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How to Start a Food Blog? A Complete Guide for Newbie

Don’t you love foods? I mean lots of food. If you, probably love reading about them. Now, How to Start a Food blog?  I know, most of you do search for recipes and find the best food blog out there. Nowadays, food blogs are sharing one of the highest position in blogging arena. Also, it’s easy

How to Start a successful blog in 2018 ? A Step by Step Guide

The blog is a sensible and crucial sector of our today’s internet. It most is a way of imparting knowledge, personal thoughts and voicing an opinion to the common internet users. Thus, bloggers have emerged to write blogs. These blogs are usually 350 + words long. They are written in such a manner that the

The Best Free Blog Hosting Sites – Blogger or WordPress

Any one who starts a blogging or decide to do a blogging is always confuse which blogging platform they should select Blogger or WordPress.I have also face the same situation. Literally I was very confuse with Blogger and WordPress. I have use wordpress self Hosting and WordPress Free blogging and Now I am using Blogger

How to add multiple authors in blogger

If you have multiple Authors or Contributors for your blog and you want them to write an article for your blogger blog, to provide user some quality articles in different category. It also can happen you have different Authors for different category and you think Managing all the content by one person is difficult then

How to Link custom domain in Blogger with Bigrock

Blogger is now a Google Venture and its provides blogging platform for free.In Blogger there are Two ways you can publish your blog on blogger(Own By Google). Either using the Sub-domain for blogspot such as or you can use your custom domain in blogger. In this article , I will guide you how

How to Add Automatic Read More Button in Blogspot

As you are reading this article , I can imagine that you have started writing your blog in Blogspot. As you have written 2 or 3 articles you would have noticed that in your Home Page all the Latest content of article visible in your Home page and as the article is big the rest