There are lot of web hosting you can choose now, but if you’re willing to start your online venture in Australia or any part of the world. Then the most important aspect of choosing a best web hosting would be a proper connection and it’s customer service. Although we know, a web hosting with improper connection is just not worth of money. So, we insist you to refrain the conventional way of purchasing a web hosting services.

If you’re one of them looking for best wordpress hosting australia 2020, then it all about having a faster loading website with brilliant uptimes and foremost one of the best dependable customer support.  In order to provide you with better information we have come out with 2 hosting services at competitive pricing. At the same time we all know, cheap hosting simply a terrible option to choose from and should be avoided at any cost.

Best WordPress Hosting Australia

We all know, Australia is an amazing place from rest of the places. But not so amazing when it comes to picking a good web hosting provider for your website that performs really well.

I am writing this post to help you with few web hosting providers that are superfast thus accessing your online information at blink of eye. The only challenge would be choosing the best web host and taking advantage of wordpress to build one. However, not web hosting services offers you friendly packages and end up losing performance after a while. As, we all know wordpress uses a lot of memory and a decent amount of storage along with the plugins you will be using with it.

I love to talk with facts and here amidst of whatever happens I would go by data driven analytics to pick the right host for you. There are few advantages of choosing a right host such as

It should have core features like

Disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited domain names, Unlimited MySql databases, Free domain for a year or so.

Ripping the best Hosting utilities and settings

File manager, FTP manager, Secure FTP, Custom error pages

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What about designing and tools?

Should have premium website builder, website optimizer, 1-click application installer, Free/paid themes and templates

And some other things like World class technology, Sending and receiving mails, marketing your website, brilliant customer support.

Yes. I know these thing are already provided by most of the web hosting providers also it’s entirely depends upon the plan you’re choosing. I can only say or suggest you hosting with a company that most of the user’s specializes in the software platforms that you use.

Talking about the best web hosting for you. These things popped in my mind while purchasing one.

  • Reliability and safety of your online data
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Support availability
  • Quality user support

I would only recommend you some best web hosting providers and plans as per your budget and requirement. Some of the best web hosting services based in Australia are as follows.

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These are pretty good web hosting plans among others. The first thing you notice is that a better user interface and their services are quite upto mark.

There are many web hosts out there and I would only suggest you to look at top trusted hosting providers which I used on long term. Their long term satisfying service is better than it’s customers in market and I have used all of them concerning 10-15 web hosting services in my blogging career.

With my blogging experience I can pretty much understand the need for a website which is directly proportional to affordability and speed. And, I am more than happy to feature TMD hosting and Hostgeek for a lookout.

Let’s See the List of Best WordPress Hosting Australia 2020

HostGeek (Recommended)

Coming to high speed and robust infrastructure, scalability from low to high volume of web traffic is much cheaper now. With more than 14 years in business HostGeek brought a lot of benefits to their customers. Finding a hosting industry in thriving Australian set up is a herculean task for me. If I talk about myself I have my reason and requirements based on which I choose the perfect plan for me.

What you need to decide is looking at these factors such as local hosting and how far the server is from you, nativity can direct influence the performance of your website.

The most prominent thing I found while considering a best web host is affordability and right kind of support. I think if you get right kind of support you need not need to worry about the uptime and performance.

I would definitely pick HostGeek for its long term reputation. A bad company isn’t that consistent in offering services. Hostgeek is coming par with their services to talk about and some real points to talk about are as follows.

Why you should have a look at Hostgeek?

If you’re having small website or a blog, you can always rely on hostgeek having rock solid australian web hosting on a budget. Hostgeek offers a way better hosting than you think and also in a tight budget can consider taking this hosting for sure.

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HostGeek Plans- Main Features

Basic Geek Hosting plan

If you just a basic geek here is the summary of features you are bound to receive with just starting $4.58/month.

  • 10 Gb bandwidth
  • 400 Mb Disk Space
  • !00 email accounts
  • 10 databases
  • 10 add-on domains

Savvy Geek hosting Plan

If you do more than what a usual blogger does, then get ready to share this popular plan with your pals starting with $9.17/month

  • 20 Gb bandwidth
  • 1Gb disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited addon domains

Super Geek Hosting plan you just a way ahead from a usual blogger. Luckily this plan will suits you most. Starting with $18.33/month

  • You get a free domain
  • 40 Gb Bandwidth
  • 20Gb disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited Addon domains
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Fancy Geek Hosting Plan

Now, you are no more a ordinary blogger, hope you understand what we mean. Starting with just $27.50/month

  • You also get a free domain
  • 60Gb bandwidth
  • 4Gb Disk space
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Add-on domains

All shared hosting plans of Hostgeek comes with:-

Instant setup- Perfect to go when you’re on hurry. Accounts are provisioned in matter of minutes. Quick setup and easy to operate even for nowbiews.

