When you have words to express don’t waste your talent then. You could turn up your income by reviewing products and services now. It can be a product you used a year back or bought it recently, Here are a lists of websites that allows you to earn high through reviewing all sorts of products from gadgets, movies, books, clothes, food, electronics and software.

Here’s a List of Top 5 Best Online Money Making Reviewing Sites.

1. Vindale Research

The following site resembles itself with Get Paid to Review is one of the best cashback site you can try for sure. It’s a simple straight reviewing website that pays you when you review their products.

You can have loads of cash rewards stored on your wallet, account although using the same cash back you can shop online through their site too. It would be grateful if you leave a feedback when you shop and items from their store. As, it can work like a goodwill gesture from a user end.

You can definitely expect up to $80 per review on their site. The site is mostly for shopping and earning through writing reviews. Mostly, when you’re going to shop around try this one we hope you won’t get disappointed.

2. User Testing

This comes interesting when you can get paid by reviewing websites. There are lot of website owners these days and they would probably use their panel to test others website on different levels. Such as user friendliness and things of that nature.

As, a reviewer you have to kick start your brain to spend sometime with the website looking around and performing some research by navigating from the website etc.

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Well, here’s the interesting part you have to use their on screen recorder to  capture your whole session and they would like to have your opinion through a video commenting. That’s mean you need to invest more into a mic. If you don’t have one you need to buy one.

4. Dooyoo.co.uk

This can be a simple to start if you’re wondering how you can earn by reviewing products. Based on our experience, your reviews will assist others to make decisions regarding purchase of any products.

How it works? It work to offer you some goodies(We mean cashback) in dooyoo Miles, of course when you start reviewing. Now, dooyoo Miles can also be turned into cash as well as a vouchers.

You get good amount of extra cash when people read and rate your reviews.

4. Sponsored Reviews

We heard a lot about this site and finally, we stumble upon to test this site on our own. Apart from being a blogger only money can keep you motivated. Writing good posts and sharing them on social media takes time and labor. Sponsored Reviews can be a good choice when you want to earn that easy, but do require a blog in the form of a sponsored reviews. This will be a sponsored review. As blogger you can put a little efforts to write or get reviewed by paying some money. All can be done here.

When you start with Sponsored reviews make sure to have these things.

  1. A active blog at least require a 3 months old. You need good quality post on your site.
  2. See, if you’re indexed well in major search engines with good Alexa ranking although, you need a huge traffic to get paid.
  3. You should have an active PayPal account so that you can transfer your payment on your bank account.
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It just acts like someone trying to see you posts on your blog, If any advertisers likes your blog posts on a an impressive one. Now, advertisers will come requests you to write posts for them. As, a blog owner I can pretty much say this is a helpful for bloggers and running hugely on different sites.

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5. Shared Reviews

It just work same as a social networking site. Any reviewers is able to write from a list of 400+ categories. It’s means you can easily pick the one you want to start with.

The website shares the majority of the revenue with the advertisers. And due to it’s popularity it offers visitors to cast vote so that they can get a part of the revenue.

It something I hate it’s awkward to get paid when you cast your vote on others review.

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Bonus 1+ (6th Reviewing website)

6. PayPerPost

If you are a blogger and you have a well running blog and you want to earn money through your blog, then yo

So, Here are the List of Top 5 Online Product Review sites where you can earn money that will be useful for you as a pocket money. You can try anyone of them and Let me know via Comment about your experience with the above list. PayPerPost allows you to outreach into the vast ocean of blogosphere by sharing and promoting your website. You need to post blogs on Payperpost network to create stories which builds traffic on your site.

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This is not an instant money earning solution for anyone instead, it lets you earn a passive income through the chain of Payperpost blogging network.  

You’re welcome to review and write posts on different products, websites, and services of any company. The reason behind the creation of Payperpost to admire advertisers to jump into the rustling traffic worldwide. If you can entertain advertisers with you blog posts. Why not get paid for it.

It takes a little time to get used to it. And, you are good to go. Simply, a mechanism where bloggers and everyone can write about their products. And get paid! This how they pitch it! When load of business houses mushrooming all over, you can have a few post written down in a Businessweek. However, we feel the type of post should be transparent enough which can add value to a reader’s insight that can paint advertisers in a positive light.

So, Here is the List of 5 Best Way to Earn Money Online by Reviewing Products or any blogger can use them to earn extra amount of money with their writing skills

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