When do we want to spend thousands of bucks on a good customer relationship management application? You may opt for Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

But do you know you can get an open-source alternative that is far cheaper and almost have similar features & functionalities to paid CRM application?

In this article, I will provide you the detailed information on SuiteCRM and Best SuiteCRM Hosting providers which will help you to host your CRM without any issue.

Before getting into the SuiteCRM Hosting provider, I will provide you the information on SuiteCRM Hosting requirements, then it will be helpful for you to decide or select your hosting partner.

What you should Look in SuiteCRM Hosting providers?

Looking for a place to host SuiteCRM can be challenging sometimes. The difference between ordinary hosting and SuiteCRM hosting should have the following features and functionalities in it.

If you have come here looking for SuiteCRM Web Hosting or suite CRM shared hosting then you have landed the right place. SuiteCRM Web Hosting is an open source alternative to SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics. SuiteCRM Web Hosting will offer you plenty of space and bandwidth to handle your website.

  • Host multiple domains or go unlimited
  • Free domain for life when you purchase hosting plans from said hosting partners.
  • 24×7 world-class qualified experienced support
  • Cpanel control panel with unlimited email, databases,and subdomains
  • Almost 99.9% guaranteed uptimes with 45 to 60 days of money back guarantee
  • Fully customized for all SuiteCRM systems requirements.
  • Secure servers with private/public keys that deliver protection against the intruders.
  • The suite CRM application makes use of cloud backup technologies providing quick recovery for the entire CRM databases or a specific
  • SuiteCRM releases new upgrades, however, choosing a SuiteCRM hosting will let you free from upgrades manually. You will not need to update any new software or upgrade it later. SuiteCRM hosting guys will take care of it.

Let’s See the 2 Best SuiteCRM Hosting Providers in 2019

A2Hosting – Best SuiteCRM Hosting

CRM solutions make it easier for managing various business interactions with the customers and leads by using a nice looking interface. However, one important aspect of the changing business world is where web hosting plays a crucial role in leveraging the specific needs of your project such as the SuiteCRM application.

A2hosting SuiteCRM Web Hosting is one that’s in demand right now. A2hosting boasts high efficient Turbo servers through which page loads 20x faster when compared with other web hosting providers.


SignUp with A2Hosting

A2hosting SuiteCRM Web Hosting features the following benefits.

  1. 1-click setup
  2. High performance
  3. Better security
  4. Developer friendly
  5. Guru Crew support
  6. 9% uptime commitment
  7. Any-time money-back guarantee
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A2hosting plans start at $3.92/month for a single site along with unlimited storage, Free SSL & SSD, Free website migration, and backed with a time money-back guarantee.

All the way the A2hosting SuiteCRM Web Hosting plans go up to $9.31/month offering the fastest service for the highest plan in its inventory.

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FastComet – Best SuiteCRM Hosting

Google includes many signals in their search engine ranking algorithms such as site speed. Benefits of having SuiteCRM hosted on FastComet are as follows. FastComet offer great advantages that you will need for a CRM system.

SuiteCRM Hosting


SignUp with Fastcomet

  • A faster site will take less time to load thus helping to generate more happy users
  • Fastcomet is fully committed to providing the fastest SuiteCRM hosting services to optimize the website for optimal performance.
  • Fastcomet boasts a 1-click SuiteCRM installer in regard to installing free templates or applications installs in the server.

FastComet suite CRM shared hosting packages starts from $2.95/month and go up to $9.95/month depending upon the features, SSD space,and bandwidth you have taken. Overall FastComet is advance in providing flexibility and performance in the budget with suiteCRM shared hosting plans. You can visit FastComet suite CRM shared hosting Home page to find like-minded people reviews on FastComet suite CRM shared hosting.

I have written a detailed Fastcomet Review which will help you to know Why Fastcomet is the Best Web Hosting in 2019

SuiteCRM seems to fit the bill.

As we know creating and maintaining relationships with customers can be cumbersome sometimes. But the primary objective of CRM software is to harness a business’s survival & growth. To maintain that relationship and steady workflow a CRM software is a must. CRM (Customer relationship management) is probably the best web application that most business houses use to organize information about the customers and leads acquired.

But it is more just a list of contacts. A CRM suite consists of customer details with history and the transactions of organizations along with the information of the customer and the ongoing sales process.

Many CRM software has helped in financial calculation and accounting system to help organizations to track earning and costs. It provides thorough analytics about the business to predict the outcome of the customer’s future needs.

