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I have read many questions ask by Travel Bloggers about the Best Web Hosting for Travel blog or bloggers, then I decided to come up with the article, where you can find your best web hosting partner for your successful travel blogging career. I have reviewed many hosting companies and I have come up with the best web hosting for travel blog or websites. In the below article, I have provided you the detailed analysis on their Features and Pricing.

But If you don’t want to read the whole article then you can get short summary on Best Web Hosting for Travel bloggers

Get the List of the most respected and reputable hosting providers which will help you to choose the best web hosting service for your Travel Blog or website.The following are the best web hosting companies that are popular to host their websites
Web Host
PricingPrice Starts at $3.92 Per MonthPrice Starts at $2.95 Per Month
Renewal RateRenewal Starts at $7.99/mRenewal Rate is Same as $2.95/m
SpaceUnlimitedStarts from 15GB SSD
SSL CertificateFreeFree
Customer SupportVia Phone, Ticket Based and Live ChatVia Phone, Ticket Based and Live Chat

I would like to dip into the ocean of blogosphere. Why? There are lots of travel enthusiasts who are reading this right now. Perhaps a travel blog needs a good host. If you’re one looking for the same thing. I would straightway recommend you A2HOSTING as a Best web hosting for travel blog

As you know from my earlier post that I have always given maximum priority to support quality. That is why A2HOSTING customer support is more than what I could write in the post. The quality of there is definitely marvelous with amazing customer support.

If you are one such person crazy about travel and love taking high-quality uncompressed PNG images it might be good for you now to try something different.

Keep reading until you get what you’re searching for..  Yes! The right Best web host for a travel blog.

Best Web Hosting for Travel Blog

If you start to look up here and there for starting a travel blog. There are things that you should consider before getting ahead with your plan.

Once you come up with a domain name for your website, it’s time to finding the best web hosting provider for travel blog which can fulfill your needs without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Now, if you have the domain name with you it’s time to move with your hosting.

Getting the best travel blog hosting is somewhat difficult due to diverse option it can be pretty hard to find out which one suits you the most.

If you’re new to blogging it can be little tricky to come out of all technical things. But I can bet you that if you’ll follow all the process setting up your website with your web hosting. It will be much without any difficulty.

Know, What things to be considered before buying a hosting for Travel Blog

With the help of this post, I’m glad to tell you what the best travel blog hosting sites so that that you can do much without any help from any respected hosting.

We know, how much you crave for your travel diaries and to make this happen we’ll share you some important things to consider before purchasing a travel blog hosting.

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In spite, if you’re planning to move online and want to present yourself being a travel blogger, let it be earning from Adsense or just sharing your adventure. Hosting is the only necessary thing you would ever need for your travel blogging.

Basically all web hosting plans come with expensive plans, definitely, you need a hosting for retaining your travel blog foundation. But also in the same time, you’ll go with something reliable and easy to use with loads of practical features.

Reliability is the key when it comes to choosing a web host, If not it can raise potential issues in future probably when you’re trying to grow as website and audience as well.

If you are Travel Blogger and Very Keen in Photography, then you should Read my detailed article on Best Web Hosting for Photographers

If you can’t afford a quality hosting, still there are ways with some alternatives you can always look into but I’ll better talk about that later in the post.

If you’re well serious and planning to host your travel blog, you need to turn it into a valuable asset. As I always cheap don’t run behind cheap hosting plans. It would be better if you can spend some time with the post before picking the right host.

List of Best Web Hosting for Travel Blogs that you should Consider

All these years I have looked upon various web hosts trying to figure out the best web hosting one for all niches you might blog for. Such as for usual blogs and deal sites you can go with A2HOSTING or with Fastcomet. It keeps better uptime, unmetered traffic flow and it’s quite affordable. Below you will find the detailed information on web hosting for travel blogs with its features and pricing


A2hosting is one of the best web hosting for a travel blog and It is recommended by many hosting review companies and they have a very positive response from the customers on social media. A2hosting has 14+ years of experience in providing the best blog hosting service to its customers. I recommend everyone always check with A2hosting before finalizing the hosting partner. A2 has all the hosting features that make them the number 1 choice for hosting your travel blogs with them.

I have come across many bloggers who have hosted with A2hosting and they always appreciate the hosting service of A2hosting. I have researched on many hosting review sites, where the genuine customers have given a positive response.

Features of A2hosting – Why it is Best Web Hosting for Travel Blog?

  • The Shared hosting of A2 starts at $3.92 per month
  • A2hosting provides 3 shared hosting plans and I would recommend you to go with SWIFT hosting plans where you can host multiple websites
  • Unlimited web space is provided by A2hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Databases and Business email id
  • Free SSL and SSD is provided by A2hosting
  • It is best to upload the Photo images which is the essential part of Travel blogs
  • A2hosting provides Anytime money back guarantee service to its clients


Fastcomet is my favorite and best shared web hosting company that you can rely and trust on their hosting service and customer support team. In the current competitive environment of hosting, Fastcomet has come outside with the flying colors. Fastcomet is the most affordable hosting company to start your hosting career. Here, I also wanted to let you know that I have hosted my Blog with them.

