When you know the essence of speed on your blog picking a best SSD hosting offers  you something better is one specific feature that’s everyone need.  We’re more often taught how speed sells and performance is pivotal, but we hardly practice what we preached. I had this opportunity to compare price vs performance when shopping for a best SSD web hosting 2020.

I have collectively planned for a few Best SSD web hosting providers this time for my modest collection of websites.

Find the best SSD Hosting now?

You don’t have to think twice when choosing a best SSD hosting for your website. There are most plenty of SSD web hosting providers in the market that come quite cheap for the price significantly allows you to do your work more efficiently.

By only means it is to show a commitment to the user by making the performance little better for an attainable goal.

You don’t have one don’t worry, we’ll be covering some of the best SSD web hostings of 2020.

Ready to start with an SSD powered web host? We made a list out of the best SSD shared hosting 2020, the best server you can rely upon for hosting your site. Foremost, these are few best ssd hosting providers when comparing with price vs performance. 

As you start reading one by one. We would like take it into the consideration of storage allowances, uptime rates, price as well our recommended expert opinion for best ssd hosting.

Fastcomet – SSD Shared web hosting

We took no time to talk about the best SSD shared hosting service we have been using these years and certainly we’re taking a purge out of this deal with one of the fastest and best web hosting service available for you at a much cheaper price. The answer is definitely go with FastComet SSD shared web hosting.

We have been switching hosting forth and back for better speed and performance. This is to let you know, what thing made us like and buy FastComet SSD hosting services. I’m using their services for a year or more and I can proudly say this is one of the best ssd hosting for your website life. 

If you’re one looking for an honest review on FastComet – Here what you see sharing our experience on Fastcomet and other hosting providers so that it becomes beneficial for everyone looking for hosting companies for their blog and websites.

We have come to know about FastComet from various sources that mean it’s already doing good. The plans look pretty cheap and transparent that’s why there have received so many reviews from users on the web. Most likely that they are one of the best ssd hosting providers. At Least I can say this.  

So what makes the Fastcomet the best SSD Web Hosting Providers in 2020

  • You get a free domain forever
  • Pure SSD only cloud hosting
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Daily and Weekly Site Backup for your website
  • 24×7 support

Fastcomet has the best set of features. Likewise, they are quite supportive, friendly. I have come across few issues but the support system is wonderful. I have contacted them many times through the live chat window. With fast and best SSD hosting FastComet is completely relying upon its performance and seamlessly doing better than its counterparts. 

If you build your first site on Fastcomet then no issues, but when I faced issues with previous hosting website transfer was a cumbersome process to me. I simply asked for a website transfer to Fastcomet and they helped me with proper guidance. You can also ask for a free website transfer via raise ticket option. And, in no time they will do it for you. 

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FastComet SSD Shared hosting plans

Fastcomet generally offers 3 plans, and these are pure SSD hosting.

  • The first one known to be StartSmart that offers a basic functionalities offering one hosted site with 15GB SSD Space. The price is significantly lower than its counterparts that would cost you around $3.95 per month.
  • The scale right plan allows a unlimited access to 25GB SSD for $6.95 per month. If you have a website that has a significant amount of traffic go for it.
  • Speedup plan somewhat offers around 35 GB SSD with $10. 95 per month. You get a free domain for lifetime, and it’s same for all Fastcomet SSD shared hosting plans.

That means you’ll be providing 2 times more CPU and RAM in each Scale right, StartSmart, SpeedUp. No matter which one you choose you’ll get the same performance probably it the best SSD hosting. 

Pricing and Billing cycle

FastComet have fixed prices, so that what makes it’s favourable to everyone.

You can see a drastic change on the pricing when you buy the hosting for more than 36 months. You also see a major drop in the price which you will be paying as the hosting fees. When you compare other SSD hosts you’ll come to know its the best ssd hosting available at the time of writing this review. 

Another fine reason, would be Fastcomet allows the users with monthly billing this is even better in case you would like to first try out the hosting other than paying in a yearly basis. Also, if you choose any plans with 12-24 months the prices are little higher.

You can also get a monthly billing cycle in which you have to pay them monthly which includes a setup fee of around $19.95 per month.

FastComet server uptime

When did I last faced downtime issues? Well, I don’t remember really. Writing about the FastComet server uptime and downtime would be like promoting a brand at this point. So, I will stick to what FastComet says about themselves. You must have noticed users finding FastComet one of the best option to host their sites with 99.9% uptimes everything seems better.

I had this very same experience when I purchased FastComet hosting. Well, I can say FastComet is good for the medium type of traffic. It’s a shared hosting SSD service that means comparatively it can load faster and better. One of the best SSD hosting is which never lags or get slow over the time. 

PHP Selector Tool

Now, you must have better knowledge with Fastcomet hosting. The major change was made to bring a PHP version Validator selector this means you can wish and select the appropriate version of PHP.  The lastest is one with PHP 7.0 rolled out recently and FastComet has just made this to work with the cpanel.

I have written personal Fastcomet Review, which will help you to decide why it its among the best ssd web hosting provider company across the globe.

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Getting a high-quality reliable web hosting is one of the most challenging prospects. Building a website and getting tons of traffic is not that easy either if constantly wondering about to make a right decision rather than following word of mouth. Finding a web host through more sound decision to read and view blogs for an honest opinion. Fortunately, you got that here. This is not a review we’re going to cover some important aspects of TMD SSD hosting. When looking for best ssd web hosting provider you can ask yourself a question when whether need you need performance or a cheap hosting.

