When you talk about the best web hosting for dynamic websites”. I definitely love to keep you updated on the best web hosting for dynamic websites 2018 through my post. In this post, I would like to share some of the Best Web Hosting company to host dynamic website. Web hosting isn’t a decision you should make it lightly. There are loads of things you should consider before trying to grab a best web hosting service.

What does dynamic site mean?

A Dynamic website or page is a web page chose construction is controlled abt an application server which takes the help of processing server-side scripts.Dynamic pages are the web pages i.e generated in real time. These dynamic pages are built on PHP and ASP. When a dynamic page has accessed the code within the page is parsed to the web server and HTML is sent to the client’s web browser.

More Large and big websites are usually dynamic since it is easier than to manage static websites. Dynamic pages access information from databases.

The best way to put this on paper. Ask yourself some questions before purchasing best dynamic website web hosting and you’ll come to know better:

  • How much data I need?
  • How much Bandwidth I should expect?
  • How many numbers of domains and subdomains I can use?
  • What Type of framework it supports?
  • How good is their support?
  • Do I have site backup options?
  • Which OS I can find?
  • What is the Uptime?

When you find these answers, you are eligible to find the best hosting plan that we’ll be covering later in this article.

Anyways, when we are talking about best web hosting for dynamic websites 2018. It must be true to have latest programing language version through your hosting provider. It’s necessary that the version you’ll be using comes with all necessary framework.

There are few hosting providers I would like to suggest to you & my recommendations will be there to pick the one that suits your needs.

These are the top-notch Web hosting providers for Dynamic sites that you can opt-in for your dynamic website.

These are few hosting provider for 2018, I personally feel better like their all hosting plans are on the verge so that you don’t have to worry about anything on the disk space and bandwidth and comes lower in pricing.

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So, meanwhile, you check these sites individually we would like to speak on behalf of these best hosting provider for dynamic sites that you’ll be always in reliable hands as they are most popular web hosting companies around the globe.

Let’s Look in detail about Best Web Hosting for Dynamic Websites

Here, I have tried to provide you with the best dynamic website web hosting companies which will help to launch your dynamic websites. Select the hosting company as per your budget and requirements


If you’re looking to build a dynamic website, then Fastcomet should be your first choice to host dynamic websites. It is a very reliable and affordable hosting provider for your dynamic websites. I have hosted my Blog on Fastcomet and till now, I haven’t face any issue regarding hosting service till know with them. 

The most crucial factor I like about Fastcomet is the uptime which is close to 100%- Getting a high uptime will ensure your visitors to reach you through your website thus, you’re losing out sales.


The Price of Fastcomet starts at $3.95 per month. This is a definitive answer, I get most of the queries on it. A good hosting comes cheap these days that mean you can save all your time and money when looking for good as well as cheap hosting plan. I would recommend you to use our suggested best web hosting service for your dynamic website.

The pricing models are completely based on the no. of domains to be hosted, subdomains and few other. These may vary from companies to companies as they offer very similar specs with more or less same plans.

Renewal Rate

Fastcomet provides the same renewal rate as that of Purchase rate. So you don’t need to have pay extra during renewal time.

Better support

You don’t have technical knowledge right? Most of us don’t have this means, You need to choose a hosting that provides better support, Anyways most of the companies nowadays try to grab customers with featuring tech support but none of them offers you quality support. So, this means you need to keep your eyes open before you opt-in for any companies, reading reviews would make a major impact when you’re open to purchasing a hosting plan.

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Fastcomet provides 24×7 technical customer support service with 10 Minutes ETA to reply on your support ticket


I remember the days when I did not use to look for upgrading the hosting plans on later stages and stick to single one. Later, I decided to move on due to some technical reason and then, I ended up losing hefty amount because I did not pay attention to flexibility.

Always ask this question before you opt-in for any hosting service:

  • Can I upgrade my hosting easily at later stages? If I have better future plans.
  • How does it cost to upgrade my hosting to better one?
  • If I choose to transfer the hosting service to another one, How convenient it will be for me?

All this answer is well answered by Fastcomet and Fastcomet is one of the Flexible hosting services where you can easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting service as per your requirement


Fastcomet always focus more on the hosting plans for their customers, I recommend you go with Fastcomet as they are the best hosting provider for dynamic sites that offer you a Cpanel, Softaculous, and MySQL databases (more than one) and of course with PHP 7.1 (update).


Fastcomet provides Cpanel Control Panel which uses your hosting to manage everything for you. It looks more similar to windows control panel that permits your website to manage everything under one roof to reduce the hassles and provides much control over your hosting service.

FastComet comes with an easy StartSmart starter plan of $2.95 per month.

  • Forever domain free
  • Hosted on Cloud SSD support
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • CPanel powered hosting
  • Daily automatic backups
  • 24×7 support services
  • No hidden charges
  • Straight 45-days money return policy

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With 14+ years of hosting experience, A2hosting is providing a best and affordable web hosting service for all kind of websites and A2hosting is famous for its developer friendliness and they are one of the first to implement PHP and node js type of dynamic codes on their hosting platform.

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  • A2 hosting comes with $3.92 per month
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • Full money back guarantee
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptimes
  • Supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP

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Cloudways feature rich managed cloud servers helps your dynamic website a major boost.

This comes just with $7 a month of the fee.

That includes:

  • 24×7 support
  • Pay as you go method (Now, use the services when you need)
  • Free Migration ( Migrate your website for free with no extra cost)
  • Unlimited applications (Host limitless application without spending an extra penny)

NOTE: Cloudways is a platform for all your business needs. If you have a dynamic website up running and focuses more on the sales and these cloud servers come as a savior.

Listed on the Forbes, VentureBeat and 451 research, PCMAG.COM, Review Signal.

Our recommendation choosing the best host for your dynamic website would be from any three out of these.

# Fastcomet

# A2Hosting

# Cloudways

Even, if you’re making your first website we would suggest you go for any of these listed companies. You always want your website to look beautiful and valuable among readers.

So, you need to quick start the entire methods and look for opportunities to prevent it looking clumsy that eats most your time. There are many reasons behind choosing these hosting providers. You can pick anyone out of these and depend upon your competence you can start it the right way.

So, why wait for such things. There is a shortage of advice on the internet covering how to grow your online business, let’s say I’m helping you to do your homework and adhered to providing expert guidance on the targeted audiences that drive more traffic.

If you look at Fastcomet shared hosting plans you will be more than happy to know, that I have a very similar plan with Fastcomet Perhaps, the power of SSD, Daily backups and good uptime that I measure the most.