What if you’re in charge of a school or university and helping organizations to build websites for them. Should there be any best web hosting for educational websites? Especially for college, school or university.

Indeed, there are lots of hosting you can find for educational websites. Thus, which things should you consider before opting a host. For instance, when you create some educational websites you keep it for events and schedule organized on the website. By the help of this website anyone can donate, receive notifications for special events, feedbacks or might be your class teacher can communicate with the parents directly from the website.

best web hosting for educational websites

You know, a website can do a lot of things. As you’re starting to build a new educational website you might need to hunt for the best web hosting. Why not make an educational blog for all parents to communicate with teachers. This doesn’t end there you can even create different lobby’s for teachers and create groups for them so that they can access it anywhere in the world. While loads of work onboard you need to reconcile and manage pieces to find the best web hosting for an educational website.

Now, when we tell you about getting a education web hosting. What else do you need to see before you get one?

An education website generally tends to have a lot of work, uploads media and pages. So find a hosting company that offers these features within their plans.

  • 1 free domain
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Email accounts
  • MySql, PHP 7.1, Perl, Python, SSG, CGI, CRON Jobs
  • Affordable (must be shared hosting)

The first thing that comes to mind would be server reliability and that would mean choosing a reliable host for your educational websites. Currently, there are 100’s of web hosting offering the similar features but what makes you choose the right hosting for your educational websites.


FastComet is a brilliant and one of the best web hosting provider with more than 10-years of experience in a niche industry. With more than millions of customers all around the world. This is just a perfect for hosting your school or university websites. If you’re looking for creating an educational website. You must be well aware of the budget. FastComet offers a budget shared hosting packages with school and universities with the low-cost factor.

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Fastcomet Features

What else you get with FastComet hosting- 1 Free domain for life

When you don’t gain much knowledge about coding.Let the FastComet do its own part. Fastcomet is the easiest way to host your education websites. Because its Cpanel is most sought and user-friendly. Fastcomet embeds auto installers to setup application right through the Cpanel with few simple clicks.

There are too many reasons why you should choose FastComet over hosting providers.One thing that surprisingly made FastComet a beast would be Anytime money back guarantee. With 100% support from FastComet technical support team via live chats, email or ticket raise can be helpful at times when you face issues with your website or blog.

FastComet hosting offers unlimited domains and subdomains which is good for schools and universities with the creation of sub-websites for displaying courses, assignments and other purposes.

Hosting with Fastcomet has an advantage. Not only it offers best in class hosting but also provide a sustainable growth for your educational website or blog. If you are looking for a host that offers the lowest price then, Fastcomet is one of the best for your educational website.

Fastcomet offers you several datacenters of your choice with hybrid SSD storage and all the applications modules can be updated freely at no extra cost. Talking about the Fastcomet security it offers a CSF firewall which prevents the blog or website to get hacked or from any other malicious code injection.

As long as you’re on fastcomet servers you don’t need to worry at all. You can purchase one of their plans with the help of credit card or PayPal. As soon as they get their payment every detail of the purchase of hosting will be sent to your mail then, you can start it right away.

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A2hosting is marketed globally as one of the best web hosting provider in position for high performance, speed focused hosting with excellent support in hand. This offers an excellent hosting solution from plans with all shared hosting plans mostly of business standards. They are one of the best and fastest growing web hosts around the globe.

Like most hosting, its equipped with best in features and can be an unfathomable asset to you educational websites or blog. You might have seen or come across A2hosting reviews once. This means they have a large fan base with many web owner first choices.



Like when we experimented with this web host we found the host can bring a lot of things to a user. Meanwhile, there are things which a user might feel right for his website goals, budget and expertise. Thereafter I have curated few things (advantages) for considering A2 hosting.

Speed and Performance

Do you understand the need for speed? It can bring magic to your website. It has been a core job for all hosting providers to server website files to the user wherever someone requests them. In an age of trillions of websites on the web mostly speed is the crucial element for every web hosts. So, if you’re making an educational website your primary task would be choosing a host that sends the requested files to the user browser as quickly as possible. Luckily, a2host surpasses everything.

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Support access & options

You’ll come across most of the hosting reviews where customer support is not that good. You never know where to approach when an issue is faced by a user so that your hosting can make it up. Whereas we have a2host for few months and encountered similar situations where they provided us ample amount of time to sort out everything. So in our opinion A2hosting offers a lot of different channels of customer support. They are free to get contacted by phone chat, Skype access and also accept social media pings.

Transparent billing

There are a lot of advantages of choosing a big hosting company. I mean by popularity, not by size. In the world of hosting a2 hosting offers a comprehensive solution for everyone. So, why not get the best hosting for the educational website from them. The A2 host is independent and stable growing at a faster rate and it would soon be a no. 1 web hosting company to promote complete transparency that would take another hosting brand simply can’t even match.

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What we conclude at end for Education Web Hosting 2018

There’s a reason for choosing to host an educational website for you A2 hosting is one of the fastest growing hosting for excellent support and great support. If you’re one looking for a complete hosting package then go up for A2 Hosting.

What if you want a featureful hosting for you a2hosting with better pricing and guarantee. Then, these two hosts are a great deal for the money. Both Fastcomet and a2hosting are top performers this 2018, both the hosting carries their own specific features that offer global data centers and we found the involvement of the solid pricing are some “bonuses” with free upgrades.