There is an innumerous hosting company that offers complete VPS Hosting service to clients. The best part is it’s entirely depending on the consumer uses it.

Mostly I have come across queries about option on VPS plan. So, I have decided to put myself into research explaining about best vps hosting providers in 2023. 

In this post, I kept the various sections in mind and by doing so, I am able to provide you with all the relevant information so that a user is able to purchase and use a VPS hosting.

With all these questions in mind, I have few answers for you. You must have read and done a lot of research before landing here. Well, let me speak to you about my blog We do our offer our expertise in hosting. It lets you know about various web hosting services.

Here, we talk about the Top 3 best VPS hosting providers on the list. This is even confusing to know which one outranked in performance and service.

I did my best by landing on every VPS hosting page to know which one comes first in all parameters. I have also dedicated quite a lot of time on what growing bloggers think about these best VPS providers 2023.

If you are in hurry, you can read the summary which is very short that will help you to decide the best managed vps hosting companies in 2023

Summary of Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2021

Best VPS Web HostStarting PriceVisit
Price Starts at $59 $29.50 per MonthVisit Liquidweb
Price Starts at $59.95 Per MonthVisit Fastcomet
Price Starts at $32.99 per MonthVisit A2hosting
Here, I have taken a Price for Basic Managed VPS Hosting Plan. The Price shown here is what is their on their respective websites. The Discounted Price is shown here in the Table. If you have any query you can always comment and I will reply to your query within short period of time


Here it goes the list of 3 best VPS hosting companies in 2023


Top of our list is our favourite LiquidWeb and it’s one of the best choices to get to full benefit of allocated resources.

LiquidWeb offers you specific plans for your business that helps you to build a website on a server that provides more stability, performance and flexibility better than shared hosting. Liquidweb claims to power at least 25% of the web. Since it caters the needs for entrant of managed VPS hosting. According to my research and analysis, Liquidweb stands number 1 in providing Premium and affordable managed vps hosting service around the corner

The liquidweb used to offer Shared hosting but after a while, they strictly moved to spending more time with VPS hosting. Of those big site running on Liquidweb belongs to large enterprises and companies worldwide. Liquidweb has more than 30,000+ Customers across 130 Countries

Best VPS Hosting Provider



Why should you TRY Liquid web for Managed VPS hosting?

If you’re one of those who loves to see site loads blazing fast. Then, you should look specifically at a WordPress optimized host. Managed hosting basically requires no or less technical things and makes a great option for those for developers and blogger out there.

Liquidweb cleverly design servers are optimized for WordPress sites that can open in the blink of an eye can be the prime choice for opting Liquidweb

There is few managed part that is not available with other managed hosting.

  • Free migration from other hosts
  • Plug-in update
  • Always on security
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited page views
  • Automatic image compression
  • Tools that help you to manage multiple websites.

Liquidweb VPS Hosting Features that we’ve liked so far

As mentioned earlier Liquid web uncompromised solid state drives fit perfectly through their servers. And, this makes it fascinates low latency connections ensuring a reliable network to its highest capacity.

Liquid web comes with CSF firewall by defaults which prevent any type of hacking activities and to manage that it does offer you SSL encryption as a standard feature to all of their VPS hosting plans.

Unlike other Liquidweb offers few additional ones free of charge such as Free SSD, free website transfers and server supports with unlimited visitors in it. The liquidweb does come with a 30-days money back guarantee and can be one of the best ssd vps hosting you can find in the market.

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Often you can see Liquid web running with some offers down the line. And, it possible to take 50% off for 3 months with some great features:-

  • Great for business e-commerce websites and apps
  • Easily scalable server
  • Real-time traffic monitoring offering 100% uptimes
  • Backed by real human support 24×7

When looking at the Liquidweb Managed VPS hosting plans. There are 4 plans as of now the most affordable one offers great value for money.

