Today, I am writing this article on Entry Processes Limit in Web Hosting and I know that many of the web hosting user don’t know about the Processes and its Limit provided by the hosting company. Knowing about Processes Limit is very technical and in this article, I will keep it very simple so that you can easily understand about the Processes. Also at the end of the article, I will try to provide you to detailed information on the Hosting company and their Entry Processes limit.

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What is Entry Processes in Web Hosting?

Entry Process are known as the command that is run on the server to complete a specific task. The Task or action is achieved through a series of process that complete within moments of each other.

In a Layman Term we can defined Entry Process as An “Entry Process means the number of PHP scripts can be run at a single time. Every hosting company has its limit and In the end of the article, you will come to know about the Entry Process Limit of different hosting company

Entry Process takes a roughly second to complete the PHP scripts and many user gets confused that Entry process is the Number of Visitors can be handle by Single Entry Process. If you are having 20 Enry Process that doesn’t mean your website can only handle 20 visitors at a particular time. It will be a very rare scenario that you will be having 50 to 60 visitors at a particular time.

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Also, If you see your Entry Process is fully utilised at every point of time, then you have to check your Php Scripts, may there would be some issue with Scripts that is Why Entry Processes of your hosting is showing full utilised.

In Cpanel, you will see Many Hosting company provides Entry Processes and Number of Processes, I will give you the definition of the both, which will help you understand the difference between the same

Number of processes are all processes running on the account can be plugins, cron jobs etc .

Entry processes are direct request to the MySQL DB

Entry Processes Limit in Shared Hosting

You know with shared hosting account, you are sharing the website servers and resources with many other customers on the same platform. Many web hosting companies make sure that one website doesn’t consume all the server resource as it is very scarce and if any websites uses more resources then it will hurt performance across all the websites which are hosted on particular server.

The Number of Entry Processes in shared hosting depends upon the hosting plan that your purchase. Starting from the basic plan you will get the Entry Process limit between 10 to 20 Entry processes and If you purchased costlier hosting plan than you can get upto 150 Entry Processes

What kind of Web hosting would allow to have the maximum Entry Processes?

When you Purchase VPS Hosting or dedicated server then you get the unlimited Entry Processes and there is not limit in any of the resources that you are using on it. You can read my detailed article on best vps hosting 2018 which will help to get to know the best vps

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What happens if you reach your Entry Processes Limit?

When your website is reached the allocated entry process (10 to 20), then your visitors will experience a 508 error and to resolve this you have to work on your script

Now, I will let you know the detailed summary on Entry Processes Limit is given by Hosting company and that will help you to decide the hosting company which has highest Entry process Limit and you don’t feel helpless after buying the hosting company. You can also read my detailed article on best web hosting

List of Hosting Companies with their Entry Processes Limit

Web HostingEntry Processes Limit
Read the detailed summary Which Hosting company Provides the Number of Entry Processes? Note - Here the Entry Processes Limit is of the Highest Plan offered by Shared Hosting Companies


I hope this article will help you know the basic Idea on Entry Processes Limit, its uses and the number of Entry Processes Limit provided by hosting company.

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