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Bigrock Discount Coupons – Get 55% Off on WordPress Hosting

Bigrock is the best Web Hosting company in India. Its hosting products is very famous with the Indian customers. Bigrock has offered an exclusive discount coupon code for its customer who wanted to purchase a wordpress hosting for their blog or website. Click Here To avail the 55% Discount Coupon code (Coupon Code will be

NamoInspiresMe A Social Media initiative by a Social Media People

A group of Talented people on Social Media started a campaign Known as NaMoInspiresMe. The Initiative taken by Dr. Anuj Singh with founder members Nirbhai Singh, Prabhakar Singh and Basant Rai and Nikhil Didhichh is the official partner with NamoInspiresMe The Aim of this group is to bring the like minded people together and do something

How to make Delicious Potato Manchurian Balls

Potato Manchurian Balls Ingredients Required to Prepare Potato Machurian: Potatoes parboiled, cut into small cubes  Refined flour (Maida)  Corn flour   Ginger-garlic paste  soy sauce  Salt to taste Oil  Spring onions with greens  Green chili paste Tomato ketchup  Vinegar How to make Potato Manchurian Balls:- Method:- Step 1 : Put potatoes in a bowl. Add refined

Hit job by Journalist on Gen VK Singh

Today , I will be writing about Another Hit job by Journalist on General VK Singh So Today Some Morphed Video Circulated on Twitter and our Indian Journalist got a lottery to target General VK Singh. Here are the Screenshot of Ajai Shukla Tweet. Ajai Shukla is a Journalist , A Defence expert and I

Hooting Against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Yesterday Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal with his Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia went to watch the Movie Airlift in Ansal Plaza Ghaziabad. Arvind Kejriwal is very fond of Bollywood Movie and he provide the review of every movie that is being released on Friday. Till Now he has reviewed more then 10 Movies and Twitter world

How to add multiple authors in blogger

If you have multiple Authors or Contributors for your blog and you want them to write an article for your blogger blog, to provide user some quality articles in different category. It also can happen you have different Authors for different category and you think Managing all the content by one person is difficult then

How to Add Automatic Read More Button in Blogspot

As you are reading this article , I can imagine that you have started writing your blog in Blogspot. As you have written 2 or 3 articles you would have noticed that in your Home Page all the Latest content of article visible in your Home page and as the article is big the rest