Liquidweb VPS Plan 1

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1vCPU
  • 40GB SSD Space
  • 5TB Transfer
  • Linux Operating System
  • Liquidweb provides  cPanel or Plesk Onyx
  • It comes with $59 per month

Liquidweb VPS Plan 2

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU
  • 100 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Linux or Windows
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx
  • The VPS Hosting price starts at $79/mo

Liquidweb VPS Plan 3

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 vCPU
  • 125 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Linux or Windows
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx
  • The VPS Hosting price starts at $119 per month

Liquidweb VPS Plan 4

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 8 vCPU
  • 200 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Linux or Windows
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx
  • The VPS Hosting plan starts at $169 Per month

Below are the Features Every VPS Comes when you Purchase Liquidweb

managed vps hosting

If you need more resources, you can contact Liquidweb to have customised solutions specific for you.

Bloggerfreak Personal Opinion on Liquid web

The easiest way to sum up Liquid web is its one of the performance-oriented hosting offered by excellent support. Liquid web generally doesn’t come with a shitty cheap price. But when you’re looking out for performance. This one has is its positive as well as focuses more on the good features. The only CON that we feel was the increase in the price of the VPS plans.


FastComet is one my favourite not because I am hosting it. I have some general idea how they work. Working with FastComet VPS is absolutely amazing and I can feel the difference in speed and performance when I migrated from my old host. Everything works fast and with organized VPS plans that come pretty light on the pocket. You have everything down the line. You have got the WordPress VPS that does not limit your server. WordPress that comes nicely bundled with Nginx server, Varnish Cache can be one I prefer most.

best managed vps hosting



If you’re looking for a few things that are going to pick FastComet over its counterparts hosting services then offering quality speeds with a large number of freebies backed up with advanced caching mechanism will help definitely impresses you.

Backups are a wonderful feature that most of the hosting services make you pay for this feature. You’ll be delighted to see this good feature with FastComet offering daily as well as weekly backups which saves a copy of the website at any particular point in time if something issues arise suddenly.

FastComet – Fully Managed VPS Hosting Environment

FastComet claims to have the world’s best most powerful hardware to scale your business. Almost all the VPS plans are no exception the most competent structure in price vs. performance ratio. Scaling your WordPress VPS offers you complete satisfaction to match your server without much of downtime and propagation with an easy upgrade and degrade process.

I know FastComet’s VPS hosting is one of the best vps hosting plan and in addition to that cPanel, scalability, root access, free backups, and restoration are free and there are some hosting even take charge of it.

At first, the vps web hosting looks absolutely fine and one of the best choices when getting free domains forever. This applies to Cloudflare CDN, SSD for quick access and they allow a quite affordable plan for them.  FastComet VPS plans are fully managed and with all jaw-dropping stuff that it offers is a wonderful choice for a mid-range price.

Fastcomet Best VPS Hosting Plans

Fastcomet is among the best ssd vps hosting and they provide 4 different vps hosting plan and you can select anyone of them as per your requirement and price.

FastComet Extra Hosting Services

FastComet offers many services to its users. It comes with a premium site builder with nice and modern templates that has large images with enough of plenty space. Finally there are SSL certificates but instead, I do care about having a personal SSL which is good considering the features.

FastComet is certainly not the cheapest but it neither means a super expensive or unaffordable to users. It would be fair to expect the lowest prices with the FastComet VPS plans when you compare with another hosting.

  • Great Tech Support & Extremely High Rating

This is an awesome hosting for everyone. The honesty in quality of its services is really splendid and stands out no matter what price you signed up. The fast SSD servers are one that makes things more feature rich and offers speediest loading time.

I guess FastComet offers decent specs with a perfect balance between price and provisions and for that reason it becomes my glowing recommendation to you. 

My recommendations will straight for the starting price as there are renewal prices prior but now vanquished. Due to that I highly recommend everyone having a business or individual hosting needs can consider FastComet VPS plans. The wide number of massive hosting options makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a best VPS managed hosting provider in 2018.

