The first question every each one of us goes through What is an Elastic Hosting? How does it help my website? Anyways, first I would like to clarify that we all know more or less about web hosting and its working.

Right now, there are two popular web hosting solutions that are a shared and a VPS. Looking into current trends in web hosting and selection of its use cases are extremely prevalent in today’s world.

Elastic hosting is basically a concept that goes synonymous with cloud hosting. It’s the knack of adding or removing the capacity as per your needs. For instance, compared with a shared hosting, an elastic web hosting works in a similar manner offering multiple websites to host on a same shared server. However, the resources and reliability are shared by a managed VPS.

Elastic Hosting

So, elastic hosting offers dedicated resources for RAM, CPU and for connections. Despite having dedicated control each site is kept isolated from others or LVE (Lightweight Virtualized Environment).

This lets it distributes and limit server resources to prevent server disability. Unlike, customers can use only they have been allocated. When choosing a best web hosting plan elastic hosting can become the next generation hosting model which offers great benefits over VPS hosting. To sum it up an elastic hosting offers you similar functioning for a VPS without being burdened with paying high fees of an unmanaged VPS. The best thing is that you don’t have to deal with the headache of server management.

Difference between Elastic Hosting & VPS Hosting

Ever since the internet has emerged web hosting and that of shared hosting greatly influenced most webmasters. Although, shared hosting is an economical way of hosting a website build on the same server with a few disadvantages like limited bandwidth Elastic web hosting is a new generation of shared hosting that works on Cloud and with the hardware and network lines.

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Elastic hosting works similar to VPS but allows you to select the preferred OS. For instance, if the resources are inadequate and or excessive after deployment resizing your Elastic web hosting is only a few clicks away. Scaling is much fun and easier now.

A Brief Comparison of Elastic Vs VPS hosting

A few words on Elastic Web hosting

Elastic hosting offers a great flexibility and features. Elastic hosting lets you choose the preferred OS and able to gain root permissions allowing you to reinstall and upgrade OS at you need. On the other hand, VPS users do not have this privilege to have root permissions hence, it will not able to reinstall or upgrade the operating system.

Also in some terms, elastic hosting is extremely customizable which lets you configure no. of CPUs memory capacity and bandwidth. It only requires a few clicks to deploy the needed resources for the steady operation of your website. Of course, when you don’t need the available resources you can scale down thing with few clicks. The process is much simpler and convenient compared to VPS hosting.

A few words on VPS hosting

VPS hosting is one of the most popular and used services that splits a server into multiple virtual servers. A VPS offers additional security over traditional web hosting services such as offering dedicated IP, OS, larger capacity drives, memory and CPU resources which deals with independent execution of programs and system configurations.

Apart, from being able to obtain a lot of features users can do a lot of things such as allocating multiple web hosting, unlimited corporate inboxes that would let them enjoy independent servers and install programs, and restart servers separately.

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A breakdown of having advantages of Elastic Web hosting

  • Elastic hosting is considered an alternative to VPS where it offers the power of VPS with the benefits of shared hosting. If you have a larger audience and feel inadequate with a shared server thus an elastic hosting should be a perfect solution.
  • Elastic sites are easier to manage. How? Similarities that of a shared hosting, elastic hosting does manage it even more easily. If you’re spending regularly on VPS managing activities time to look for an alternative solution.
  • Elastic hosting is flexible and offers pretty decent plans which can be easily updated. Choosing from a different amount of RAM, CPU allows you to sit right on your need on a limited budget. This ensures a complete control over creating proper infrastructure for your website, unlike VPS hosting where you need to create large infrastructure and sit idle for the unlimited time period for measuring the traffic surge.
  • With a VPS private server, you never need to worry about things that can affect negatively on your site. And, this is pretty similar to elastic site. With dedicated IP address, the search ranking should not get influenced by the other on your server.
  • Elastic hosting offers similar functionalities of a VPS hosting without the hassle. Elastic hosting gives you root planning and customization but it does not speak on behalf of configuring or purchasing a license.
  • Despite the elastic hosting being a little on the costlier side than the unmanaged VPS, this is even much easier to control and manage. And, what could surprise you typically when it’s affordable especially considering VPS hosting.
  • Elastic web hosting is one of the best when looking out to secure with a stable VPS hosting. One thing to note elastic hosting works almost isolated with LVE, ensuring security. Thus it allocates limited server resources for guaranteed stability.

Why should pick Elastic Hosting over regular managed VPS hosting?

It’s worth noting is the security of elastic hosting. It’s a common knowledge that users when to manage their own servers they need to deal with stability and security in particular. On an Elastic hosting, everything is managed by the service provider.

There are quite a few hosting that offers this functionality. To sum up, an elastic hosting greatly improves the security of the website as well.

Most of the time users are left with a variety of high-level security features that can be desired for their individual needs. Therefore, hosting large and dynamic site require better security Elastic hosting is definitely a cost saving option with 99.95% service availability for all the users.

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