Let us discuss the impact of the IP address and its purpose while dealing with an internet business. The IP address can be upgraded to a dedicated IP address & it can definitely give a number of benefits when compared with the shared IP address which normally comes with the server when you choose a shared hosting plan.

When you compare both dedicated IP and shared IP addresses it will help you to find the most useful and highly suitable IP address for your business along with its other benefits & the cost.

What is a dedicated IP address?

It is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops and represents the computer that is connected in the internet network and it is part of Internet Protocol.

IP address offers to route information of the internet user in form of a decimal number. The IP address is a combination of four sets of numbers and each of the numbers is separated by a decimal point or a dot. For example, is a type of IP address.

The dedicated IP address and internet protocol are unique and mainly used for websites hosting under user accounts. Many web hosting companies offer several free dedicated IP addresses to the users while managing VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting accounts.

A dedicated IP address can enhance the speed of the server during higher traffic operation. It can also increase security to the websites and protects the data contents.

The dedicated IP address offers user unique identification number on the web.

How is the dedicated IP address defined and used?

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Every website hosted on the web is based on a user account on the server. And every user account will be given a unique IP address. For the shared hosting websites, the IP address remains common along with the website name. The IP address is a unique number assigned to every user on the internet by offering every user a separate user account on the internet.

But on the shared hosting server, hundreds of websites have a common IP address. Only various websites that are part of the shared server have a common IP address.

A dedicated IP address offers benefits and additional advantages that have become part of the web hosting server.

These advantages are highly worth when considering the current and future requirements of the websites and the business.

Advantages of dedicated IP address are:

  • Your website with its dedicated IP address remains stable and its performance will not affect due to other websites.
  • You will be able to access your website 24/7 even when your domain name system is not pointed over.
  • A dedicated server enhances the flexibility of your website and it helps in editing or updating files and other data contents easily.
  • A dedicated IP address allows the additional applications to run smoothly without any issues and it also allows several online activities to be performed perfectly well.
  • Even during high traffic website runs at high speed without any restrictions and there will be no connection problems because of direct live connections and dedicated services.
  • You are dealing with your website for editing your website it is very easy because you can just type the IP address in the browser and press enter to access the website.
  • When a visitor enters the URL of your website in the browser then the server can very easily locate the site and upload the website immediately.
  • Another advantage of a dedicated IP address is that it allows complete access to the websites immediately without the use of DNS configuration.

Common facts of shared IP address:

  • For a shared hosting account, IP address remains common among the users, it takes longer to search and upload websites hosted on a shared hosting server.
  • This time is called lag time and the visitor has to wait for the website to upload and the time to upload the website depends on shared IP address and dedicated IP address.
  • Also, users having websites on shared hosting servers do not have enough control over the websites.


The usage of internet access is increasing day by day. Every day thousands of users are uploading the information on the server in form of websites, blogs, forums, and various apps relating to business, education, health, fashion politics, and many more.

Every user is responsible for the activities that he or she performs on the internet and is given a unique identification number which can be useful in tracking the activities of the users. The dedicated IP addresses are special types whereas the IP address used on shared hosting servers are common types.