It’s pretty clear that FastComet VPS plans suits everyone from startups to big biz which seems everything is simply great. According to users, their servers are quite fast. On the other hand, there are no hidden fees either any costly renewal fees involved. I am sure that the hosting offers pretty decent add-ons with the convincing quality host.


Why choose A2 Hosting VPS? Remember website that has very few pages or least page views that do fine with standard hosting. However with large sites with thousands and millions of page views then you need to consider the features and benefits you get in A2 Hosting VPS.

As we know VPS hosting is one of the convenient ways for the ideal solution for all medium scale business sites with upright traffic. Well depending on the site there is a hosting solution out there for you. That brings you the best affordable and fast VPS solution to A2 host. Among the 3 in the list A2hosting is cheap vps hosting provider companies in 2018.

cheap vps hosting



Currently, A2 hosting offers 3 VPS management level options:

Managed VPS

A managed VPS offers a perfect upgrade from a shared hosting account. A2 Hosting offering the same with many conveniences of shared hosting but with the power of VPS.

Unmanaged VPS

Similar to managed one but this one has more control and has access to it. You ought to take control everything by yourself.

An unmanaged VPS hosting is designed for developers and experienced users who are well equipped with the command line.

Core VPS

It refers to a service of managed VPS plans that include full root access and control over the server.

Most novices start with shared hosting plans. There is no offence to it. But shared hosting is made to serve small websites without the need for much bandwidth and once the bandwidth quota expires. Your website ends up loading slow or increases the bounce rate. This indeed affects the SEO of a blog or blog heavily.

But the key aspect of having a VPS hosting is actually dividing each physical server into multiple smaller virtual servers with dedicated RAM makes it complete a hosting suit when you don’t need to worry about hosting or server related issues.

Similar to Shared hosting plans A2Hosting starts with the Linux based virtual server and when it comes to their pricing it usually starts with a $49.99 per month plans with 4 GB of RAM and 75 GB of onboard storage. Also, it packs up Hostguard management for better security.

The top tier VPS hosting from A2 managed to host is a steal for the price consisting unlimited data transfers and emails.

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A2 VPS Features that we love talking about

Excellent uptimes – to evaluate the reality of a website uptime is crucial for any web hosting service. It’s in the best practices to see whether a web host can keep up your site running efficiently.

A2 Hosting is incredibly fast and stable. We know you must be thinking a host can take a brief period over the course of a month. Based on what users say A2 hosting can still be a rock solid foundation for any website or blog.

Excellent customer service –   If you ever had a technical issue A2 then there is a Guru crew waiting for lending a helping hand to you. All the services are available for live chat. They take care of most of the things when you encounter any issues.

Money back guaranteesA2 Hosting offers you a full refund within a span of 45-days window. If you’re not satisfied with their services well that may help you decide upon taking this host for testing.

What we’ve liked it so far

A2 hosting has almost everything a user expects from best vps server. The quality is terrific and when summons with a knowledge base or a friendly customer service it becomes more convenient for users to adapt pricey hosting like A2hosting.

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What is VPS Hosting?

At times when you look for a best web hosting company to host multiple websites, it becomes easy for a user to opt for a Virtual Private Server known as VPS. It’s easy to go and comes handy offering premium resources and hardware interface. Indeed this is the best hosting solution than normal/shared web hosting. Like most users finding the need of VPS. There are some specific points you should consider before you buy any VPS plans around.

VPS hosting basically refers to residing in your own house and do as you wish. However, you need to take care of your premises. Not at all like shared web hosting where you most share an entire room with your roommates.

Now, I will provide you the detailed information on Pros & Cons Of VPS Hosting

Users who like to have more control over their hosting environment then shared hosting prefers using VPS hosting. In all type of hosting there are pros & cons suited to specific needs. VPS with a good starter package helps you carry forward the set of skills committed to the money you spent on using a best VPS server.

Pros of VPS Hosting Service

  • A VPS is less expensive and offers a similar dedicated hosting plan which uses a physical server.
  • A VPS plan is customized to meet your demands and also get what you pay for.
  • VPS hosting is easily scalable and offers a perfect blend of a virtual environment which can accommodate your needs.
  • You have a lot of control over the virtual server and enable again access to control and use the scripts that are not possible when having a shared server.
  • You do get upgraded technical support for your VPS plans.

