What are the best web hosting for static websites? or Can you let me know to hosting companies to host static websites. This are the some questions that is asked by many of my friends and Readers who are all having a static websites and they are looking for the best web hosting providers. 

As you all know, there are thousands of hosting websites and all claims that they are the best hosting providers showing the reviews and ratings with a very attractive prices and offers and many a time we are caught in their web by just looking the offers and information present on their websites and once you are caught in their loop, then it can ruin your online business. So having a Trusted Web hosting company is must if you want a successful online business career.

Note – Here, I personally don’t like static websites, I always recommend everyone to go with Dynamic Websites and you can use WordPress, Drupal or Joomla to make a website. I have written a detailed article on Best Web Hosting for Dynamic Websites

So, Now I am starting with the article, that you have came here to read. Before reading the article, I will give you some information on Static websites

What is Static Websites?

Static websites are very easy to create and for this you don’t need any programming knowledge to manage this website. A static website can be made by creating HTML pages and publishing on web server. I can say Static Website are the plain websites that are written in Plain HTML. Static websites are Fast in compare to dynamic websites. Still there are million websites which are using Static websites and they are Looking for the Best Web hosting?, So this article will help you to get your hosting partner for your static websites

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Let’s See the List of Best Web Hosting for Static Websites

#1 Fastcomet

Fastcomet is one of the best web hosting service provider and they have hosting plans that is most suitable for every business owners, you are a startup or well established company they have everything for all of them. Fastcomet provides a very affordable hosting service and their hosting plans starts only at $2.95 per month for 3 year hosting plans.

I have personal experience in using Fastcomet from last 2 years and I can say that they are absolutely brilliant in their hosting service and customer support. For your Static website, Fastcomet should be your first choice.


Why you Should Choose Fastomet as a Hosting partner for your static websites?

  • Free Domain FOREVER – I think Fastcomet is the only hosting company which provides Free domain for lifetime. Yes you heard right, On every hosting plans you will get this offer. If you have already purchased a domain name, then you can easily transfer your domain on their platform and enjoy the offer of Free domain for lifetime.
  • SSD-Only Cloud – Fastcomet provides SSD Only cloud hosting which is 300% Faster than normal drive. Fastcomet provides 15GB to 35GB of SSD webspace as per your hosting plan
  • Fastcomet provides Free Cloudflare CDN, which helps to increase your website presence near to your visitors.
  • With Fastcomet, you will get Daily and Weekly backup of your website, which will help you to restore your website if you face any kind of technical issues
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of money back guarantee service to its customer, so if you are not happy with their service, you can get your money refund within 45 days
  • FREE SSL Certificate is provided by Fastcomet, so now you can have your static website with HTTPS
  • Fastcomet provides 99.9% Site uptime and from last 2 year, i haven’t face any single downtime
  • Fastcomet provides excellent customer support service which is very quick to response on your query.
  • I have written detailed Fastcomet Reviews, which will help you to decide why it is best web hosting for static websites.

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#2 Stablehost

Stablehost is my 2nd Hosting recommendation for your static websites and It was my first web hosting that I have tested and started promoting on my blog. Stablehost is among the best affordable web hosting company with excellent hosting service. Stablehost provides the State of the art hosting solutions with High availability, Affordable hosting rates that is best suitable for beginners and established players

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The Hosting price of Stablehost Starts at $3.50 Per Month for 2 or more hosting years and If you use my Stablehost promo code you can get Flat 40% discount on your hosting bills and it will make your Hosting bills at $2.1 per month for 3 year hosting plans.

Features of Stablehost – Why you Should Choose them?

  • Stablehost provides unlimited webspace and Bandwidth for your website
  • Stablehost provides 500 user accounts on a single server and If you opt for higher plan then Only 50 websites are hosted on a single server
  • You will get 25 MYSQL Connections
  • Stablehost provides 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • With Stablehost Script Troubleshooting is provided by them on every hosting account with them
  • Stablehost provides unlimited Email accounts

This are the 2 Best Web Hosting companies for Static websites and I hope you will select anyone from the above and start your online website without any issue. If you want anymore information, you can comment and let me know and I will reply to your comment in no time, so that your issue or query get resolved and you get your best hosting partner.

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