Content management system or CMS are designed to offer convenience for people to manage website online. The most popular platform is WordPress but there are other applications that are coming out making a name for themselves to offer clients with next level CMS experience. Hence, we Statamic is one such free application that helps website owners in lieu of creating, editing and updating the website content.

Statamic Hosting

In this article, you will find the Best Statamic Hosting Providers in 2022, which will help to host your website with Statamic CMS. By reading complete article, you will get to know who is the best statamic web hosting provider with its features and pricing

Let’s Read the detailed article on Best Statamic Hosting Provider in 2022


Introduction of new CMS in the internet world has brought curiosity among many website owners who are looking forward to starting afresh with a platform that uses flat files. Setting up a website build using the CMS has been hectic and also issues that persists have been seen on the data storage in the server.

But how about Statamic a platform that takes less space in the servers and that have more than 2500 developers currently working with the goal to speed up website site loading. The CMS is efficient and workable and can be used for commercial as well as for personal websites.


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The Statamic hosting from A2hosting offers an array of features such as:

  • A2host offers top-notch performance with blazing fast CMS. This is because the high-performance Statamic platform is duly matched with A2hosting swift server together optimizes the website loading speed which is more than 20X faster than other hosting.
  • Not just that A2hosting is a fully fledged web hosting company having quite a good reputation among big hosting contenders. Also, it provides users with the Statamic software which will be installed automatically when you purchase their hosting plans.
  • Less than 1 second of delay can impact the SEO of the site and risk an increase of bounce rate. However, SEO ranking is truly essential for better conversion. A2hosting when coupled with screaming fast Swiftservers. You’re bound to get 20x speed through your sites. A2hosting offers you the selection of server location, free SSDs and to choose the optimized servers kept for Statamic hosting.
  • Since the launch Statamic platform and usability many users have come to a2hosting seeing a strong focus on the Statamic development software.
  • 24×7 Crew Guru Support makes A2hosting one of the best user-friendly web hosting. In other way, if you’re looking for a best Statamic hosting provider in 2022 they can move your site to a2hosting for free in most cases.
  • A2hosting is committed to offering9% uptime in most case. And we have seen only a few times to server get down. This makes a2hosting is the only host you can depend on ultra-high performance through its servers.
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A2hosting indeed marked the best Statamic hosting provider that goes beyond the ordinary hosting for blazing fast and ultra-reliability. A2hosting feels proud to announce the best team performance to keep up the pace meeting most of the customers’ demands and this is why they have earned high reputations and accolades for the top Statamic hosting provider in the industry.

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What is Statamic?

Statamic is very different from the other content management system such as the WordPress, Drupal, craft CMS and many others. However, the choice of picking Statamic is generally due to the absence of the MySQL and it’s for good. Statamic generally runs on a flat-file engine using the Markdown and YAML files with the optional Redis driver and hence it delivers the best ways to change the way you build sites forever.

Statamic is notably easier than the most popular CMS WordPress and many other CMSes. Statamic is run and operated by hundreds of top new organizations which combines rich text fields, repeating blocks, images, text boxes, checkboxes that are tailored perfectly with the control panel to for best experience.

In regard to Statamic, it includes many features considering a content management system. For instance, the ability to schedule posts, change themes or to create forms and differ with popular CMS WordPress in many ways. Also, Statamic supports multi-lingual sites and manages all different translations.

Features of Statamic

  • The Statamic includes an array of features such as you do not need to pay for the third party add-ons and extras. It helps in getting the most out from CMS product. In today’s world developers, coders or website owners needs have been changing rapidly.
  • The real-time issues found with the structure of MySQL database present with most CMS systems make more difficult for scaling. Most sites have become expensive and difficult to load balance but it’s aren’t the case with Statamic database which is definitely a free solution.
  • Statamic offer brilliant workflow and content models that are not used on other platforms. Such as Statamic is used by renowned world’s top technology and publishing organizations. Also,Statamic is growing a huge presence rapidly that eliminates repetitive tasks and data on the control panel.
  • Statamic uses the beautiful design grid and these cuffs that takes the advantages of flexible template language and structure in HTML also it includes a lot of new features and add-ons such as themes among the community having more than 2,500 developers and designers.
  • In recent times Statamic has evolved the best CMS powered by a brand new control panel. A good CMS boasts a walk of a careful balance between the developers and non-technical users. One thing that completely stands out is the performing various operations from the command line. Users can write, edit, relate, scheme, design and implement them on entire sites which will be hooked with the control panel to add more content without the use of writing a line of codes.
  • Customization takes the last but the most important factors such as using YAML configuration for views since the applications or codes are on Laravel which is fast to trace everything around.

Advantages of Statamic

Statamic is one of the most versatile platforms that establishes the static as well as a dynamic site. The Statamic is absolutely compatible with the PHP along with various options that are built using the caching and the editor.

We have all loved WordPress since its launch and became popular over the years due to constant development but there are hardly any competitors then. Since most competitors only focus on building certain types of websites only. WordPress ensured more optimal performance when compared with others in a run

However, the biggest issues faced with the WordPress sites are faulty themes and unsolicited plugins. The huge list of themes and plugins made WordPress sites to operate poorly and cause the entire website to come to a crawl.

Since Statamic is a flat file CMS which is powered using the popular PHP frameworks. Laravel is used in conjunction to eradicate the databases storing of all the pages of the website instead they are stored individually on the hard drive which makes the statamic websites to perform really fast.

Furthermore, there are caching options available to set accordingly with the techniques for improving the performance of the websites overall. But based on the thousands of plugins available for the WordPress the feature cannot match or beat Statamic. If you’re on Statamic it’s more likely for the sites to perform better than WordPress. Also, Statamic website is less or non-prone to hack or malicious attacks from outside.

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Since you compromise something you get a great alternative to WordPress if you need CMS in general as a platform to build your websites.

Therefore, if we look at some of the Advantages of Statamic platform which consists of some beautiful features such as managing the website from the easy control panel and affordability for the users.

Speed– Statamic does not make use of relational data so as to load the website faster with traditional CMS. This feature is more looked upon by popular CMSs but with the Statamic you also get to see websites load up more quickly than ever.

Simplicity – customizing a website is easier than you think. You can upload files and update them in real time. Whereas in other CMSs installation of plugins are required to setup the preferences.

Security – Having a flat file management system is good when it does not include the database and promise to deliver the utmost level of security of your website.


Statamic the flat file database-less CMS is one of the popular and dynamic looking websites has released yet another improved version. Such as adding events for resetting passwords, sending corresponding emails and includes query strings and many more to come.

In this article, we have clearly mentioned everything including the importance of Statamic over WordPress and other things. A2hosting bears a name that almost everyone in hosting world is acquainted with. If you’re looking for the best Statamic hosting provider in 2022 then, choose a2 hosting for its inevitable turbo servers and affordable pricing.

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