Cloudways is one of the commonly mentioned and popular cloud hosting platforms that enables anyone to host their website on cloud servers. It is an incredible platform for entrepreneurs and business owners. At present Cloudways offers to host only on Amazon Web services and Digital Ocean Server.

There are many features inclusive of Cloudways which broaden the scope of business and ease of setting up a website. To make the shared cloud hosting more appealing and to boost your work, there are many Cloudways hosting discounts available. Using the Cloudways coupon codes you can easily get discounts or free credit while setting up your website with Cloudways.

Cloudways Coupon Code

The Cloudways package price starts from $7 and you can choose the higher package according to your need but the discount coupon helps you save some money. There are many coupon codes using which you can avail discount in the month of September and we will be discussing them shortly.

Cloudways Coupon Promo Code 2020

Flat $10 Discount

Use Cloudways Coupon Code to Get $10 Discount on your Hosting Bills

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Be it for blogging or setting up your eCommerce business or for any other purpose, a host server and domain is of primary need. Cloudways have great features and to make it affordable promo codes for  2020 is available.

Cloudways gives you the chance to start with 30 days free trial of Cloud Hosting to check if the hosting platform is right for you. After 30 days are over on upgrading to higher paid plans the 10$ discount will be automatically added to the plan.

Why should you choose Cloudways shared hosting platform?

There are numerous cloud hosting servers but Cloudways stand out in terms of its features and packages. Before you actually make the purchase using the promo code, let me share some of the noteworthy features of Cloudways shared hosting platform.

  • Multiple Cloud set-up options This means Cloudways enable the users to choose the cloud infrastructure from multiple options like Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean and Vultr in just a few
  • Hosting supported by SSDStorage is one of the major highlight of Cloudways hosting and it is backed by SSD storage. With this, the SERP time is reduced by loading the website rapidly.
  • Dedicated Servers – The cloudways servers is great for business owners as it gives one dedicated server space. The web space is available to the users at a very affordable price almost what one pay for shared servers.
  • No LatencyThe Cloudways cloud hosting servers have around 25+ data centers globally which reduce slow downloading and recurrent problem of latency.
  • Excellent customer supportBe it new or old in the server hosting old, customer support is a must requirement. Cloudways boast of excellent 24×7 customer support with a high rate of satisfaction. The expert support team for Cloudways cloud hosting is available through live chat and ticketing system even during Holidays.
  • Efficient SecurityIt is backed by high-end security to prevent any malicious attacks by potential threats. The applications and servers have a secured firewall protection that prevents unauthorized access and eliminate any attempt of hacking. It allows two-factor authentications by adding two layers of security. IP Whitelisting feature adds more security by banning IPs that is injurious to the performance of the server.
  • CustomizationDeveloping a website with freedom of customization in terms of design, layout or any other features is provided by Cloudways.
  • Great PerformanceDespite all the features and price performance is one of the integral parts of hosting server. Cloudways cloud hosting offers great performance in terms of uptime, speed, and reliability. Cloudways runs on Thunderstruck which ensures your website hosted on the Cloudways cloud server loads 100 times faster.
  • Real-Time Monitoring The servers are checked and managed by a professional team who check for regular updates. The server is monitored constantly in real time and the user can check all metrics from the console.
  • Dedicated IP address Cloud hosting through Cloudways ensures that the server is completely your personalized one and gives you the full control on it. The Dedicated IPs enable the user to deploy web apps and gives you your own server space.
  • One click functions The best part of Cloudways cloud hosting is instant action with one click. With one click clone copies of apps and servers, with one click create a back-up and restore data and with one click scale your servers to increase website traffic.
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Apart from these, there are many other options available with Cloudways cloud hosting services that make it exceptionally popular.

  • It is compatible with multiple applications and using Cloudways server the user can install 15 applications including WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc. Cloudways Cloud hosting server is WordPress friendly and compatible with 18% of websites globally run using WordPress platform.
  • The website can be set-up using Cloudways without the requirement of any technical knowledge, it is that simple and easy.
  • The server architect of Cloudways makes it a brilliant choice as it is optimized 100% for many high-end The server can be upgraded or downgraded instantly with just one click.
  • The payment option for Cloudways cloud hosting is very flexible and the user can choose to make payment on the monthly or hourly basis.

Cloudways Cloud Hosting Packages – Everything that you need to know

There are different plans available when the user chooses Cloudways Hosting server and you can choose to depend on your requirement. All the plans include 24 x 7 customer support, pay as you go to pay for things you use, free migration and downloading of unlimited applications.

The above is the complete listing of all the packages available with Cloudways cloud hosting. The most popular package for Cloudways suitable for both beginners and professionals is the $17/mo package as it gives good features for hosting a website.

The cloud infrastructure for Cloudways Platform starts at price of $5/mo for Digital Ocean. It also supports cloud infrastructure including Vultr at $9/month, Google Compute Engine at $34.17 per month, Amazon Web Service for $ and Kyup starting at $21/11/mo. Also, there is no restriction on the launching of the application on one server.

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Your money is what Cloudways Value and thus it offers one month of the free trial before you actually put your money.

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There are many and satisfied clients and customers for Cloudways hosting server. It is a great platform for setting up websites related to e-commerce, developers, designers, start-ups, businesses, and blogging. It gives you a space that you own and use according to your requirement.

The best part is the unlimited use of application of single server and is complete security with dedicated hardware. The Cloudways Coupon Code is a great grab to save money on the purchase with 2 months free usage.