Everyone wants to write their feeling,Share their feeling with the link minded. Writing Online is the best way to showcase your knowledge to the world, In that Blogging will help you to achieve your passion for writing.
Blogging is one of the best way to write your mind.If you are expert on a particular topic, you can start your blog.

In this Article I will provide you the List of Top Blogging platforms available for free. You can start writing your blog without wasting time

WordPress : WordPress is world’s famous blogging platform available for free. Every Fifth Blog you will see it is powered by wordpress. Creating a blog with wordpress.com is very easy, Just Visit WordPress.com and Here you can setup your account with your email id and choose a name for your blog and start blogging.
If you are looking to start a Corporate Blog then contact your hosting Company , every Hosting company provides wordpress platform on a single click.
Everyday more than 50,000 websites or blog are getting live with the WordPress platform.

Blogger : Blogger or Blogspot is the free blogging platform provided by Google. It is one of the oldest and most used blogging platform. In Blogspot you get more opportunity and scope then WordPress. If you have a Google account then it is very easy to create a blogger account. You can select the name for your blog and you start blogging with Blogger.

Advantage of Blogger
  • You can link your Domain Name with Blogger as I have done that.
  • Google Adsense can be easily approved with your blogger account
  • Blogging with Blogger is totally free.
Tumblr : Tumblr is between something of wordpress and Twitter. Tumblr is also a very famous blogging platforms available. You can very easily create your Blog with Tumblr with just an Email Id. Tumblr gives you the option to follow other blogs. If you are going with the Tumblr as your blogging platform then you will get a follower who are interested reading your blog articles.

Storify : It is one of the best Blogging platform available with great features for its user. You can create account with Storify using your Email Id. You can write your blog as a Story with storify. You can do a live blogging with Storify. By using the Storify Mobile App you can create a story on the go.
Creating a Blog with storify is totally free. You have the Option to follow Interesting stories and get updated with that.

Livejournal : Livejournal is one of the oldest blogging platform available online. Livejournal is a kind of Blogging and Social Networking platforms.Livejournal provides you with the platform to write the article and share your view with the others. You can follow other Livejournal blog and people will follow your blog. But Livejournal is famous for its discussion functionality, where you have the opportunity to engage with the other user on a particular topic.

Weebly : It is easiest way to create a blog or website with weebly. It is one of the famous blogging platforms.You can creat your blog free with weebly. You can select the theme that best suits your topic.Weebly provides the Drag and Drop feature to customize your blog as per your need. You can start your Ecommerce Store with the weebly.

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