Content marketing is a technique to capture new customers by offering quality and personalized content.

It focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to retain a clearly defined audience. Several tactics are used to constantly inform and convince customers, without trying to sell them something directly.

Content Marketing 101

The purchase process is a four-step cycle: awareness, research, consideration, and purchase. Traditional advertising and marketing are excellent when it comes to the last two steps, but then people don’t create any loyalty to the brand.

However, content marketing takes advantage of the first two stages of the purchasing process to raise awareness and educate consumers about a product they had never considered before. In addition, it provides additional content for social networks and contributes to SEO efforts by generating natural links and having good information on its website.

Therefore, content marketing tries to nurture the best possible users with quality content and provides them with the information they need. But we must not forget that just creating content is not enough to carry out a content marketing strategy but must be quality content and directed towards a target audience. These actions are complex and not easy to carry out.

Furthermore, Content marketing certifications can help establish relationships between the customer and the company, which drives sales. However, there may be an obstacle: having ideas for the content but not being able to carry them out due to lack of time.

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What is the importance of content marketing in 2020?

With the new decade on us, there are definitely some things that you’ll need to be aware of when it comes to content marketing.

Generate brand awareness, trust, and loyalty: People who consume content will begin to create an impression on the company’s brand. The publication of informative and well-researched content means that the company will be considered reliable. The more the public relies on the brand for information, the more likely it is to buy from that company.

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Increase traffic: Quality content attracts the audience to your website, which increases web traffic. Once they are there, users can be persuaded to register, hire a service or make a purchase.

Evokes emotion: Significant content must be produced to evoke an emotional response. If this is done, you have the opportunity to attract readers, followers, and loyalty. In social networks, this emotional connection is essential, and content marketing knows how to take advantage of it.

Increases the chances of virality: When a content marketing strategy is created that causes useful and entertaining material, people can be inspired to transmit this knowledge. With quality content, it is easy to attract more than one person, so if it is achieved in mass and that followers share it with others of similar characteristics, it can become viral content. Email marketing content can be executed in a specific way that allows your most viral content to be viewed by your subscribers.

Content marketing practices that can transform your business

Below we have the most prominent types of content which have proven to be successful, and will create a remarkable difference:

For many brands, blog posts are the central part of their content marketing strategy. That is because Google classifies quality publications easily, making it easy for users to read them on the first pages of their search engine, giving the brand great value. This will require you to have content marketing blogs or website on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.

In order to establish a site, you will also need a hosting platform. Managed hosting service is generally recommended here, and you can count on the state-of-the-art service portfolio by The WP Help. Build better blogs with the platform’s staggering site security, maintenance, and hosting service. You will be fascinated to see how a blog adds value to your business.

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In fact, blog posts build trust and 61% of customers in the USA make purchases after seeking recommendations from online blogs.

Infographics allow you to concentrate large amounts of information on an image so that it is visually interesting and easy to digest.

Online videos are dynamic, attractive and popular, as more and more users are using this type of format, so we must include it in our content marketing strategy. In a study, it was revealed that using videos, and businesses can expand their customers’ return rate by 60%.

Currently, companies can not do without accounts in most commercial social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through them, you can act on content marketing, since it is easy to spread messages and get in touch with customers.

Marketing Product content

Louis Vuitton’s example

Louis Vuitton, an iconic and luxurious label where there are them, creates this app for its audience, an audience that travels in a different way. Some offer guidelines with many utilities that cover 25 cities of the world (each sold separately).

  • It is an added value for the smartphone/tablet of the traveler identified with the brand.
  • It has a contemporary and elegant style, consistent with branding.
  • Each guide proposes tours for the chosen city.
  • It offers a proposal of activity according to the time of day or night.
  • In addition to hot spots to stay, eat or walk, includes details of the neighborhoods of each city.
  • Information integrated into the plans and the location of the device so that the traveler does not miss anything along the way.
  • Simplicity and productivity adapted to tourists or travelers for business.
  • The gold seal: Louis Vuitton proposes a host in each city, an expert guide who shares his experiences and recommendations. For this, he has chosen prominent personalities that represent the qualities and values ​​of the brand, such as the designer FayeToogood in London, or the director Guillaume Gallienne in Paris.
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Now that the concept of content marketing is better defined, the different types, advantages, and benefits are known, there are several ways in which a message can be conveyed properly, but it can become a complex task, for making it more profitable to automate it.

In many cases, the ROI of content marketing is better than that of advertising or at least completely necessary to achieve good results in today’s digital marketing.

Media content marketing is constantly evolving, and companies around the world need to make sure that their marketing campaigns are kept up to date.

Most platforms are not aware that the AdWords bid grows year by year, and if they don’t have content marketing strategies, money for digital marketing is not going to be enough.

As a quick reminder for all marketers, good content is good content, no matter what type of platform you use. Our main objective should always be to create attractive content that resonates with our target audience. Otherwise, we have failed.

Leaving this aside, we also have to recognize that even great content needs to be delivered the right way. Doing this correctly can be a big headache for most companies. Just as the conventional edition evolved decades ago, the world of digital marketing is constantly changing and very fast. The pace of this change has made most digital companies forget about being human.

There is no denying that creating and delivering compelling content on social media platforms is crucial for most brand efforts. The trick to capturing the marketing of modern social media is based on the use of a more human approach