Before the list of WordPress Captcha Plugins is published, we need to know what is captcha , Why we should need this on our website

What is Captcha?

Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’ is the full form of Captcha, Captcha helps to identify if the user is Human or not. Captcha helps to distinguish between a Machine, Bot or Human and the Captcha can only be solved by Human

Why We Should Need a Captcha on our Website?

  • With the Captcha, you can minimize the Spam Comment on your Web site.
  • It helps to stop Spam Mails from your Contact Us form
  • It helps sensitive pages f your website safe with the Bots
  • The Captcha code is autogenerated, so u need not to spend your time in creating captchas.
As you have understood about Captcha and its advantages, Now I will provide you with the list of best WordPress captcha plugins, that will help you website and comment section spam free. By just Installing a WordPress plugin will help you to activate Captcha in your WordPress Blog or Website.

Top List of Best WordPress Captcha Plugins

Really Simple CAPTCHAReally Simple Captcha is one of the famous WordPress captcha plugins, downloaded by Millions of WordPress users. It was originally created by Contact 7 and it can be used by anyone.

As the name suggest, It is very Simple Captcha form and many user suggest that it is not so strong to provide a best captcha.

Captcha by BestWebSoftThis captcha plugin wordpress helps you to create a strong and super secure captcha in your Contact Form. This Captcha plugins add Captcha to your Contact form. This Captcha plugin for wordpress can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments forms. This plugins protects your website from spammers by a very simple and understandable math logic.
  • You have to do only simple maths like Addition, Subtraction and Multiply.
  • With this plugin you can save your time by solving difficult captchas
  • There is also a Premium Version of Captcha is available and compatible with buddypress.
Math CaptchaMath Captcha is one of the best and 100% effective captcha for wordpress that can be used in Login form, Registration form , Comment, Contact 7 form and BBPress. More than 20,000+ wordpress users has downloaded this plugin.

  • You can select the location where you have to show Math Captcha
  • You have the feature to hide the captcha for Login users
  • You can opt for which Mathematical solution to use
  • Captcha can be display in Numbers and Words
  • It supports multiple captcha on one page
  • Math Captcha plugin is available in different Languages.
WordPress Maths Captcha ProtectionIt is one of the premium wordpress captcha plugins that can be purchased only at $5 from Codecanyon.
  • It is very quick and simple wordpress captcha plugin
  • With every refresh you will get a new captcha.

Captcha CodeCaptcha code adds the Anti Spam methods to WordPress forms. Forms can be Comment Form, Login Form , Registration forms.

  • Administrator can specify where the captcha should be displayed.
  • The Letters can be selected by the administrator i.e From Capital Letters , Small letters or both
  • translation is enabled for this plugin

So here, Is the List of best WordPress Captcha and Anti Spam Plugins. I hope you have liked this plugins, do share your experience with me about the above plugins.

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