Are you looking for the Best Web Hosting for startups website? Then this article is for you. Here, I will provide you the detailed information on the best hosting for startups in 2023, with all features and pricing which will help you to decide your hosting partner for your websites.

Any startup business is pretty much budget conscious and prefers not to spend huge money on expensive hosting. In the meantime it is also important that you must have uninterrupted running of your hosting for a successful business startup with less downtimes.

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Any failure on hosting would affect scalable business operation that even can damage the reputation of the business of startups of any company. A good server keeps up the good work with almost 99.9% uptimes.  Although, visitors coming to your website should not get annoyed with slow or unresponsive behaviour of your website. It happens sometime when you’re hosting is not fast enough as a results it goes down.

Best Web Hosting for Startups


A best web hosting for startups should be able to host 24x7x365 days. There should be proper technical support associated with the hosting provider. This means when website goes down, you can stretch your arms for support. This is pretty necessary when you’re running a business through your website.

With help of this article I am glad to share everything you’ll ever need to know about best web hosting for startups in 2023. So, read the entire post for better understanding.No matter what your goals are but these things are best when comes picking a best web hosting for startups.

Let’s See the List of 3 Best Web Hosting for Startups in 2023

Fastcomet (Recommended)

Fastcomet is known for its low cost, high performance hosting needs. What you get with it a free website builder with 1000’s of templates. Also it’s one of the web hosting that itself recommend. You get a CDN that helps your site to load more faster.  Talking about the affordability, Fastcomet shared hosting are meant to provide more value for deal. Fastcomet literally comes first when choosing a low cost attire with greater supremacy in the shared hosting arena. Hosting your Startup websites with fastcomet is a great value for money with excellent customer support.

Best Web Hosting Startups

Features of Fastcomet – Why it is Best place to host a startup websites?

Fastcomet offers pretty much everything. These features are core embedded in Fastcomet hosting. It means you buy any of their hosting packages and you’ll get these features along with hosting itself.

  • The Hosting price of Fastcomet shared hosting starts at $3.95 and you can ask Fastcomet team to provide discounts that will help you to save some amount of money on your hosting
  • Free Domain Name – Fastcomet provides Free domain name for lifetime till you hosting account with them. I am using the same benefit of free domain name from fastcomet
  • Cpanel & Softaculous – Fastcomet provides the latest version of cpanel and softaculous which helps you to install open source script like wordpress, drupal in a single click
  • Daily backups – I like this feature of Fastcomet that take automatic backup of your full website and within a single click you can install your websites.
  • With Fastcomet you get a Free CDN cloudflare integration, which increases the website speed
  • Let’s Encrypt SSl – Here you will get a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL for your website and also you don’t need to have a static IP for it.
  • Free website transfer – If you are hosting your website on some other hosting, Fastcomet will help you to get your website transferred on their platform without any charge.Fastcomet provides 24×7 customer support team via Live Chat, Email and Phone based support

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Plans and Pricing of Fastcomet

Fastcomet offer 3 different shared hosting plans for their users and you can select anyone of them for you startup websites.

StartSmart plan– StartSmat plan having the very basis features offering users a great add-on services that comes with the plans.  StartSmart plan start with $3.95 per month includes All important features as stated above along with:

  • A website starter kit
  • Free domain for life
  • Single website to host
  • 15GB SSD server space
  • Unmetered traffic

Scale Right plan– A plan that offers a great solution to surge your traffic and help in moving up your website. Scale right plan include all important features, web starter kit along with some advance features which is not present in StartSmart plan.

Advance features are stated as:

  • 2xCPU and RAM
  • Unlimited Addon domains
  • 1-click restore manager
  • Free Globalsign ssl
  • Google PageSpeed
  • 3 Free website transfer
  • Free private dns
  • Free Dynamic SSL seal

However, the Scale right plan starts with just $ 6.95 per month and offers:

  • A free domain for life
  • Multiple websites
  • 25Gb SSD server space
  • Unmetered traffic

SpeedUp Plan The plans boast avance power, having extreme flexible along with value for work and a great for startups. All in a well suited budget. This plan start with $10.95 per month offering great deal for large business houses and startups willing to host a website.

