Today , I will be listing out the Craziest Accusation made against our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am calling it craziest because is only accusation and no one in the world can prove that even the People who has made accusation against our Prime Minister.
I will list the number of craziest Accusation made against Narendra Modi made by Political Leaders , Celebrities and the Media

Below are some of the Craziest Accusation made against Narendra Modi
  • First Craziest Accusation is that Narendra Modi govt is against the Students of India : In the past few months , anyone who is watching News Channel or constantly touch in Socail Media , you would have seen the amount of coverage students from diffeent institutes are getting.It started with FTII Pune followed by Rohith Vemula of Hyderabad University and the Latest is the JNU.  But If you will carefully evaluate all the situation , you will come to know that problem is within the Leadership of University or the issue just a Media Driven , who hates Narendra Modi, But the Entire Media , Opposition like Congress and Delhi CM just started blaming Narendra Modi for it.
Modi govt constantly fighting everyone- students, farmers, dalits, minorities, Delhi govt, middle class

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) March 2, 2016

Now Let’s see the both the 3 Issue one by one

  1. FTII Issue – Here the students were protesting against the Newly appointed FTII Chairman Gajendra Chauhan , With this Incident we came to know that from Now Onwards Students will Select the Professors , Principals and the Chairman. The FTII protest was totally a political protest orchestrated by Congress and Leftist Students, just to defame Narendra Modi
  2. Rohith Vemula death was totally a Political Opportunity by a Vulture Politicians in India , Now , the Vulture Politicians trying to compare Vemula with Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. This Kind of Politicians can go to any level for their vote bank Politics.
  3. JNU Incidents – In this case , How can you expect the People to be silent when Students of JNU Chanted “Afzal Hum Sharminda hain , Tere Qatil Zinda”  , “Hindustan ki Barbaadi Tak Jung Rahegi” , “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Kashmir ki Azadi Taq Jung Rahegi” , But due to Hatred of Narendra Modi , the Rahul Gandhi  , Arvind Kejriwal all supported the student who chanted all this slogans.
  • Manish Sisodia Statement that Narendra Modi wants to Kill Arvind Kejriwal : When Some Ex AAP Lady throw ink on Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM , Manish Sisodia accused Narendra Modi and BJP that they are planning to Kill Arvind Kejriwal with the help of Delhi Police. When I Hear this news , I just can’t stop laughing whole day.
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  • Neha Dhupia Blame Narendra Modi for the Rain in Mumbai : There are many illogical and craziest accusation against by Politicians , Journalists against our PM Narendra Modi , A flop actress Neha Dhupia beats all those Kejriwal , Barkha , Sagarika type by her Tweet, She was Criticizing Narendra Modi for the Rain and dirty road in Mumbai . She forget to lodge a complaint against Mumbai Mayor or take this matter with State Government.But Yes she was knowing very well , For Publicity she have to take a Name of Narendra Modi and yes for a week she was a talking point in the town.
One rain n the city comes to a standstill. Good governance is not about selfies n making us do yoga,it’s making sure ur citizens r safe.

— Neha Dhupia (@NehaDhupia) July 21, 2015

  • Arvind Kejriwal is the supporter of Every Anti Modi , Anti BJP (Fake)allegations , News or Person : If you want to become a Hero in front of Arvind Kejriwal or you required a honesty certificate then you have to criticize or make any false accusation against Narendra Modi. Then No matter who you are , you will get a full Support from Arvind Kejriwal and his Paid Journalist.
  • Arvind Kejriwal Keeps Accusing Narendra Modi for Everything : He thinks Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi doesn’t have any other work and just only think about Arvind Kejriwal. I think Arvind Kejriwal is having a Modi Phobia , If you are following Arvind Kejriwal on twitter you will notice , In a Day he takes name of Narendra Modi 5 to 6 times in his tweet.
Modi ji trying evrything possible to create hurdles in Delhi govt.

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) January 17, 2016

  • Sagarika Ghose accused Modi for wearing a Louis Vuitton shawl in Paris : Sagarika Ghose is the Journalist famous for her hatred towards Narendra Modi , Once Narendra Modi visited Paris and She tweeted that Narendra Modi is wearing a Louis Vuitton shawl , as if she was a Dress Designer , But in just a short while she was being exposed on twitter for lying
Fashion statement by @PMOIndia with Louis Vuitton shawl in Paris…IMHO, showcasing an Indian handloom would have been even better!

— Sagarika Ghose (@sagarikaghose) April 12, 2015

Look How She was Exposed on Twitter.

There are many Craziest Accusation against Narendra Modi by Political Opponents , Journalist , Media and many other. Daily some or the other False accusation is made and in the evening it has been proved that it was a False Accusation
I have only one Suggestion for the People , In coming Days and Coming Years you will see this kind of  accusations more on Narendra Modi. Keep your eyes and ears open and before reacting , just get your facts correct that Is it a Hit Job by the Nexus of Media and Politicians.

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So before believing any such craziest Accusation , Find its Truth and Helped to Expose them.