Any one who starts a blogging or decide to do a blogging is always confuse which blogging platform they should select Blogger or WordPress.I have also face the same situation. Literally I was very confuse with Blogger and WordPress. I have use wordpress self Hosting and WordPress Free blogging and Now I am using Blogger for my blog

Any one who starts with Blogging They are always confuse with the Free wordpress platform Blogger and WordPress. Blogger and WordPress are two well known blogging platform available.  In this article I will not talk about Self Hosted WordPress.

The Best Free Blog Hosting Sites

In this article I will do an analysis of Blogger and WordPress comparison so it will help you to decide which one is the best platform for your Blogging. I will also let us know the Merits and Demerits of WOrdpress and Blogger free platform.

Blogger Vs WordPress is the long debate and you will always gets confused what to do and what to select. After reading this article it will be easier to decide your free blogging platform

Why You Should Select Blogger? Merits of Blogger
Blogger is also known as Blogspot and it owned by Google. To setup Blogger account you need to have a Gmail Account. Blogger is one of the best free Blog Hosting Sites

  • Creating a Blog on a Blogger is totally Free
  • Blogger totally maintained your Blog
  • Security , Spam Protection and Backup is totally Managed by Blogger i.e. Google
  • You can use custom Domain for your blogger (As I have did with Blogger Freak)
  • You have all the Options to customize your Blog if you have HTML and CSS Knowledge
  • Integration with Google Adsense is easy
  • You can monetize your ads
  • You can backup your database frequently
  • It is Search Engine and SEO Friendly
Demerits or Limitation of Blogger
  • Limited Template Design in Blogger
  • Available of Plugins is Limited
  • You have limited customization access
  • You will not get the FTP access for your blogger
Why You Should Select Free WordPress? Merits of WordPress Free Blogging Platform
Here I am talking about Free WordPress platform to host your Blog not about Self Hosting wordpress blog.
  • You can create a Blog with free
  • You have unlimited number of themes for different category available with WordPress
  • is easy to use
  • It is Search Engine and SEO Friendly
  • There are Millions of blog is live with wordpress
  • You will get Best Customer Support
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Demerits or Limitation of WordPress

  • You cannot edit the Theme or you cannot modify the code in WordPress
  • You don’t have any option to use Plugins with WordPress
  • You cannot show the ads
  • WordPress can show any ads on your blog without any approval from you.
  • The User has very limited access in WordPress
  • You cannot use custom domain free with wordpress
  • If you have to use , then you have to paid around 18 to 20$ / year for that
Comparing Blogger with Self Hosting WordPress is wrong. We have to compare Blogger and WordPress which are Free Blogging platform then only we can get the real Merits and Demeirts.
According to me Blogger is far far best blogging platform than WordPress. Blogger has wide access to the code which WordPress never has.
If you are serious with blogging then you Should go with Self Hosted WordPress where you get all the features. But Comparing with Blogger and WordPress Self Hosted , I don’t think it is the right thing to do.