In this article, I will provide you with the Top and Best WordPress Cache Plugins that will help to increase your wordpress Site.

No one like the slow speed website which takes a lots of time to get open, by using wordpress cache plugin it will help to increase your website speed. High Speed Website ranks very well in google search results as the pagespeed of a website is also a criteria of google to give higher ranking.

The High speed website or Blog always helps in your SEO optimization as In recent update Google officially mentioned about the Page Speed a Criteria to get a higher ranking.

A High Speed website always helps in reducing your Bounce Rates and Increases the Pageviews of your Website web pages. All this things only be possible with the help of WordPress Cache Plugins.In this article, I will provide you with the List of Best WordPress Cache plugin and its features.

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Free and Premium Best WordPress Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache

This Plugin helps you to increase the performance of your wordpress website and Optimize to improve the experienced and page speed of your wordpress website. It is one of the top wordpress cache plugin available. Many webhost recommends this caching plugin to increase the speed and optimize your wordpress website

W3 Total Cache Plugin helps to improve your site by increasing server performance, minimizing download time

  • W3 Total Cache is totally free wordpress cache plugin to use.
  • It increases minimum 10x Performance of your website. Note – Before Installing Check your Website speed.
  • It helps to improve your Conversion Rates and Ranking in Google as Pagespeed is also a ranking factor
  • It helps to save upto 80% of your Bandwidth due to HTML minify , and HTMl Compression
  • This plugin is compatible with all Shared Hosting , Managed Web Hosting, VPS and dedicated server Hosting.
  • W3 Total Cache doesn’t provide any Free Customer Support.
  • 1+ Million Installation of W3 Total cache is done
  • Click Here to get more details on W3 Total Cache.
WP Super Cache
A very fast and reliable caching plugin for WordPress that produces static html files.After HTML file is generated by Wp Super cache, the webserver will serve the HTML file instead of heavier and expensive WordPress PHP scripts, 99% of Visitors will be served a static HTML files. Wp Super cache plugin is completely free and no support is included.
More than 1+ Million Installation of this plugins is done on WordPress websites.
Click Here to get more details on Wp Super Cache
WP Rocket
Wp Rocket is the Premium WordPress Caching Plugin which provides minimal configuration and immediate results.
  • WP Rocket is very easy to setup
  • It Provides Page Caching which increases the load time and it is very helpful for your SEO. As soon you install WP rocket cache plugin it activates your Page Caching feature.
  • Cache Preloading the indexing of the website is increased.
  • Images on Request – The Images are loaded when user scroll down, it helps to increase your website speed
  • Static Files Compression – It helps to compress the static files like HTML and CSS
  • The Price of this WP Rocket Plugin is $39 Per Site.
  • Click Here to get more details on WP rocket plugins.
Hyper Cache is a one of the best WordPress cache plugin that is very easy to configure your WordPress cache system.Hyper cache helps to get the maximum speed for your wordpress blog. It can be used in low resources hosting as well as on Dedicated servers
  • Hyper Cache helps cache for both mobile and desktop site versions.
  • Hyper Cache is a HTTPS ready cache plugin
  • It has a Mobile switch option where you can easily switch between Mobile and desktop sites version.
  • It has inbuilt feature to Auto Clean the disk space
  • Hyper Cache supports CDN
  • bbPress specific integration can be done.
  • Hyper Cache is totally free
  • Click Here to get more details on Hyper Cache plugin.
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Comet Cache
Comet Cache is one of the advanced wordpress caching plugin that helps to increase the wordpress website with intelligent and easy to use cache system.Comet cache takes a real time snapshot of every page, post, category and links and that can be used as a referenced in a later time.
  • Comet Cache is a simple and well Documented Cache plugin for wordpress
  • It has the inbuilt option to control the automatic cache clearing behaviour for Home, Posts, Author Page, Category, Tag and many other pages
  • It has URI exclusion patter and now it also supports wildcards too
  • It also provides caching for 404 requests to reduce the impact on server
  • Comet Cache also has a Premium versions with lots of features are present which is not available in Free Version of WordPress Caching plugin.
  • For More details on Comet Cache Click Here
Super Static Cache
It is an efficient caching plugin for wordpress which can create a Static HTMl files that helps to increase the website page speed.
Super static cache plugin has very simple configuration and excellent caching efficiency. You database will not get shut down due to high pressure of databases.
Fore More details on Supre Static Cache Click Here
WP Fastest Cache
It is one of the Wp Fastest Cache WordPress plugin. Install by more than 100,00 WordPress owners This plugin creates a Static HTML files from your dynamic wordpress blog and helps to save the RAM and CPU. This plugin helps to reduce the render page again and again.INstalling this plugin is very easy and don’t have to touch your .htaccess file. Wp Fastest cache is free and Premium Cache plugin for wordpress.
  • In this Plugin Mod_Rewrite is the fastest method
  • As soon as your Page or Post is live all the cache files related to that Post or Page is deleted
  • Admin has the Option to delete all the Cache from the admin panel
  • You can use Cache Timeout feature, where after a particular time all the cache will be deleted automatically.
  • You can assign a Cache timeout feature for a Specific Pages also
  • It Supports CDN and SSL
  • For More Details Click Here
Autoptimize is one of the best and Free WordPress Cache Plugin . Autoptimize helps to increase your website speed that helps in saving of bandwidth by minimizing JS, CSS and HTML.
Autoptimize concatenates all the scripts, Styles , Minifies and Compress them and add Expire in headers caches them and move styles from one script to the footer
  • It Minifies the HTML code to make the website page really lightweight and helps to increase the Page Speed.
  • For More details on Autoptimize Click Here
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I Hope you have like the List of Best WordPress Cache Plugins and If you know any Cache plugin and it is not listed here do let me know by commenting below.