I am writing this article, to provide you the detailed information on Best Umbraco Hosting in 2023, where you can host your Umbraco CMS website without any issue.

Before, going into the detail of Umbraco Hosting, Let’s see the hosting requirements that we need for Umbraco CMS

Best Umbraco Hosting

Umbraco Hosting Requirements

To ensure a complete stable outlook and smooth running of Umbraco hosting installation. The only that requires is the correct installation procedure. The hosting requirement for the installation of Umbraco is as followed.

  • Hosting such as IIS 7+(116 will not work when .NET 4.5 which is incompatible with windows server 2003)
  • SQL CE, SQL Server 2008 and higher or MySQL
  • NET 4.5 Full Trust
  • The ability to set file permissions that includes the read/write for the users.
  • Additionally, Umbraco features web hosting through its cloud. On top of that Microsoft Azure is the most innovative cloud hosting solutions. However, there are few web hosting for Umbraco.

Time to take a look at best Umbraco hosting providers now.


Umbraco is a flexible CMS that is designed for running complex websites. A2hosting is a great hosting solution for Umbraco CMS. Editing content using word processing and previewing them online or publishing them in bulk can be easily accomplished due to the speed and reliability of A2 Hosting.

A2hosting is one of the popular web hosting services which believes in providing hosting by developers for developers. The company has started operations since 2003 after the founder Ann Arbor. A2hosting with it’s high powered and easy to manage web hosting provides turbo servers that load speed up to 20x faster as compared to other web hosts.

SignUp with A2Hosting

A2hosting promises Free Solid State Drives, Unlimited data storage and transfer with free site migration with plans starting at just $ 4.90 per month. Also, they provide cloud hosting solutions for customers who need some extra out at hand.

A2hosting is similar to any other hosting solutions but features quadruple redundant network and regular backup service. A2hosting plans are great and offer great price along with several support options such as.

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Free support service via phone, live chat,and email
  • SSD choices
  • SSD helps in loading website up to 300% faster
  • The average load time of the website is just 1.9 sec
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Always risk-free backed with a money back guarantee
  • Single click software installations

A2hosting basically provide 3 hosting plans such as

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Unlike other hosting A2hosting make use of the SwiftServer which is the latest advanced technology with the maximum specification in all three types of hosting that ensure phenomenal hosting performance. These high-speed performance servers are everyday need when using the Umbraco content management system.


Liquidweb is another popular Umbraco hosting providers that offer windows VPS hosting for large websites that receive millions of visits a day. Liquidweb Makes use of the hosts that manages the site data on their proprietary storm servers. Using managed dedicated servers helps in deploying windows environment using Umbraco.


Liquidweb is absolutely perfect for a business website that offers easy scalability for the organization growth with features such as:

  1. 100% uptime guarantee
  2. Built-in backups
  3. Unlimited site hosting
  4. Free Cloudflare CDN
  5. Root access
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SignUp with LiquidWeb

Now many have questioned is liquidweb quality worth the cost?

The easiest way to find that would be trying it before you judge their service. The plans are a little bit on the higher side but defiantly offer high performance and support.

The objective is clear since the starting of the company it had received brilliant accolades being a reputable windows hosting provider for Umbraco. Plans generally start with $59/month and offer the latest technology and features that let customers glued to Liquidweb for years.

What Is Umbraco?

Umbraco has emerged with phenomenal love and care from millions of developers, designers and content editors from all over the globe. Marketers, website owners started finding different things when developing a site that you or might your client essential needs. Something that we all wish and want it to be easily updatable, designed and adaptable for great institutive experience for users.

So, how does Umbraco starts?

At this point, the best content management system should feature freedom & flexibility altogether too efficiently work and the name is “Umbraco”. Although there is various proprietary content management system some free and others bully expensive licenses to access their services.

While the most popular open source CMS is still WordPress and have the largest numbers of users in the world. However, Umbraco offers exceptional functionality over WordPress because it’s more an adaptive blogging platform. We’ll look in detail in below points and understand what it takes for Umbraco make it cost effective that can be integrated into the site including things such as content, digital assets or so.

However, Umbraco CMS is kept free and you can download, install and setup with the recommended Best Hosting for Umbraco.

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How Is Umbraco Different From Other Content Management Systems?

Like WordPress and other CMS platforms,the Umbraco community is extremely active and helpful. It crosses more than 221,745 active members in the community and Umbraco is getting ahead with more than 443,450 installs and continuing. Now, why Umbraco is getting popular each day? The reason behind being Umbraco getting popular is it powerful .NET based CMS solutions that strive the heart of running many complex websites such as Fortune 500 companies and Intranet portals or even managing the brochure websites.

There are lots of features such as rollback version control, content scheduling, permission-based access levels, design customization. Fortunately, the Umbraco features all the features and became everyone’s favorite content management system next to some big name across the globe. Umbraco is recently adopted by large enterprises that require complex CMS requirement. From Hinze and Wired UK to Microsoft have come up embracing the fast-growing Umbraco content management system to power large scale enterprises.

Which Programming Language is Umbraco Written In?

