastcomet
  • Fastcomet provides 24x7x365 Days of Technical Support to its customer
  • The Maximum Response time of Fastcomet will be Just 10 minutes, Means you can expect a reply to your Mail within 10 minutes
  • Fastcomet provides Open source application customer support

Fastcomet Reviews on Technical Features or details

  • Fastcomet provides Single Backup and Restore Functionality, So here you will not lose any kind of your data
  • Unlimited Domain can be parked on your Hosting account
  • Webmail is provided with every Hosting account
  • Unlimited MYSQL Database, FTP, and Email account is provided by Fastcomet
  • Logs and Statistics is provided by Fastcomet
  • You have the option to monitor your resource very effectively
  • Fastcomet Provides PHP.ini Configurator
  • Cron Jobs and Index Manager is provided on every hosting account of Fastcomet
  • Up to 4 Cores of CPU is provided to your hosting account
  • Up to 2GB of Ram is provided
  • Aggressive Gzip is provided
  • Auto Minify your HTML and CSS
  • Fastcomet provides Five Layers of Caching such as Google Pagespeed, Facebook Flash Cache, optimum Cache, CloudFlare CDN Caching, and Memcached.

At the end of the Fastcomet review, I have provided a detail description on the same.

Ratings on Different Hosting Review Sites

  • Fastcomet has got 9.8 out of 10 Points reviewed by 295 Users on Host Advice
  • WhoisHostingThis has given Rating 3.6 out of 5 to Fastcomet
  • Trustpilot has given Rating 7.4 out of 10

Data Center Locations of Fastcomet
There are in total seven data centers spread across the world which facilitate the smooth performance of the company. In the first 2 years of the start, they only had 4 data centers in the world, and in the following years, they have grown their size to 7 which is remarkable. The locations are:

  • Chicago (North America)
  • Dallas (North America)
  • Newark (North America)
  • Frankfurt (Europe, Germany)
  • Amsterdam (Europe, Netherland)
  • London (Europe, UK)
  • Tokyo (Asia, Japan)
  • Toronto (North America, Canada)
  • Mumbai (Aisa, India)
  • Sydney (Australia)
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Fastcomet Reviews on Open Source Web Hosting Service

Fastcomet is famous for its open-source web hosting service provider and they have invested a lot in the research and providing the specific hosting optimized environment for your script. Fastcomet supports all kinds of open source scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and much more.

Fastcomet has a specific expert team to help you in your script, so you don’t need to worry about that and they have a specific knowledge base section for all the open-source script.

Fastcomet also supports Node JS hosting in their environment, so if you are planning to start Node js based web applications then fastcomet should be your best buy.

Fastcomet Review on the Best Features of Fastcomet 

There are a lot of reasons to choose Fastcomet over any other web hosting company. However, to assemble some of the most cherished and highlighted features, here is a quick glance of what you would be obtaining.

Lightning Fast Website Speed –You might be already aware of the fact that Google ranks the websites according to their browsing and functioning speed. So it is highly important for the reputation of the website to be uptight on the basis of its speed and reliability. As discussed earlier, Fastcomet is running with premium-grade SSD drives for its web hosting which is one out of many reasons to go for it.

A lot of IT guys debate over a website’s speed as a factor of image optimization and data loading. But in reality, the data is processed in about 250% faster in the case of premium SSD drives at the data centers. Even though the websites would be using W3 total cache plugin or Smush it plugin, it cannot deliver the speed as good as a good grade SSD drive.

Fastcomet provides all these in reasonably low prices for you to consider it.

One of the Advanced Mechanisms of Caching – While most of the other competitors out there for web hosting use a 3 layered mechanism for caching, Fastcomet stands out of the league with a brilliant 5 layer mechanism for it. This mechanism makes the servers highly secure and ensures traffic-free browsing. To have a better idea of what exactly is the 5 layered mechanism, here are your follow-ups:

  • Facebook Flash Cache is one of the most advanced tools to be used in any web hosting company. As the name suggests, Facebook manages all its website traffic by the use of this advanced cache mechanism that enables the user’s cookies access which preloads a page’s structure before it opens. This helps the user for a better experience in browsing and surfing through multiple tabs. Fastcomet is the only web hosting company after Facebook to use this cache for general use.
  • Googles Page Speed is another great technology developed by Google itself to improvise its browsing experiences. This enables the pages to work at about 21% faster than the usual which is pre-bundled with Fastcomet web hosting company.
  • Optimum cache technique lowers the use of disk space by a lot of margins and helps decrease the stress on the RAM. As a result, it helps in making the data processing much faster than usual.
  • CDN Caching Cloudfare is yet another cache technique which is not at the central part of the host but distributed across all the data centers for optimum use. Whenever a user is trying to take out data, they would be served with the nearest data center for faster delivery of the desired data. This helps the user to get anything at their fingertips within half as much as the usual time.
  • One of the most used memories cache technique by popular web hosts like Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook are the Memcached. It boosts your website performance indefinitely to an appreciable limit. This has to be one of the best features that Fastcomet serves.