Cons of VPS Hosting

  • The main Cons of VPS hosting would be its pricing and expensive than shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting is a like a bridge between the dedicated and shared hosting. A few issues can encounter if VPS is not handled correctly.
  • VPS generally require more maintenance as well as more security patches from time to time.
  • That’s mean you’ll require more technical skills to manage a VPS server
  • Low on the end, a VPS has a more complicated and harder skill set to operate than shared hosting.

When do you need a VPS Hosting Companies?

There are 100’s of companies around offering VPS to customers. So why customers do prefers using a VPS hosting? The reason is pretty straightforward with great control and flexibility. You are aware of the performance a standard VPS hosting can be ‘n’ number of times better than the PRO shared hosting plan.

On the other hand, VPS hosting has better configurations with unique features in your VPS. The resources are allocated fully to your VPS. That means you’ll be able to start, stop, restart, reinstall a VPS similar to a dedicated server without having to worry about the hardware nodes.

VPS is literally helpful for those looking for greater flexibility it also allows developers who wish to use with the system root access and install the customized server software which is I guess not possible while you have shared hosting.

The Top 10 reasons Why you Should Choose Best VPS Hosting in 2023?

If your business or website isn’t meeting the customer’s needs then there is a hosting solution that can help you grow your business. VPS hosting is a good and affordable solution for those ready for serious growth. It offers adequate room for a candidate for the scalable, flexible, and powerful host.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Freedom to run apps you want
  3. High availability servers that don’t go down
  4. No more neighbor drain
  5. Tighter security
  6. Easy hosting upgrades
  7. You can use multiple VPS
  8. Hardware took care of
  9. Increased fail-safety
  10. Load balancing & service distribution

What are managed VPS and unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS hosting is one of the best solutions for all non-technical people since they are not aware of the technical tasks related to the server. However, web hosting is responsible for taking care of the server including major upgrades and configuration. So, that you don’t have to look after the technical aspects of the websites.

While using a managed VPS hosting a hosting provider will manage everything within the server whereas you have administrative access to the control panel.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting is pretty different from managed VPS hosting in a few ways. Initially, the VPS hosting provider will be responsible for offering a VPS server but afterward, you’re up to handle it.

It’s similar to purchasing a new physical server. Pull the switch and make the server on. The only responsibility of the hosting provider would be making the server online accessible including the configuration of the server and its services.

You can imagine that the job is not for average users who own little or no knowledge about the unmanaged server. It’s better to leave the job to people in data centers so that you can concentrate more on the website.

Virtual Server hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting is sometimes called a Virtual Private Server which is known as a Private server that is put to use with help of a virtualization mechanism. VPS hosting is generally are not that efficient since it allocates an adequate amount of computing experience to a user. Since the requirement is the basic need it can simply handle the additional flow.

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Whereas Cloud hosting does the job pretty differently using the cloud environment, for instance, a website hosted on a pool of unified computing resources. This generally means one server is attaining its best level than a second server that is ready to function. If the server of the website is taken care of the remaining servers and continue to serve the incoming traffic to the website.

What is the difference between Shared & VPS Hosting?

It’s a common question every user asked or goggled when required hosting services. Let’s begin defining the two-term means:

Shared hosting is similar to living in an apartment with others. You don’t have much responsibility either it’s expensive. Shared hosting expenses are shared among the members and it’s very convenient for them looking for a cheap hosting package.

As there are many users on the same server. The cost gets divided among everyone on the server and this is how it becomes cheaper.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) VPS is generally called a shared network and works in the most sophisticated environment. A VPS has a more predetermined set of resources built-in. The resources are for each user and it’s better than the shared server. You get the opportunity to acquire all of the server space if he/she wants. Although, it’s a much stable environment and popular among bloggers, webmasters nowadays. The best thing we like about VPS is that your website is not affected by other users when in a VPS network.