Umbraco offers great flexibility for large scale enterprises right through handling complex application with a relatively simple user interface to make out best productive possible, this means Umbraco is fast, beautiful and offers great usability to users. Umbraco is completely free as this belong to open source platform content management system which is written/coded in C# and uses a Microsoft based infrastructure.

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It usually stores all the data in the Microsoft SQL server. Umbraco perhaps an open source but licensed under open source initiative and Massachusetts institute of technology hence, it’s completely free to download. However, Umbraco insists you purchase premium features such as technical support, upgrade notification and bug fixes that are notably included in the premium add-ons.

Features of Umbraco CMS

Here are the features that make Umbraco one of the best CMS for large websites.

MS word integration

Umbraco CMS emphasis more on the user experience and with growing no technical users Umbraco makes use of the windows explorer and offers complete integration to MS word to write, edit content even in offline and upload straight to the CMS platform without even accessing the browser.

Not out of the box

Umbraco is fairly customizable and the design to be intentional for the actual needs of the business. This CMS solution derives with absolute development that adds up little initial cost,unlike the WordPress which is straight out of the box concept.

Roll back version control

Umbraco manages content better and in many instances when you need to change the content or update them. Content managers can easily find the changes for the relevant content along with doing a side by side comparison to check the 2 different version of the content.

Interactive UX for website visitors

Umbraco builds to offer immense customizable methods for better user experience for the website visitors. The speed and technology that has been used developing Umbraco arecontent caching, dynamic caching for macros that significantly improves the speed of the pages.

It’s totally free

Umbraco is open source and licensed under MIT for further development and use. The pricing and features significantly help in bringing the cost of development. However, it’s a free professional version that just like adds some premium add on such as support and extra tools to make some profits.

Umbraco significantly grown over time due to its robust design gained for CMS development that began the increasing adaptation for the top 500 fortune websites are using now.

Advantages of Umbraco Web Hosting

If you’re looking for a robust and world-class content management system for your company or organization and then you ought to look at some of the advantages of Umbraco in below lines.

  1. Umbraco platform offers world-class CMS that is easy to work upon and help in creating user-friendly
  2. Umbraco is powerful and easier to develop websites and web application in multiple languages.
  3. Storage of data and editing is simple with Umbraco that offers a feature-rich environment for data management.
  4. The Umbraco platform distinguishes different type of package for the ease of development.
  5. MS word integration is another great feature that let users write content and upload to the website directly from the MS word.
  6. Umbraco uses CSS, HTML along with ASP.NET controls that are strictly made for the business requirements.
  7. It has smart search features and the greatest advantages of the Umbraco platform which make the site more interactive and user-friendly.
  8. The back office CSS and JavaScript optimizations help editing experience more smooth and simplified.
  9. It also has built-in caching options to scale a dynamic by making it faster than loads website for the visitors.
  10. Content is the king for any website thus, Umbraco makes content publishing and content management extremely simple.
  11. Using Umbraco CMS requires no such special skills or knowledge of technical skill as there are many apps which provide the functionality for the websites.
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Disadvantages of Umbraco

Here are some disadvantages of Umbraco mentioned below.

  1. There are some rare incidents where publishing content error occurs.
  2. There are working developers behind Umbraco but not that great that of WordPress CMS
  3. There are only a handful or little documentation available such as video tutorial and not all are free.
  4. Not many plugins have a great zeal of functionality

FAQs on Umbraco Hosting

Frequently asked questions are a way to know the most common question that you and others have wondered about. If Umbraco hosting is the right choice for you. This FAQ’s on Umbraco web hosting will let you know more about the technical nature for users who will try it soon.

  • I am looking for an Umbraco site hosted for small business as a newbie which hosting should I go considering affordable pricing, features and all?

It depends upon the usage and needs. Also, it’s better to go with A2hosting that price around $4.90 per month for shared web app instances and basic databases. In terms of specifications provided by A2hosting with a basic plan may be enough.

  • Umbraco cloud price is expensive such that the basic plan would cost $25 per month. Anything better that would cost low during the initial days?

Go with above two referred hosting that we have mentioned on the post. These are some of the best Umbraco hosting providers have a good online reputation and provides an array of features such as availability of SwiftServers (A2hosting) or deployment of resources in LiquidWeb on VPS, dedicated plans. However, A2hosting is an attractive option for complete Umbracocms hosting requirements.

  • How do I choose a Umbraco hosting provider considering I am new to this?

If you’re new and want to develop an umbraco site then, you would need to find the right Umbraco hosting providers. We would recommend you A2hosting, Liquidweb for the purpose of complete Umbraco web development at an affordable cost.

  • Can I run my high traffic site on the Umbraco cloud?

Yes, you can but currently, it marked with approximately 50,000 unique visitors per day i.e 1.5 million per month that works well. But on Umbraco cloud price of the hosting could be expensive we suggest you find some alternatives in regard to the pricing, uptime, support and affordable pricing. A2hosting and Liquidweb are popular Umbraco hosting providers that will auto scale your website as per the traffic increase.