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India under Siege: A brief on Piece-full Relations with Pakistan

On September 18, 2016 at 5 AM sharp, Pakistan backed Jihadis attacked Indian army in which 18 army personal lost their life. The attack took place in Uri, which is in Kashmir, India. This attack was the most lethal attack on India by Pakistan. The incident has rose questions in the mind of every proud

Rising Intellectual Terrorism in India and Ways to Counter it in a Dignified Way

One may often hear about the word terrorism which has nothing to do with religion but nowadays a new term have emerged which is “Intellectual Terrorism”. Intellectual Terrorism can be defined as promoting, supporting, defending and justifying terrorism in a legal manner through intellectual discussions, propagation, sponsoring through funding and promoting through the intellectual sepoys

It is Better to be a Terrorist in India than Being a Soldier in front of So called Liberals and Seculars

Do you know Ajmal Amer Kasab? The one who attacked Mumbai in 26/11 attacks. Though most of you know him and can recognize him by seeing just his face but do you know who Tukaram Omble was? Most of you neither have heard his name nor can recognize him by face. He was the person

Two Years of MODIfied India: Achievements and Setbacks

On 26th May 26, 2016, Modi government in the centre completed two years. To celebrate the anniversary and success of its achievements, the government has given huge advertisements and also held many rallies and TV interviews. While the party is confident about their achievements in two years the opposition parties are terming the two years

Gateway to UP 2017: Analyzing the Reasons for BJP’s Win in UP Polls

After the undisputed win in Assam Polls, BJP is in full uproar to conquer Uttar Pradesh Polls destined to hold in early 2017. Since 2014, BJP has remained undefeated in states were congress has previously ruled but had lost two consecutive elections in Delhi and Bihar in 2015. Though BJP won the election against regional

Rajdeep Sardesai Passes away from Twitter: Questions and Solutions

On Saturday 30th April 2016, eminent senior journalist quits twitter after he was heavily criticized and trolled on twitter due to the rumors that he was also the one among the 20 journalists who took bribe in Augusta Westland helicopter scam. While deactivating his account, he cited that his account has been hacked by someone

How Kanhaiya Kumar and Presstitutes tried to Spread Lie to Defame BJP and Narendra Modi

As I was going through Twitter in Morning , I saw a Tweet from Kanhaiya Kumar accusing that Some Co Passenger tried to strangled him on Jet Airways Flight.First you have to Understand the Meaning of Word Strangled “to choke to death by compressing the throat with something (as a hand or rope)”  So If

Know the Key Facts of E-NAM: Electronic National Agriculture Market

National Agriculture Market known as E-NAM is a Pan-India Digital and electronic trading portal for farmers and agriculture traders to connect the existing mandis through internet. Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) mandis are networked with each other to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. NAM in Simple Terms Just like CBSE regulates all

The Destruction of India: A Conspiracy

You all have been very well aware of Islamic states of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) calling for the destruction of India. Knowing that our Government has taken several measures to neutralize their attempt. Even though the situation in Jammu & Kashmir can be well seen were government has failed to neutralize those men who have continuously

List of Top 6 Blogging Platforms available for free

Everyone wants to write their feeling,Share their feeling with the link minded. Writing Online is the best way to showcase your knowledge to the world, In that Blogging will help you to achieve your passion for writing.Blogging is one of the best way to write your mind.If you are expert on a particular topic, you