Improvises Your Webpage’s SEO –Not many people know about this system but Google actually blacklists the web pages which have inappropriate content handled in it. Fastcomet makes sure none of those content like child porn, spam, viruses, violence, scam, and racism is entertained in your IP address.

To get the technical understanding in a layman’s tone; while using a shared web server, most of the content that is being used by other websites are often related to porn, scam, and viruses which makes your web page highly unacceptable in the terms of Google’s checklist. It would blacklist your web page instantly.

Many of the largest website networks are now blacklisted only because of this reason and they have suffered huge losses. So, the fastcomet is extremely reliable regarding this point.

The Pricing of Fastcomet – To be absolutely honest about this point, no one wants an overpriced web hosting service. Fastcomet has come this far in these 7 years because of its reasonably low pricing strategy. They are offering their web hosting service at a minimum rate of $2.95 as the base which increases according to your needs.

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This price is quite low as compared to the other competitors in the market, which gives Fastcomet the required edge. On top of all that, it also offers its users to have a 45-day money return guarantee on dissatisfaction. Personally, the best feature here that seems too catchy is the clear mentioning of the ‘no extra costs’ tag which is pretty convincing for giving it a shot.

Monitoring and Backing Up – As useful as it sounds, the backup and monitoring of the data of the clients are highly important as everything that they pay for depends upon it. There is an indefinite backup of data on a weekly and monthly basis which makes sure that the client’s data remains unharmed.

If anything gets disoriented on the part of the client, then they have the option to recover a backup from the data center at any time.

Remember, all this is free of cost which covers the data’s security. The website’s security and firmware is also checked upon and made sure that it functions smoothly. The WordPress plugin is not required when you are going with Fastcomet.

Additional Features Offered – One of the best features that Fastcomet is serving is the automatic upgrade of all the plugins. It also makes sure you do not face any kind of problem using the applications and its installation.

They help you with all the necessary technical work and assist you in setting them up as well. If you are coming up with a new website idea and you lack the basic idea to move ahead with it, then they can also help you with the layout and the theme selection of your website.

Another feature that the users absolutely love is the hassle-free update of the WordPress plugins. You do not have to personally upgrade the plugins, rather it gets upgraded all by itself in the background without any maintenance break.

Security from Fastcomet –Fastcomet reviews all the actions over its servers and makes sure that the client’s websites are protected from virus threats. There is a regular audit of the data and the processing unit which avoids all kinds of bugs and spams that are created unintentionally. They also keep an eye on any growing malware in the server that might reach the sensitive data and remove it within time. It can absolutely be trusted for keeping the client’s data in private and secured from all kinds of threat to leakage and distribution.

Before Wrapping the Fastcomet Hosting Review, I will give you brief information on the Pros and Cons of Fastcomet that will help you to decide your hosting partner


  • Affordable Pricing Structure
  • Same Renewal Price
  • Lifetime Free Domain Forever
  • Free HTTPS
  • SSD based Cloud hosting
  • Unlimited Business Email Hosting with your Hosting
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Daily and Weekly Backups


  • Fastcomet takes a Setup free for One Month Billing Plans
  • According to me Web Space is less as compared to other hosting company

Final Conclusion over Fastcomet Hosting Reviews

As you notice, there is an indefinite number of reasons why you should choose Fastcomet over all the competitors out there. The buying process of Fastcomet is simple as well. Simply select your preferred plan that you want to take up from the official server and move on to the next step of buying. Then select and register your website domain free of cost and pay for the plans using PayPal or international credit cards. But before you buy, here are the catch-up points that make sure that Fastcomet is worth it.

  • Faster Browsing and web hosting experience, that is unmatched by anyone in the current market. The use of SSD drives makes the page viewing much faster too.
  • You would be getting a 24×7 support from the Fastcomet team regarding all kinds of problems that you might face.
  • The uptime is set as a benchmark for quality at 99.9 which is definitely amazing.
  • Security features are reliable and upgraded regularly.
  • Fastcomet improvises the SEO of your website.
  • The effective pricing is one of its kind.

You need to give it a try today to experience a new level of quality for web hosting and become a part of this amazing Fastcomet family. 

If you have Hosted your Website on Fastcomet or Decided to Host your Website with Fastcomet by reading this detailed review of Fastcomet, Then Please please let me know your experience with Fastcomet by providing a comment on this article.

It will really help many of the Users who are planning to host their website with Fastcomet. All the positive and negative comments on Fastcomet are welcome, but please provide your genuine review as it will help the webmaster to host their website.

If you want to email me a detailed review on Fastcomet, you just Dropped Me a Mail with your Experience.

Note – Personally, I have tried Fastcomet for my website