You will get :

  • A free domain for life
  • Can host multiple website on it
  • It also manages to provide 35 Gb SSD server space
  • Unmetered traffic

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TMD hosting knows how much essential is speed for a user.  Instead, with 10+ years of experience in hosting industry. It has curated to the next level of genius hosting with thing they started offering. They saw customers ushering a great value of their premium hosting packages in affordable rates. And, that way TMDhosting started getting popular among it’s counterparts.

TMD hosting founded in 2007 and located in orlando. The company started offering shared,VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. A TMDHosting comes with a advance firewall so that it ensures you stay protected 24×7. Most of the data centres are located at chicago, phoenix, houston, IL, TX, Amsterdam in the netherlands. The company also offers a 60-days money back guarantee.

Also, if you look at most of the TMD hosting features you will come to know more about it.

  • Zero downtime
  • 24x7x365 free premium support
  • Free daily backups and restoration
  • SSD supercharged servers
  • Free domain for life
  • Spam protection
  • Softaculous auto installer
  • You get more than 4500+ templates
  • Free website transfer
  • Unused months compensation

Why choose TMDhosting as your Startup Hosting Partner?

  • Each and every business needs are different so as their characteristics. You might need a particular type of solution that will remain a worthy spending for your startup business support.
  • The decision to buy a hosting service for your business needs is important when experts evaluate the reviews. If you look at some of the reviews you can quickly grasp how peoples find TMD hosting and it’s services.
  • As, we all know without much of technical support no company can sustain in this competitive hosting arena. That’s the reason TMDhosting offers users with 24x7x365 support through tickets. TMDhosting also promises to resolve tickets within 15 minutes of time.
  • Apart from these users get the free installations of applications, templates along with major updates. TMDhosting als offers a website full of self-help tools knowledge portal for it’s users additionally a video tutorials too.

Plans & Pricing of TMDHosting

In general, TMDhosting always comes first when it comes to speed, prebuilt fully managed shared hosting. Likewise, their plans are extremely flexible. Almost all the plans have features explained earlier in them.

Starting with the Basic plan at 2.95$ per month offers you

  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 website to host
  • Free domain for life
  • Premium support
  • Free Cpanel
  • NGINX Webs server
  • Basic caching
  • 60-days money back guarantee
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The second plan in our shared hosting list is just above from basic at 5.95$

  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 website to host
  • Free domain for life
  • Premium support
  • Free Cpanel
  • NGINX Webs server
  • Basic caching
  • 60-days money back guarantee
  • Standard SSL
  • Memcache instance 128MB
  • Performance x2

If you need more and your requirements are just above the business plan, you can take a look at Enterprise that start with 12.95$ per month.

  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 website to host
  • Free domain for life
  • Premium support
  • Free Cpanel
  • NGINX Webs server
  • Basic caching
  • 60-days money back guarantee
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Memcache instance 256MB
  • Performance x3

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You probably might not heard about A2hosting. Neither do I Hopefully, because they are not famous over internet. A2hosting also been in hosting since 2001, with formerly known as Iniquinet. So, they rebranded themselves into A2hosting building few data centers around US (Michigan), Europe and Asia. So, what we feel special in a2hosting. Luckily they are make claims of 99.9% of uptimes and call themselves support guru. So what’ we think about a2 hosting now.

A quick and benevolent fast host with wonderful uptime and great support. Can really pick up your webpages for millions of visitors in a month. To test all these by yourself. Let’s see some important insight on their shared hosting plans and features.

Features of A2hosting – Best Web Hosting for Startups in 2023?

    • A2hosting offers better uptimes, speeds and great customer support irrestive of the the plans you’re buying. Well, I have seen things goes well with A2 Hosting users
    • We all know, how to measure a webhost uptimes, so we thought to make a report. The below image shows our detailed finding for the uptimes achieved by A2 hosting in the year 2016-2017

What do we like about A2 hosting?

