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Recipe for Potato Cheese Balls

Potato Cheese Balls is the yummy dish for the kids.  This a mouth-melting Indian Snack loved by kids and adults. This dish can be made at home very easily & quickly. Now let me tell you about these cheesy balls. Potato cheese balls are made with boiled potatoes and stuffed with the grated cheese. After

Badam Paneer Pasanda Recipe – How to Make Badam Paneer Pasanda

So Today in this article I will be giving the recipe and How to make Delicious and Mouthwatering Badam Paneer Pasanda. Image Source : Readometry Ingredients Required to make Badam Paneer Pasanda 250 gm Paneer or Cottage Cheese cut into Triangles shape  Tomato Puree – ¼ cup Chilli Powder – 1 tsp Garam Masala –

Recipe of Delicious Vegetable Lasagne

Ingredients to Make Vegetable Lasagne:- Oil: – 1 tbspChopped garlic: – 2 tspOnion: – 1Brinjal: – big brinjalYellow Capsicum: – 1Red Bell Pepper: – 1Zucchini (tori):- 1Deseeded Tomatoes: – 2 cupsSalt: – To tasteBlack pepper powder: – 1 tbspBasil:- 1Lasagne SheetLettuce salad Ingredients For Sauce:- Butter: – 50 gms Refined flour: – 2 tbsp Milk: –

How to make Delicious Potato Manchurian Balls

Potato Manchurian Balls Ingredients Required to Prepare Potato Machurian: Potatoes parboiled, cut into small cubes  Refined flour (Maida)  Corn flour   Ginger-garlic paste  soy sauce  Salt to taste Oil  Spring onions with greens  Green chili paste Tomato ketchup  Vinegar How to make Potato Manchurian Balls:- Method:- Step 1 : Put potatoes in a bowl. Add refined

How to make delicious maggi spring roll

Ingredients for Making Delicious Maggi Noodle Spring Roll:- 1/4 Cup Cabbage 1/2  Capsicum 1 Spring Onion Maggi Noodles Maggi Masala 1 tbsp Oil 1/2 tsp Ginger Paste ½ Chilli Paste ½ Tbsp Tomato Ketchup Salt as per Taste Spring Roll Sheet How to make Your Delicious Maggi Noodle Spring Roll:- Heat 1 tbsp. oil. Saute