You can also read my detailed Fastcomet Review, Where I have written my overall hosting experience with them till know.

Features of Fastcomet – Best Travel Web Hosting 2023

  • The Hosting price of Fastcomet starts at $3.95 per month for 3-year hosting plans
  • The Renewal rate is same as that of the purchase rate
  •  Free Domain name is provided for Lifetime by Fastcomet till you have to host account with them
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Fastcomet can help you to install WordPress for your travel blogs
  • Daily and Weekly full website backup service is provided by Fastcomet
  • Fastcomet gives you 45 Days of Money Back guarantee service, so if you don’t like their hosting service, you can get your full money refunded
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How to Know the best web host for your blog?

There are pretty basic things which you should know about Hosting

They are as follows:

  • Free Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

Each of these hostings comes with own set of rules and requirements that of a user need to know. Is it still confusing to know about these hosting?

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Luckily, right off the bat, you must be thinking the free one is more prominent. I bet you to read each one to figure out Why we have listed it there?

If you, just need a simple web hosting not much to talk about you can get readily go for A2HOSTING. Yes. we do also recommend FASTCOMET. This is the hosting companies which let you do all kinds of stuff if you’re starting your own travel blog and it’s the host that I recommend.

Now, let’s check out few different options before we jump into conclusion.

Different Type of Web Hosting options that you can select for your Travel Blog

Free Web Hosting

Free Web hosting is not that I recommend to anyone. It is worst when it comes to choosing a host for you any kind of blog or website.

You may feel that they are good and don’t cost anything. But as you know, nothing comes for free so as hosting. This means you aren’t able to get the all the features out of it. They will not provide any flexibility and no layout and designs are acceptable to it. Even, if you try to monetize your site with Adsense or some other ad network. You won’t be able to do so and they will show unrelated advertisements on your Blog or website.

A few Free host that includes:

  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Yola
  • Hostinger

I always recommend you to stay away from free hosting, unless you’re trying to make a presence and serious about hosting. You can use it to share your stories and blogs with friends and family in that scenario you can opt-in for free hosts.

Shared Hosting

If you’re starting up your blog then, I would recommend you to go with shared hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web host where your blog along with 1000’s of website/blogs gets hosted and share the data and resources from a single server.

Although, it’s cheap and affordable. You can opt-in for a shared hosting which will keep your website running with a few dollars. If you get lesser traffic shared hosting is the best web host you can gift to your travel blog.

As the time pass by, When you reach quite a good number of visitors a day. You’ll need to invest into something better which is even faster than the shared server. 

When it comes to choosing a best shared hosting provider. I would recommend you to find these 5 in your checklist.

  • FastComet
  • A2Hosting
  • TMDHosting
  • Hostgator
  • StableHost
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All of these above hosting providers offer a better interface and amazing customer support. I recommend you to go with the simple easy looking web host that heads up your blog in no time. If you’re new into blogging.

Dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated hosting may be the best but not that suitable for blogging in initial stages of learning. I can go deep into details of dedicated hosting. It’s the dedicated hosting where you get full control and availability of full server notwithstanding any shared space for anyone.

This makes this an expensive deal for a blogger and it’s even harder to maintain. So, as far I can say I don’t recommend this to anyone.

At Least, for all young bloggers who are starting up.

VPS Hosting

In case,  you are well equipped with all blogging gears and want to take your blogging to next level. VPS hosting is what I recommend.

What is VPS hosting?

In simple terms, VPS hosting is similar to what you find in between a shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

You don’t have the control over the entire server but permits to access some part, where it’s completely dedicated to you.

Although a VPS server is pretty fast but comes with expensive pricing compared to shared hosting. If anyone reading this post I would recommend you to spare some time for reading and learning how it actually works before hopping into the service.

Why you need to move to WordPress?

The content management system is an important factor but it’s nowhere less than choosing a web host.

Although, CMS plays an important role while building your website so that you can just pull up some content and start making a decision on look and feel of your blog.

Even, if you know how to code on a website. I still recommend you to make use of WordPress as a blogging platform.

All the hosting companies I talked about in my post makes it really easy for you to fiddle with WordPress. With one-click installation option, you’ll never come across any problems with it. And on majority you can help yourself by simply using Google or any other websites or YouTube to sort out any issues, you face.

Along with that WordPress being the most suitable choice for every blogger currently. Just because it has the wider section of plugin-in available for use. So that you can customize your blog according to your own choice.

Why do we forget themes? There are 1000’s of themes available for free in WordPress store. Each theme looks different and unique and made perform on each niche category. So, you get a good template for your site to look the way you want it to.

You should sign up with a domain name first, in case you don’t have I have something for you.  

If you have read this post for an hour now and got influenced. Wait a bit! If you have been researching these days on getting your blog setup and you didn’t have a domain name with you.

I got one for you. Get it from NameCheap.

The domains are available less in price and it’s very easy to find coupons online, you also get a privacy protection for one year if you’re new to NameCheap.

Keep these things in mind, if you keep planning to host your website. You’ll probably get a domain name for free at the time of sign up.

This way you can find a better way to blogging avoiding major hassle in setting up thing that comes for free.  Thanks….for reading the post. Hope you have some questions. Pin down your comment below to get answered.