What is the Best Personal web hosting for personal websites/portfolio/blog? or Which hosting service is better to use for a personal blog? or As a developer, what hosting service do you use for your personal hobby projects? this is some serious questions that, I was asking too many experts who have hosted their website and at that time, I was just newbie wanted to learn and earn some money through personal websites of personal blogging.

Today, I think I have got around 5+ years of experience in managing the different websites and running this blog and doing lots of research on Hosting providers, So I decided to write this article on Best Personal website hosting for personal websites or blogs.

I know you want the best hosting provider for your personal website. I understand that. You may be tirelessly working day and night searching for good personal website hosting service and when you go on different hosting review websites where you will find 100s of hosting reviews and it makes a more complicated on decoding the best web hosting.

Best Web Hosting for Personal Websites

There are some Questions, that I asked my self before purchasing a web hosting for My Blog and I think those questions would have also come in your mind when you were researching the best hosting provider for personal websites, I will talk about this question later in this article which will also help you to decide your best web hosting for personal websites.

Here, I am assuming that you will be using WordPress as your CMS platform and I will recommend you to go with WordPress. So I will be recommending Hosting provider by keeping this in my mind, that you are using WordPress as your personal blogging platform.

Now, with your preferable Best Personal website hosting provider, whether you’ll be deciding on paying for a year or excellent customer service. Whether it is something you need at affordable price bracket or a hosting provider with a money back guarantee.

I know all that. Even, I have gone through all these. I was in the same position as you are today.

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Fastcomet is one of the best personal website hosting providers around the globe. Trust me it has everything you ever needed for your hosting. I have been with FastComet for years and my site almost gets quite a decent amount of users every day. It helped me to ensure the necessity of choosing a decent hosting provider. Fastcomet is new to the hosting industry, they have around 4 years of experience, but they have proved themselves in a very competitive industry


Now, here’s the big reason that made me pick the FastComet over another hosting provider.

#1 The first one that always comes to my mind is affordability

First up FastComet is quite affordable with starting price at just $3.95. Through my approach, I have come to reduce it with the exclusive coupon which you can get just comment below with your valid Email Id, I will share the exclusive coupon with you. This coupon is only who is serious about buying a web hosting and not for everyone

When I compared this with another hosting provider you will find that many hosting comes with $3.92 to $5 but spending $3.95 bucks will get me enough of juice on bandwidth and server space and so on.

Bluehost offers the hosting service at the same price as that of Fastcomet but the only difference is the renewal rate. Fastcomet renewal rate is same as that of purchase rate.

If you’re in two minds and not able to decide yet. You should not be spending anything less than what you get in FastComet. Such as in A2Hosting and TMDhosting you get the plans as low with $3.92 but it’s nowhere stands in front of FastComet when it comes to value at $3.95.

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#2 It’s easy to use

Use your admin dashboard of FastComet is easy to use. All just you have to do is to choose a Plan. Enter the details and install the WordPress from the Cpanel. From the dashboard, you can easily raise a support ticket and easily view all your support ticket at just one place

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#3  You get a free domain Name for Lifetime

You’ll get a free domain when you sign up first on FastComet. Even, that is possible with another host too but none of the other hostings will provide you the Free Domain name for the lifetime, till you have hosting account with them but Fstcomet does that

#4 Outstanding support services

Fastcomet provides one of the best customer support services for their customers. I haven’t seen a quick customer support team. For a personal websites or blog, I think we don’t have that much technical knowledge and here the support team helps. They have a turnaround time of 10 minutes on support ticket raised. So be assured that they will reply to your ticket raises in just 10minutes

The support is completely the US-based so that when you don’t know where to head up after you start your site for the first time, like where to click and how to navigate.

These guys at FastComet will help everything for you that’s even free.

Now, that’s a pro I guess.

#5 Reliability

I ask how to measure the reliability of any hosting provider? I actually come across different things to measure the reliability of your hosting. Unless, I look upon this fact that a great hosting customer service is completely upon the base of customers, and their favorable pricing options. You can take a leap at FastComet knowing that it won’t let you down.

Definitely a world-class facility. I must say.

They can run and depend upon their own servers. Well, honestly they build with their own hand.

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They head up with 5000 sq feet of office space perhaps, that’s the headquarters. A major power brick for backups that would do powerup a city though.

Hosting services like A2Hosting and TMDhosting are reliable too.

#6 Money back Guarantee

Like, I say this in my all blog if you feel anytime you need to jump out of the wagon, or you run short of money, the great thing is about Fastcomet is their policy resembles a 45 Days of Money back guarantee.

That might be a crucial factor for everyone which will leverage the need of good hosting from the hosting provider. And, I assure you with Fastcomet you can always get this 45 days period to test out the hosting performance. If you don’t like it for any reason you can get the money back.

#7 Multiple Server Locations

Fastcomet is among the Best web hosting company which provides the datacenters across the continent. They have their datacenters at below locations

  • Chicago US
  • London UK
  • Frankfurt
  • Dallas US
  • Amsterdam NL
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo

So, you can select the nearest locations of your targetted audience and start writing on your personal websites.

My Honest opinion on Best Personal Web Hosting

I highly recommend you to go for FastComet to start with your personal website. 

Within comparison with the major players in the market like A2Hosting, TMDHosting, FastComet. This is where Fastcomet stands with great affordability price and easy to setup on your WordPress installations.

Always in need of a free domain, outstanding support, and reliability. With 45 Days of money back guarantee and something much more than this…peace of mind.

So, make sure to grab this offer at just

Click here to start building your first personal website. After you done with the post. The rest will be taken care of.