There isa different type of the CRM web application some are open source CRM system and others are paid. In an open-source CRM system, you only see a web server, database, and browser.

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In this post, we’ll explain the following sections of SuiteCRM such as

  • SuiteCRM
  • Different type of CRM systems
  • Features
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of CRM systems

What Is SuiteCRM?

SuiteCRM is a free CRM tool that helps customizing the workflow and record keeping fields so as to serve in a centralized portal with good customer database as well as account management sale pipeline with thorough customer support. SuiteCRM encapsulates the various meaningful analysis of the actionable information building different marketing and sales strategies by using sensible sales pipeline.

SuiteCRM also engrosses user-friendly and simple workflows that create actionable action modules where a user can label different modules through run time and input descriptions for each.

The sales features allow taking a peek at an overview of the pipeline and sales employees with the efficiency of preparing different documents through built-in templates for quotations, renewals and other documents for freeing up sales staff for administrative tasks and giving more time in building strategy with client communication.

SuiteCRM also features an advanced customer service portal for customers through generating reports and organizing file tickets that are tracked, recorded and highlighted. The self-service feature keeps support staff from the log entries through the interpretation of the customer issue.

How Is SuiteCRM Different From Other CRM Tools?

SuiteCRM is an open source free designed to cater the needs against the top-notch paid CRM systems which provide all functionalities for absolutely at no cost. Not only is that SuitCRM an open API that integrates with a variety of business systems and applications. Also, SuiteCRM includes the following:

  • Sage 50
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Constant contact
  • Twitter
  • Survey money

Features of SuiteCRM

As we all know SuiteCRM is an award-winning open source customer relationship management application. The SuiteCRM offers incredible functionalities against other CRM software applications such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and also Microsoft Dynamics.

SuiteCRM is a fully-fledged enterprise ready to work for traditional vendors keeping large accounts in it. However, SuiteCRM being the most popular open source CRM is available free to download as well as modify and distribute. It is free and will be always supported and extended by SalesAgility.

There are several features and functionalities integrated into the SuiteCRM application such as:

  1. Modeling the sales pipeline
  2. Better workflow with efficient tools that delivers advanced capabilities such as repetitive task on selling and services to customers.
  3. Customer self-service portal that manages all the customer issues with easy setups through the use of the website.
  4. SuiteCRM is open source and free for unlimited no of users whereas other CRM applications are costs heavily.
  5. SuiteCRM almost has all the features & functionalities of a paid CRM application making it one of the most popular CRM applications worldwide.
  6. Introduction to the calendar where you can schedule meetings, calls, and tasks for upcoming events. Also, schedule and log call records for all inbound as well as outbound calls.
  7. Case modules help in recording interactions between the customers when they ask for help or advice through the support function.
  8. Invoice module in suiteCRM allows creating, tracking and issuing of invoices to customers.
  9. SuiteCRM integrates lots of other applications such as ERP, marketing tools etc.
  10. Add-ons manager features in SuiteCRM has the functionality of covering more than 100 add-ons available in-store.

Advantages of SuiteCRM

  1. SuiteCRM provides lots of automation increasing the reach for your business.
  2. It reduces the cost of customer relationship management
  3. There is no vendor lock-in means you can use it through a private cloud server or public cloud and increase the customer count by thousands of
  4. Efficient customer staff support that helps in sorting the complaints instantly.
  5. Every business has some specific needs. The ability to customize CRM software that helps in reaching customers easily is through SuiteCRM.

Disadvantages of SuiteCRM

One thing that really struck peoples using the SuiteCRM is the interface that is too old/outdated. However,functionalityis important in a CRM application. The default layouts are not designed for today’s monitors also the resolutions in today’s monitor are higher as the tables in SuiteCRM being a way wider and rearranging them takes a couple of minutes.

Themes control layouts/ colors, fonts, icons, etc. looks older than that of other CRM applications. But using a free open source CRM software can have several disadvantages too. Let’s see what compromise we have to make with the open-source SuiteCRM application.

Here are a few disadvantages of SuiteCRM listed below.

  1. Lack of Maintenance
  2. No central support system
  3. Limited functionality
  4. Not entirely free


If you want to Host your SuiteCRM then A2Hosting is recommended hosting provider which provides excellent customer support service and hosting service. I will request you select the RAM and CPU as per your requirements which will help your CRM software run without any issues.