What to look at purchasing a Best VPS Hosting Plan?

As of 2023, there are a host of features that a user dive into when purchasing web hosting from a hosting provider. And, surprisingly there are few affordable and reliable VPS web hosts that offer a Full-fledged control panel, hosting features, and of course the customer reviews on each hosting. This is not a simple task so we’ve assembled a few points to consider before purchasing a VPS plan.

  • Managed or Unmanaged VPS
  • Operating system
  • RAM
  • Speed
  • Client support
  • Cost of the VPS plan

How to choose the Best VPS Server Hosting Companies?

When searching for a good VPS hosting online, it’s essential to take into account few important factors such as:

  • To start with you need to consider the RAM & CPU when purchasing a VPS hosting plan. The RAM will heavily impact the website performance considering 256MB RAM is adequate for a normal website.
  • The websites having rich content and running heavier applications needs the addition of RAM.
  • Similarly, the CPU takes the required tasks and allocates the resources to the operating system.
  • Therefore, it’s extremely important for a host that guarantees good uptimes and availability.
  • A VPS hosting should offer a friendly control panel for easier access and simplified administration. It would be nice to see offering complete access to features that improve a site’s performance.
  • You might need to do some research and go with a reputed VPS hosting provider the reason behind this would be a reliable company with a rock-solid architecture will prevent any data breach, as well backups play a vital role which can be restored at times when the site gets malware attacks. Such hosting should have better IT professionals to look after the technical problems.

What are the different types of VPS Hosting services?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is one of the fastest-growing web hosting solutions for small-scale businesses. A VPS generally provides full ownership and control to a website owner not to mention the upgraded security and stability a VPS user finds is defiantly the best hosting option for the majority of us.

A VPS is relatively cheaper and server management becomes a cakewalk. While it’s done through RDP root access choosing one that suits the need of a user is up to you.

If you start classifying the different types of VPS hosting then, mainly there are 2 categories.

Windows VPS Hosting

This runs on the Windows platform and offers an adequate amount of performance and access levels to that of a dedicated server. For instance, if you would like to install and run a few favorable windows applications such as SharePoint, ASP, ASP.NET access or databases, or Microsoft SQL, Then, Windows VPS hosting is a great choice for you.

Linux VPS Hosting

If you love LINUX then it has good features within it. You can use POP#, MySQL along PHP. Although, Linux is an open-source operating system and generally cost-effective. You can easily upgrade the server to a windows server at any given point in time. Nevertheless, the reverse process is a bit critical.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

If you’re a developer or advanced user who need to start a test out a VPS hosting then, an unmanaged VPS hosting is for you. You need to maintain the server by yourself and no such support will be provided by the hosting provider. This is not what we recommend to anyone who possesses a bit of technical knowledge in handling an unmanaged server.

Our Recommended Best Managed VPS Hosting Providers 2021

Best VPS Web HostStarting PriceVisit
Price Starts at $59 $29.50 per MonthVisit Liquidweb
Price Starts at $59.95 Per MonthVisit Fastcomet
Price Starts at $32.99 per MonthVisit A2hosting


Looking out for a best-managed VPS hosting provider in 2023 the options are plenty. From having a co-located data center to dynamically scale up the resources. A VPS is always in demand.

To help you with the rundown of the best VPS server hosting we have skillfully mentioned all the services and their key features in the post. Well, worth considering the setups and running of your website. I personally feel Liquidweb is one of the budget web hosts that offer straightforward VPS products at some lowest prices around.

As you might guess about the services and support. I will recommend you  Liquidweb as your VPS Hosting Partner. Liquidweb offers lots of plus points in comparison with other VPS hosting companies. With 1000Mbps of connection and a VPS plan that offers 10x more speed than usual VPS hosting is a steal for the price.

FastComet and A2Hosting is a service we recommend for all beginners. Anyone who needs rock-solid reliability and timely support and can look out for these two hostings.