SSD Storage- Super speed storage is well defined along with the industry grade SSD compliance lead to better efficiency in working with your hosting panel

Cpanel Control Panel– Simplify your blogging with self-service configuration on your hosting plan. You get the same Cpanel irrespective of whichever plan you choose.

Free account migration- Absolutely free migration when you’re moving from another host. You just to fetch your old Cpanel id and they will do the remaining.

TMDHosting – Best WordPress Hosting Australia 2020

Now, if you’re done with the first one, we have another on run up. TMD Hosting needs no introduction as their services are established in 2007 by one of the tech savvy person who always had this vision to build something out of conventional website hosting service.

I have seen there are issues to get dependable web hosting to meet your requirements so as others. Instead find one of the best by picking TMDHosting.

If you look closely you will examine the key benefits TMDHosting scores little high on another hosting providers.

How come? Let me define it for you, In simple terms there are are no downtimes for any of their hosting packages.


No matter what happens you will be guaranteed all the time. Talking about the High end features and things that makes TMDhosting completely stands out is fast responses from the server and a reliability from TMDhosting.

What else you need feature rich nice plans with better pricing of entry level shared hosting plan. All great features are assembled nicely for you even a VPS and dedicated servers are always at your need. All the hosting plans features a Cpanel, site migration and high end hardware and what not. They also have cloud hosting and reseller options with them. The most important of this hosting would be the pricing which is fairly a nice deal for all.

This comes handy when you’re ready to pay for monthly bills so it doesn’t restrict you paying for yearly basis. Support is even better but lacks certain things. Anyways, you won’t feel the hustle while raising a ticket for your concern and fixing it within 15 minutes. The only downside is they don’t provide support via telephonic conversation or chat options.

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TMDHosting Plans with its Pricing

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We come close to sharing you the plan details. Almost all the hosting plans are curated for best service to you. Here are few details you can reach out to buy any one of them.

The best shared hosting plan start with only $2.95 (it’s on sale price). A better deal would be if they provide money back guarantee, YES! They provide 60 days money back guarantee.

Features on Shared hosting STARTER Plan: Starting with 2.95/month

  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Premium support
  • Standard SSL
  • 3x Performance improvements
  • 60-days money back guarantee

Features on CLOUD hosting plan: Starting with $5.95/month

  • 6CPU
  • 6Gb DDR4 Ram installed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD
  • Unlimited website hosted
  • Free domain

Premium features

  • Memcached instance 256MB
  • Performance x3
  • 60 days money back

Features on VPS Hosting Plan: Starting with $19.97/month

  • 40 GB of SSD
  • 3TB bandwidth
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 2GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Fully Managed
  • Cpanel/WHM
  • Free Setup

Features on DEDICATED Plan: Starting with $199/month

  • Intel i5-760/E3-1230V3/E3-1270V3/E5-2620V2
  • 1Tb Sata Storage
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 4×3.5Ghz CPU Cores
  • 8Gb RAM
  • CentOS
  • Fully Managed
  • Premium support
  • cPanel

The best business plan growing your traffic for multiple website will be 5.95/ month.

What you get with Shared Hosting is simply functional and worthy of price you’re going to pay. To list some

  • You get Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 website hosted
  • You get a free domain for life
  • Comes with premium support
  • Free Cpanel
  • Comes with NGINX web server
  • Preinstalled basic caching
  • Free SSL
  • And a 60 days money back guarantee

Now, if you’re on Business or  Enterprise plan you will be getting a slight better in comparison to the basic plans where all premium services will be included.

Quickly wrapping up

We have suggested both the hosting as a mean to assist you when you need the best affordable wordpress hosting in australia. Most likely these two hosting providers offers you enough juice to forget everything and concentrate on your blogging.

I personally felt TMDHosting to be better on management. With more than 10 years of experience loaded with years of patience and knowledge is certainly the best wordpress hosting australia 2020.

Talking about HostGeek, I have mentioned everything earlier in the post however there are always some likes and choice a user goes through while buying a hosting. I am constantly snapping daily reads and reviews of these hosting plans. And, I will update the post with more information in future.

Hostgeek hosting is one of the best wordpress hosting australia running parallely with other hosting providers. But the only reason behind choosing HostGeek over others is its features and a pocket friendly billing. I don’t find any reason for not choosing this Hostgeek.

Thanks for your support by taking time to read my posts. Stay tuned! We’ll be coming out with similar posts like this. Thanks again. Happy Blogging@