Are you Looking for the Best web hosting companies that support vue.js framework? Then this article is for you. Here, I will provide you the List of Vue Js hosting companies that support vue js and provide you all the help related to vue.js.

By doing a detailed research, I have listed 2 best vue js hosting providers in 2020, where you can host your website which is built on vue framework without any issue. As we know how important vue js will be for your future web applications and how it will affect the websites or web apps for providing the most advanced and feature-rich solutions.

Vue JS Hosting

There are many developers who are building their applications on vue js framework and they are in confusion which web hosting really supports vue.js, By reading this detailed article on best vue js hosting providers, you will clear your doubt and get to know about the best web hosting for vue js.

 Get the List of Best Vue j hosting providers in 2020

Here, I will not provide you the list of 10 or 20 hosting companies and leave up to you to select the vue hosting provider, But Here you will only find the 2 Best Vue.js Hosting which officially supports vue.js framework on their servers.


Fastcomet is one of the best and recommended web hosting company for Vue JS framework. I have personal web hosting experience with them and I would say that they are the best in providing affordable hosting service with lots of hosting features that help your website to grow in a digital world. By doing research, I found that Fastcomet provides the best vue.js hosting service with their affordable pricing structure

Fastcomet provides the Stunning Fast and Secure Web Hosting Service for Vue.js powered websites

Features of Fastcomet – Why I am Recommending as the Best Hosting Company?

  • Fastcomet provides SSD VUE.js cloud hosting service
  • The Hosting price of Fastcomet starts only at $3.95 per month with the same renewal rate
  • Free Domain name is provided by Fastcomet for lifetime, till you have host account with them
  • Free Daily backups of your website is provided by Fastcomet, so you don’t worry about losing your data
  • Fastcomet provides Security Guard Firewall and CDN & 5 layers of Cache
  • Fastcomet provides 24×7 professional support which provides the vue.js setup so that you can focus on creating your website
  • Fastcomet support team helps you to install modules and templates
  • Fastcomet provides the best tool that helps easily deploy, manage your Vue.js applications in the cloud.
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of money back guarantee
  • You can read my detailed Fastcomet Reviews
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My 2nd best recommendation for Vue js hosting is A2hosting. They are providing web hosting service from last 14 years without compromising the user experience. More than 3000+ customers have given 5-star rating for their hosting service. A2hosting provides fastest, easiest and reliable vue js hosting service. A2hosting is among the first hosting companies which provide vue js to its hosting customers.

Features of A2hosting – Why it is Best Vue Js Hosting Service?

  • The Hosting price of A2hosting starts at $3.92 per month
  • Unlimited storage and Bandwidth is provided by A2hosting to its customers
  • A2hosting provides Cpanel control panel to its customers which helps you to easily manage your hosting
  • Free SSL and SSD storage is provided by A2hosting
  • A2hosting provides a single click installation for Vue.js software using softaculous in your control panel
  • A2hosting provides 24×7 guru crew support service to its clients
  • A2hosting helps you in providing Vue js setup if you are unable to install by yourself
  • Free Account migration service is provided A2hosting
  • 99.9% uptime is committed by A2hosting
  • A2hosting provides anytime money back guarantee service to its users

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What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a new approach towards designing a bet bits of Angular and React. It is, therefore, a Javascript library for creating an Interactive UIs by the help of Model-view-viewModel (an architectural pattern).

To make it simple, Vue.js is an awesome javascript framework that is used for front-end applications. It is licensed under MIT and used in different embedded widgets and plugins for single page applications. It comes with updated library base that focuses more on view layer hence, helps to fiddle the complexities of large single page applications through support libraries.

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Vue.js is similar to what popular wordpress developers are using these days. Due to the fact that the JS dev community expecting to work more with Vue.js now. As, it’s simpler and comes with data binding components API.

Some of the benefits developers can reap with Vue.js are as follows:

  • Feature-rich development style.
  • Can be used in lean & extensive core
  • Flexibility and effective system output

Why use Vue.js?

If we make a fair comparison on Vue.js and angular, react, Ember, aurelia etc. Vue.js comes at top in beating all of the above competitors. Rather, to show you simple it gets started with vue.js the simple looking API, size, performance, learning curve makes Vue a way ahead than it’s competitors. The effectiveness and reliability a user can expect in much deeper way, it’s thus our recommendation to choose one that blends well.

Vue is not just a script that come with awesome experience in building machine tools. One can read the vue.js documentation to get started building widgets and plugins, using the Js framework is what make the data binding more successfully.

Vue is just brilliant in offering simple API to loop an array of bound data. This directives will reap the benefit of Two-way binding methods and helps in story behind the interaction of any web applications.

As, you can see it’s easy to get started with vue and simply look at the downside of other frameworks. This is what makes it’s worth giving a shot and at times to considering this a experts choice in web development.

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How WordPress can get benefitted from Vue.js

WordPress has come a long way releasing new updates from time to time. A future updates for WordPress is on roll and soon replaces the WordPress 4.8.

A news has confirmed that Gutenberg will soon ship the WordPress 5.0 with several approaches he made towards the development phase. As said, Mullenweg will try to take an alternative javascript frameworks/libraries to embed in wordpress due to continuous facebook patents.

This is something new we’re seeing now, with vue coming among the top contenders.

Why wordpress making such changes?

The main driving force behind the wordpress development started back on november 2015, and it was then wordpress shell runs on facebook’s react view library. Since, Node.js was the basic script wordpress used to write They worked with Calypso a largest react based open source projects.

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In a matter of fact Gutenberg receives several queries over the largest core projects they have taken, unlike wordpress includes Calypso and javascript primarily. But it’s not interesting among the average user. It impacts how wordpress is built and unlike how

Later, facebook finds and registered a patent clause and react licensee. Unless, apache is no longer used for developing wordpress as does not support so.

This has created a chaos in the development ecosystem and results in stepping back with a new editor called Gutenberg, which prototype is made and soon will be released on public domain.

Will WordPress uses the Vue or not

Now, the question is which library then are going to use?

Some of the libraries wordpress is looking for is to consider is preact and Vue.js that seems a wider fan base around the world.

Vue.js is similar to what popular wordpress developers are using these days. Due to the fact that the JS dev community expecting to work more with Vue.js now. As, it’s simpler and comes with data binding components API.

FastComet is taking a leap into the Vue.js. Why so?

Vue.js is getting popular day by day and emerging services are using it across the globe one of them is FastComet hosting services. If you need modern applications to build newer interface, with vue.js you would need a Vue.js hosting provider definitely.

This type of applications comes with extra boost in power that loads up the page in matter of seconds with 300x faster page loads Fastcomet is securing a finite place in Vue.js development and sooner other hosting services will follow.

I hope you enjoy the reading article on VUE JS hosting providers and you have found your web hosting partner. Do share your feedback by commenting in a comment section and Help my reader to know your feedback for the same

Recommended Best Vue JS Hosting Provider

Click here to visit Fastcomet (opens in a new tab) Get free domain name registration for life time!) . I am happy to recommend Fastcomet as your VUE JS Hosting Partner !