I mostly spare time with studying various hosting to make a comprehensive decision for all you. So, that you don’t fall prey to those offering pathetic service in the name of SSD hosting. 

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TMDhosting is established in 2007, all tech-savvy guys looking to find a way to beat traditional web hosting service. The company really features well in various in freaking hosting magazines. Tmd made a remarkable breakthrough with it’s shared hosting plans that is more likely to get attention from users all over the world. There are also some hosting add-ons that tmd featured on their homepage.

Mostly the company operates via the datacenter that is located worldwide. With such a variance in location and you can always be sure to get a good quality performance boost with no major downtimes. With loads of features and better use of technology helped them to work together making a better value for money products. You can get this best ssd hosting provider at a pretty cheap price when you’re looking to blog for long term. Tmdhosting can be a better choice for those looking for an efficient SSD hosting.

Their services are quite good delivering the features of tmd hosting and it offers that are important to cover is service. Just because if you have been cue judging most of the web hosting companies would end up getting one that suits your need. You will get a hosting expert whenever you faces issues with your hosting. This is just not only with chat you get that on telephonic conversation as well.

Luckily, tmdhosting alleviates most of the stress by making it more easier and convenient for most of the users through a customer service agent. You always get a helping hand while using their hosting service that determines the hosting experience they have particularly solving your queries.

Swifts are repeated around the clock so you find things in smooth and fast manner. You get this best ssd web hosting at a discounted price. So why wait? bring’em some joy to your blog.

TMDHosting with a great Control Panel

Another great feature of tmdhosting is that it’s Cpanel that relates to a pretty solid control panel for use.  The Cpanel is coupled with the cloudlinux together these two work side by side to offer more decent stability and usability.

The enhanced and lightweight virtual environment from cloudlinux is a grab for sure. Along with that, you get a CageFS an added security feature from tmd hosting.  Overall you are looking for a quality SSD web hosting you can rely upon it. The tmd hosting service is guaranteed with 60-good days of money back guarantee. This means you have the opportunity to test things out.

However the chances are you’ll appreciate their services and end up buying it for longer periods.

I have written a detailed TMDHosting Review, which will help you to identify why it is the best web hosting 2020

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Unlike others, if speed and performance with partnered with an awesome support and security that are above all the priorities will be in the list of web hosting shopping. A2 hosting came in light till 2003 and became one of the popular company to offer PHP 5 with Ruby and Rails in shared hosting platform. Since they started business they are enjoying a pretty good space in pilothra of hosting arena.

More users started loving their shared hosting plans for their site load speed and performance as their top priorities.
A2 host takes pride in offering SSD hosting when there are only few web hosts out there to offer such functionalities to the users.


Most hosting companies allow offers SSDs along with server and not the SQL server. Then, web files can be uploaded but the performance of suffers drastically.

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Almost every year A2 hosting offers a very good launching pad for all bloggers, designers and so on. A2 hosting offers a wonderful hosting platforms with precaching preconfigured that includes Apache, Memcached but works with that resembles with SSL and other optimising caching tools. The makes the users more productive with faster page loads.

A2 hosting offers you best Speed, Security and Support

A2 can’t go wrong as a web host. This is a perfect solution for an impressive performance and security measures with the great user experience for their services.

  • SSDs and Turbo 20x faster page loads
  • A2-optimised plugins and 1-click install for WordPress
  • You can host multiple websites and enjoy with free site migration
  • A2-optimized caching with OPcache and Memcached

A2 understand the importance of better fast loads speeds. That’s why it includes a performance SSDs for free with all plans. Choosing a2 hosting over other can significantly bring blazing fast turbo servers to works for with up to 20x faster more loads speeds. 

The perfect SSD Shared hosting plans starts with LITE, SWIFT & TURBO Plans

Just some ways or another A2 make your life easier with high speed hosting rich with features.
Free Site transfer
High performance
Developer friendly
Perpetual security

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Now, you understand why speed is always an important factor especially when you’re blogging for income or acquiring leads. A2 ensures everyone for better speed loads with help of SSD (solid state drives) and all their servers offer a swift platform for superior page loading speed.

A2 SSD shared hosting– Get the best shared hosting plans

Definitely, A2 is fast, reliable and scalable that can allow better flexible plans for website owners. Users finding a better deal with unique set of controls and agility to drive traffic need not worry when you’re with A2. So a big YES  for website needs. Not only that A2 offers you the similar 30-days money back guarantee for trying and make use of their services if that fits your need.

Our recommendations on best SSD Hosting 2020

If you look closely, above we have ended the best part of this article now. If you’re wondering Why So? It would be sufficient to know that these are some of the best SSD web hosts with reliable uptime and good customer support. These are some of the best SSD hosting 2020, which will not only help you get rid out of all odds but also assist building your website much better. 

You can pick one according to your budget and preference that you need. We insist choosing a optimised SSD Web Hosting which in turn can be a real asset for your long term blogging needs.

Using FastComet will save your lot of time along with help yu fix all hosting issues that you generally face with other companies. If you’re even little technical you will know that HDD which has this mechanical parts inside it can fail anytime when works runs a lot. Whereas SSD has no moving parts inside it that’s why they are much more reliable and works 365 days a year with no such sluggishness. When you pick up any of this best ssd hosting 2020, you will enjoy a steady and clean interface along with the best industry grade ssd servers to help you out in traffic in-flow.

You can use our recommended SSD web hosting providers. And drive more power to your blog. These solid state drives offers a rigid hosting environment in compared to conventional HDD hosting.