I go with Earning-Learning and Living more. How does it makes sense at all? Hosting for your niche blogs can be one of the most overlooked thing in your blogging. Indeed this is a crucial factor for building your one of the Micro niche blogs. Why? The problem is just not a single problem and stemming over many things. Like there are so many peoples who do not understand how new hosting impacts for their blogs. Unfortunately there are only handful guides available for you.

I have experienced the same when I looked more closely for picking a best web hosting for micro niche blogs. I have spend more money than I should and this results in impacting my own bussiness. That’s because I couldn’t decide over niche blogs.

Now, here are few question I am asking you, have a quick look into it regards to picking best web hosting 2018 for micro niche blogs.

How does your web hosting affect your blogs?

  • So, the real question is, why a web hosting you use is crucial to your business needs? Picking the right web host can be little tricky you need to find a reliable web hosting company for your needs. You will spending loads of money into it so, building time to make out your niche blogs is important.
  • The another problem is some web hosting company doesn’t have a good track record when coming to uptimes. This is one of the most important factor and you need to have a clear look in it. However, this results in having direct impact on your SERP’s
  • This means your web hosting should have a competitive speed and a better competitive server allocation in it.
  • The second reason is have to be the uptimes & downtimes. Downtimes is something when you’re blog or website goes down due to server maintenance work or so. This is in terms of when you’re web hosting is slow to respond the user query.  Uptime in another hand is the time when your blogs remain live for everyone to use. The goal here is to get absolutely 99.9% of the time.

Do know where to host your Niche Blogs? I will let you know about my favourite hosting company for hosting Multiple Niche blogs. So if you are looking such kind of hosting company, read this article

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I have even spent countless hours thinking about these problems. And, I can say that the for running your niche blogs in optimal way you need to choose the right web host for your niche blogs. I have even switched to different web host particularly for the issues.

A2hosting Optimized Hosting for Multiple Niche Blogs

I would recommend A2Hosting for all your hosting needs. I’ll go more into the details in next section.

What options do I get in A2Hosting?

There are many option you get with A2Hosting. I have tested their services and at different times I get the same report. Happily! I can announce and a trust to A2hosting  as your Hosting partner for your niche blogs without a doubt.

Best Hosting for Niche Blogs


That’s being said it’s also very important to know the benefits you can derives and negatives too, before you begin building your website. Alright now, I can pretty much leverage on A2hosting web hosting for all it’s features, I will be describing now.

A2hosting is my favorite one and from a nostalgic point of view I can began to pick the right one.

In addition, you can utilise it with as many sites to check if this is working for you or not. Even, from a SEO lookup I can say it does the job something that you should take care of. If you’re just heading to build your micro niche blogs A2hosting is the solution for you.

I never hover over slow websites or blogs. Neither do you. Or your visitors. If that’s the deciding factor. Just take a look at A2hosting and it’s mesmerizing features that itself hosted on SwiftServer platform to offers you blazing speeds. NO-CAPS-NO-HIDDEN CHARGES.

Just install the A2 optimized site accelerator and load your pages on 20x upto competing host.

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Why A2hosting is the best hosting provider for Micro Niche Blog?

A2hosting is just a standard in the world. Let’s say A2hosting is one of those companies people admire throughout the bloggers community.

If you want to take this opportunity to build your micro niche then you might need to look at A2 optimised shared hosting account. This is a new way to test and optimize the end sites hosted that get the fastest loads loads on your WordPress software.  

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A2hosting optimized provide auto-configuration so that you get the performance and as well as the most secure setting. This way you can more focus into the focus building your micro niche site for content creation and promotion.

Coming to high end user performance. We all know a mere 1 second delay will affect your SEO ranking. Hosting your micro niche blogs on screaming fast SwiftServer platform helps you to choose the the best optimised server on your location. A free SSD with 20x faster Turbo servers are some of the advantages you get with A2Hosting.

Niche micro blog website solutions: A2Hosting

How does Turbo solution offers better speed and reliability? Let’s us explain in simple terms. A2hosting offers a way better server solutions than conventional web hosts. This is an additional speed boost for LiteSpeed cache for WordPress. This is further communicated with Turbo server and LSCache to fetch contents and pages greatly meanwhile reducing the loads speed of your micro niche blogs.

It is therefore built right into the browser and results in a PHP-based caching solution.

You need to experience the A2hosting so that you get a difference from conventional hosting

Since, it’s launch A2hosting has always thrived for loading speed with best version of development software till date. This means it has loads of development softwares built right into their system such as:

  • Latest PHP version: 7.1
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PostgreSQL 9.4
  • Python 2.6,2.7 or 3.2
  • Apache 2.2
  • Nods.js
  • Free SSH Access
  • SSL & Free SSL

Not only that you’re are far ahead with the system infrastructure. A2hosting helps you to measure and prevent yourself from being hacked or a next victim. A free Anti-hack system will be installed when you buy any hosting plan from them.

This includes KernalCare rebootless kernel update, protection against the brute force attack and a dual firewall setup will more likely helps you to secure your site when you choose A2hosting.

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Which hosting Plan is best for your micro niche blogs?

In terms of choosing the right hosting plan for your micro niche blogs. You can start between

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LITE Hosting Plan > SWIFT Hosting Plan >TURBO Hosting Plan

A2hosting Lite plan is available in Linux as well as windows operating system. Thus, with starting 3.92$ Per month comes with one single site hosting.

You get the following features into it:

  • 1-website
  • 5-databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Cpanel control panel
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • No-turbo mode
  • Anytime Money back guarantee- All thus in just 252.33Inr. Isn’t that great.

A2hosting also offers SWIFT plans starts with 315.49 Inr/month (previously 643.86Inr) in which you can run multiple sites with 2x resources. This is one of the best hosting plan for your micro niche blogs.

You get the following features in it:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Cpanel Control panel
  • Free SSl & SSD
  • No turbo mode in it
  • Anytime money back guarantee

At last, you have the TURBO plan that starts with 599.72Inr (previously was 1223.91/month) is our recommended plan. That not only helps your micro niche blogs to grow but provides you better uptimes and faster server with great user retention.

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You get the following features in it:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Cpanel Control Panel
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • Turbo speed up to 20x faster than conventional hosting
  • A2 website accelerator
  • Anytime money back guarantee

I wish If I had taken their service in beginning so that I don’t need to go into so much of issues. However, don’t just take my word that A2hosting is one of the best web hosting for your micro niche blogs.

Instead read the testimonials, and reviews of A2hosting and you’ll come to know. Why I am recommending A2hosting to you.  Talking about the support. You are more into a user friendly Cpanel that make your life easy enough. In case if you running with issues. You can raise a ticket for the issue and it will be resolved in a few hours. They are doing it since 2003, so you can have complete risk free environment for your web server hosting.

You can definitely mark my words. They are one of the best web hosting provider in industry.