When it comes to adding forms to the website, most WordPress users are disgusted has worst choice after all. Whereas most of the form builder tools are either too complicated or tricky for beginners to grip in. At last when two most awaited form builder plugin struggle to win the race which one do you think makes the best TypeForm alternative?

If you are one of those looking for the best TypeForm alternative then you have landed the right place. In this post, you will salvage every detail about the best TypeForm alternative i.e. WPForms. WPForms form builder plugin largely anticipates adding a diverse collection of forms to the website.

At times, it becomes very difficult to pick the best form builder plugin that encompasses all the need. We have made the decision easier for you by reviewing WPForms for you

With so many WordPress plugin in the market from free to more advanced ones such as WPForms vs. TypeForm on the competition ahead. Read on for more on the competition and see how WPForms actually has more benefits over TypeForm?


How WPForms can be the right choice for your site?

Let’s take a look at what WPForms has to offer and whether it’s worth the price tag.

Why WPForms Is The Best TypeForm Alternative?

The objective of WPForms form builder tool is used on WordPress website with ease of access for catering all the needs of power users with advanced needs. The TypeForm also goes hand in hand allowing users by providing users with a basic contact form to their website but WPForms simply out forms in every segment at a greater margin.

There are a lot of impressive features associated with drag & drop builder interface that manages to add the wealth to the form fields and from premium library add-ons. While the TypeForm is not so good or polished as WPForms, as it’s loaded with a list of features that are hard to ignore.

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At the other end, WPForms provides users to add almost every type of form to the website. However, lots of user’s reviews suggest that WPForms has received an applauding response from the audience. The team behind the WPForms have felt there was a consistent demand for a user-friendly form builder tool that would meet the right needs of WordPress users offering worthy future upgrades from advanced projects.

Features comparison of WPForms and TypeForm

WPForms includes a free version with a limited number for functionality providing basic form fields and a few prebuilt contact form templates. Among two version WPForms Lite has two “templates and newsletter” signup as well as suggestion form. Whereas the WPForms Pro license has its own set of features such as:

  1. Full mobile support for the creation of responsive forms
  2. Ability to create “n” number of forms
  3. Choose from 100’s editable templates format
  4. Features such as conditional logic application to control field visibility
  5. Ability to create multi-page forms
  6. Spam protection features in forms
  7. Upload files directly to forms
  8. Advanced inclusion of fields such as date and time fields
  9. Option to send multiple entry submission through emails to various recipients
  10. Integration of 3rd party tools such as constant contact email marketing service.

Benefits of WPForms over TypeForm in user experience, contact creation

WPForms premium version is pretty straight forward once get the license for WPForms to upload the plugin to the WordPress dashboard and you’re ready to go. One of the most astonishing features of WPForms is the user-friendliness a user experience with the form builder tool.

To help you get a better understanding of Why WPForms Is The Best TypeForm Alternative. We will guide you with the form creating process explaining all the greater depth.

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Starting with the “Welcome Screen” to new WPForms feature that aims to create and publish your first form under 5 minutes. On the next screen, you see an interactive checklist prepared to check you through the form building process so that you actively participate in steps of creating your first form.

Here, you will see WPForms intelligently replaces the familiar WordPress dashboard with its own user interface. WPForms interface offers more room to work and helps in easy creation of forms. The dashboard let you work with the distraction-free environment with the plugin update notifications and other alters are visible which results in better productivity of work.

Creating a contact form with WPForms

When starting out to make first contact form with WPForms, it requires a name and chooses the simple contact form template for the creation of a blank form. Once you selected the desired type you will soon be taken to the form builder screen which makes WPForms best as TypeForm alternative especially when TypeForm does by offering simple contact form 7 that goes downhill as soon as you want to modify some parts of it.

Well, now the WPForms contact form templates include name, email and message fields as well as submit button. That should be mostly easy for non-technical users. When you just finished “Hit” the save before moving to the next step.

WPForms adds a handy button to the WordPress editor in respect to insert an existing form into the content.

Whereas the WPForms pushed hard leveraging the user experience with the interface of their plugin and in no time WPForms will remain a worthy product and best alternative to TypeForm.

After you choose to insert content in the respective fields, the relevant shortcode is ready for you to post or page.

WPForms surely a better alternative for TypeForm

WPForms is a perfect WordPress form builder plugin alternative to TypeForm that gives you all the access to powerful features of WPForms without TypeForm high costs. WPForms is greatly regarded due to features such as drag & drop form creation and has a power punch add multiple, creative forms for contact, subscription, and payment.

WPForms is a lightweight application with sophisticated outlook and supports tons of 3rd party add-ons make it go on peoples top priority list to help you choose from dozens of prebuild templates so that you get up running easily and quickly.

The most favorite thing we loved in WPForms as a best TypeForm Alternative

WPForms is a form builder WordPress tool has lots of prebuilt templates in a best-in-class form that further adds a cherry on top with an interactive drag-and-drop facility to get started in no time. Likewise, for anything you can build forms.

Other WPForms features such as anti-spam protection come effectively with real issues on the internet. The WPForms dashboard is easy for that a total beginner can start off in no time.

From a plugin perspective, WordPress plugin is mostly looked down upon and many have witnessed spoiled their work when it comes to plugins with quality form. Despite the long haul competition TypeForm, WPForms manages to remain active and maintain a stellar rating on more than 1 million sites.


WPForms is the best drag-and-drop form builder tool that impresses with the depth of functionality and with flexible paid plans you will defiantly have to go to a pro. WPForms is having so much of wise feature that lets the user save money by purchasing WPForms with extension payment model, and depending on your specific needs.