    • Certainly, one with fast and efficient customer sustome we give 10 out of 10. A2 hosting follows a string of brilliant customer support for with friendly and helpful US based desk agent.
    • You get more stable and reliable uptimes at least, that what we could find out for 12 months. A straight 99.94%.
    • One of the fastest hosting provider? Yes, it almost 200% faster than its counterparts. So, how does they do it. They use a some additional functionalities like caching and all that helps the serve to go back and request information from your website making it super fast over and over again.
    • A free hackscan checks helps you while your website stays online. It ensures no one illegally eavesdropping on your website. Even if they do or inject some malicious code. HackScan functionalities would screen out everything out from your webpages.

Stating out all the features out in single post is just not possible for us. Let’s us cover that in another post.

But few thing can be said so.

  • Free site migration
  • Absolutely compatible with the content management system (CMS)
  • Money back guarantee- 30 days
  • Free content delivery network

A2 Hosting Plans & Pricing

Like all other hosting providers, A2 Hosting offers you with 3 shared hosting plans for now.

Lite plan– The plans starts with just $3.92 per month. It offers your 1 domain name, 5 subdomains, 5 databases, WordPress-drupal-joomla integration and 25 emails per account.

Swift plan– The plan starts with $4.90 per month. It offers users with unlimited domain names, unlimited databases and free email accounts.

Turbo Plan– This plan is mostly use with peoples having their online business website. You can pull up most resources with this plan. Literally you can head on with your startups website. The turbo plans starts with $9.31 per month. That means you have pretty much everything unlimited on this plan offering a great deal for money.

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How to Find the Startup Web Hosting service?

  • Now, in todays time, the term “Startup” signifies that sells anything. All the way from crafters selling jewelry online to Silicon valley all seems to come with new innovative ideas breaking all conventional ways of business.
  • Therefore, with such sprouting startups all over the world need a reliable hosting. As we know mostly online leads are more important than others. A startup need to build a great online presence before scaling up his/her business. So how does a web hosting can help?
  • Luckily, No matter what’s your shape and size of your business or niche. You can see a list of web host compiled below for best web hosting for startups 2023.
  • When we compare any of these web hosting especially for startups/solopreneur or for small scale business operations. We measure out everything before we recommend any of their hosting services.

Today, I am helping you to find the best web hosting for you. So where to start?

You can start with shared web hosting. It definitely a better place to start with. The reason behind choosing a share server is that it’s work just like an loaded wallet and with new business tools that you prefer to work. Almost a shared hosting has everything you ever need to scale up your business.

When to choose the best web hosting for startups 2023?

When choosing a web hosting provider for your business or startup. Make sure to fulfil all vital points on which you’ll be taking a hosting. To thrive a particular goal or features you should only pick the one that satisfy the needs of your startup business.

A best shared hosting should be giving you unlimited server space and bandwidth along with a free domain name. There are also some important things associated with the hosting- reliability, automatic backups and a few features that makes it stands out completely from other hosting providers.

A best web hosting mainly for startups should able to offers managed hosting services with regular and simultaneously automatic updates and application updates.  The server should carry prominent maintenance provision with their own technical team. A server which is used mainly for hosting business websites should be backed with high level data center.

Choosing the best out of so many can be difficult task, for most startups considering few factors for good-reputable-reliable hosting service is always a better choice.

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These hosting companies regularly updates and reconfigure their own hosting architecture to provide enhanced hosting services to their users. This also means regularly updating softwares also engages more users to opt for their services. This way it becomes a great cost saving effective server and a great value for all users.

The users can scale up the hosting and pay for their exact requirements to run their startup websites.

There are so many hosting providers offering premium qualities to be the best in the market. One that choose tackfully can drive more benefits out from this.

Quickly wrapping up

Which one to choose?

I straightway recommend you FASTCOMET. You might have seen hosts that offers flashy advertisements campaigns. The only thing that matters you do not fall prey to all these praises. But with Fastcomet what matters most is performance.

If you need a reliable hosting for your startup business needs. Fastcomet will offers you some of the best uptimes. We have seen some of the best results with Fastcomet. You can simply count on reliable, fast and helpful web host for all your online startup business websites.