If you have a business online you should start thinking about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which describes any sort of work that a website owner takes in hand to increase the visibility of the website online.

Let suppose when you something to search how often do you visit the second page to see what out there? Most people click on links that are available on the first page and click-through rates drop gradually from there to down.

SEO is the highest factor that makes your website visible to others therefore; it’s hard to find the top place always. However, it’s absolutely necessary to perform SEO in order to increase website ranking in search engines.

But how do you perform perfect SEO for your blog if you don’t read what’s followed in there?

Learning SEO for any blog is the topmost priority for any digital marketer to grow his business online and with the latest industry trends and now you’ve got to learn a lot.

In this post, I’ve defined the top 10 SEO blogs that I follow in 2023.

So, what made me choose these blogs? Stop guessing!

And think why these blogs are ranking #1 on Google SERP’s

Anyways my top lists are based entirely on the SEO subjective

I have tried to pull up as many stats as I can and these data-driven figures will tell you why I picked a list of these top 10 SEO blogs in 2023.

  1. I have compiled a list of top 10 SEO blogs
  2. Found some rich metrics based on each website (post length, domain rating, estimated traffic, and few others)
  3. These SEO blogs are ranked as per the above metrics are concerned.

Looking at a list of 10 Best SEO blogs will suffice the purpose of your visit.

1. Backlinko

Brian’s working matches with the Skyscraper technique who is the founder of Backlinko. It’s a single author highly authoritative SEO blog. Backlinko stands #1 among its competitors however the content frequency is not regular (Once a month) but when he does you surely going to notice.

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He has a distinct approach i.e. quantity over quality.

In my scenario, I have grasped phenomenal knowledge on SEO from Backlinko and I’m sure others have too.

2. Moz

Moz is one of the most popular SEO blogs with a ton of informative and knowledgeable pieces of stuff published over the years. A few posts that I loved and admire were “beginners guide to SEO” and their most tempting collection on “Whiteboard Friday videos”.

I feel honored after learned a lot from them. Most people are in hunt of good SEO blogs have once or while have paid a visit – Moz and with that said they offer quite informative and knowledgeable posts. Webmasters and digital marketers will learn a lot from their ever-growing and alluring SEO blog.

3. Search Engine Watch

Founded in 1996 by Danny Sullivan, perhaps the oldest SEO blog that everyone wants to read. However, the blog comprises news as well as a mixture of guides and news articles but that doesn’t stop them from publishing 29 posts per month. Also, they are renowned contributors and columnists. Search Engine Watch is meant to deliver updated news especially when you’re in the SEO industry as well as for Search engine marketing experts worldwide.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush publishes a lot of content based on different SEO factors of a blog and they do it more often – roughly one post a day. And this brings to almost 3000 blog posts published over time. SEMRush is one of the best SEO blogs where popular contributors Gael Breton, Ryan Stewart, and others have their posts published with them.

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5. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward’s blog started back in 2012 where he simply began experimenting with his blog when he figured out the benefits of SEO without link building.

And that resulted – growing his blog into 6 figures in just one year.

Currently, Matthew is more eager to publish in-depth posts, tutorials, and know everything about interlinking and affiliate marketing. Anyway his blog still did not focus on 100% SEO but occasionally he does post articles.

6. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land was founded by Danny Sullivan. An online journal where he publishes news and informative search engine marketing issues, guides for the SEO marketer community. And to begin with he publishes 135 posts per month. Search Engine Land is one of the best SEO blogs when it comes to the state of the SEO industry.

Overall a great site to look at and gather knowledge on SEO. The blog emphasized breaking the news with plenty of content on a single subject. In one word Search Engine Land is a one-stop destination for all your SEO queries.

7. Search Engine Journal

SEJ is a popular SEO blog news website inaugurated in the year 2003. Similar to Search Engine Land the website primarily focuses on publishing news on SEO whereas the schedule is a bit hectic and comes to 4-5 posts per day.

However, Search Engine Journal has received appreciation due to occasional Big pieces of content they publish for instance – extensive history of Google algorithm updates. And this is one of the best places to read about the latest Google algorithm updates.

8. Yoast

If you have a website running on WordPress then, you must have heard about Yoast SEO Plugin.

But they do have an SEO blog too?

Yoast covers topics on content SEO, technical SEO, and WordPress SEO. However, the posts are not that great as compared to their counterparts. But they have a few masterpieces articles that are worth checking.

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9. GotchSEO

Nathan Gotch has started GotchSEO back in 2013 while the blog became quite popular in just a few years. It is admirable to look at his HUGE in-depth guides is appreciable. One of his posts recently has received more than 750+ comments. But there is a downside too.

Preparing a massive guide takes time and Nathan is able to publish only 1 post per month on average. This is one of the best places to check out Nathan’s hard work.

10. Builtvisible

Builtvisible is one of the most enchanting looking SEO blogs with tons of well-packed content which is conveyed by Industry veteran – Richard with more than 15 years of experience.

Richard blogs are technical in nature and not necessarily for SEO newbies. But one can look up a few posts that are easily comprehended by beginners and intermediates. But mostly you find technical posts that are especially well written for advanced levels. If you are fond of reading scraping Google Analytics, VLOOKUPS henceforth start following the blog regularly.

Final Words

These are a few SEO blogs that I follow due to consistent changes in the environment of the Search engine algorithm. If you want to move ahead in your SEO career then no wonder what these top 10 SEO blogs can bring to you. Following these SEO blogs will help you to stay focused on the coming Google updates.

I have listed the top 10 SEO blogs that have great potential for 2023. Stay updated with these top SEO blogs to implement best SEO practices and learn to automate success in the SEO industry.

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