Starting big is the only option you’re left with when a large pool of audience hopes to come at your service. A web server that influences the podcasts so the listener can able to visit the web address and find required media files. When choosing a web hosting that is made to specifically configure for this purpose will be the best thing you can do.

Of course, you can start with any small or medium-sized hosting. But using a podcast hosting provider for your podcast requires an adequate amount of seriousness when you’re building a sizeable audience. This is similar to hosting a podcast that requires a generous allocation of better storage and bandwidth. Media servers are well fit for hosting a podcast and to set the end goal you need to configure things properly.

Best Podcast Hosting

Do not worry about things that bother you much. We’re here to help you with a firm decision in picking 2 best Podcast Hosting Providers in 2022.

Why choose Podcast Hosting?

While you may come across some hosting that offers you unlimited storage and bandwidth but may not able to handle audiences with a sizeable audience. As a result, you can use this post to know more about the best podcast hosting providers in 2022.

You might have seen at the place when a web hosting is a necessary element and comes as a great tool. Conventional web hosting features that come essentially when having a unique hosting account. Make sure they include features such as:

  • Support RSS feed
  • Optimizing the content for your Podcast with compliance to the iTunes, Sticher Radio, Google Play and many more.
  • A tool that helps you to measure the actual audience stats
  • A website that can able to promote or advertise your podcast
  • Support for streaming and downloads

Simple and easy to use downloading tools, so that users can find the option to download when posted on social networking sites.

Additional features that you require to look for in Podcast Host

Picking a host that specializes in podcasting and able to deliver the specific needs or features to make blogging easier. This consists of few things:-

  • User-friendly interface – Web hosting specialized in Podcasting offers custom Cpanel which is simpler to use that one generic CPanel one.
  • PluginsThis web hosting comes with plug-in designed for podcasting. Some may come with a website like WordPress or with a free podcast plug-in like PowerPress plug-in
  • Email mailing list – Few hosts provide you feature to collect emails of visitors dropping by so that you can shoot a mail when new podcast episodes come
  • Podcast Player – This one is most important that not only save your time and money abut inclusion of a player helps you to get more time on page.
  • The inclusion of a Podcasts directory – Above all few hosts provides you with a space to submit your shows directly to the podcasts directories.
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We know it hard to find one that offers these above features. But if we say we found the best podcast hosting. If you’re one in the market for podcast hosting, we insist to check the top 2 best podcasts hosting provider in 2022 here.

My Picks: Top 2 Best Podcast Hosting Provider in 2022

In this insightful post, I would review two podcast hosting giants specializes in podcasts web hosting. Let’s get the review ahead now.

Podbean Web Hosting

Hosting podcast is not similar to regular hosting. Mostly websites having unruffled small files, a typical page that sized about 1MB and most of the content cached to make future loading of page easy on the go.

In respect to that large podcasting, files contain media files which sized about 25 to 30 MB file recorded at 96kbps takes on a lot of server space and bandwidth. The bandwidth demanded when several users downloading the large media files can ruin the performance of the server. This isn’t a good thing we hope!


Let’s dive into the podcast Podbean podcast hosting service that addresses a few major concerns the podcast community referred.

Podbean is a great podcast publishing and monetization service providing free as well as premium hosting packages for users. Podbean does offer an interactive user-friendly interface that integrates nicely publishing, managing tools is a lucrative option for podcasters.

One of the major choices where Podbean grew was their affordable plans. The unlimited audio plans that are available as low as $3 a month would be the best to pick their signup annual package.

Podbean is currently working on to provide HLS to podcasters. Podbean seems the best and easy way to host your podcasting website for little or no knowledge these platforms can help you with the easy to use tool for your podcast page. Since Podbean building their site with help of crowdfunding they are deemed to start their services through podcaster with hosting account.

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Podbean Hosting Features

Podbean strives to build the support system by offering short articles that address users concern over hosting related issues. They also do offer options like online contact form where users can ping via a dedicated Twitter account.

Podbean hosting offers lucrative hosting features such as:

  • Website builder and fully managed podcast site
  • Reliable cloud hosting
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Search engine optimized
  • iTunes and play store support
  • your own domain and branding

Podbean offers 4 plans as of now. You can take a look at the following screenshot for more information.

Podbean is a brilliant choice if you’re looking for an all in one platform for publishing several podcasts with no much of technical necessities. If a beginner is looking to build an audience with podcasts with the large organization then you can consider seeking Podbean the right tool for you.

LiquidWeb– Best Podcast Hosting provider in 2022

The liquid Web is a web hosting service founded in 1997. A company that believes that runs with empowered web professionals around the world. The company owns 5 datacenters with more than 32,000 happy customers in 130 countries. Liquid web ensures that you get optimal power hosting for your need.

The liquid Web is a wonderful place to look for when you’re searching for powerful podcast hosting. It offers amount to vast services on their products and solution and answering most of users queries through liquid web knowledge base.


Although liquid web hosting does not offer shared web hosting as of now. If you’re finding to host a podcast website then, welcome to the strongest possible foundation of Liquid web dedicated server.

Liquid web VPS Pricing

If you have never had a VPS server before the preliminary task can be frightening. The most important aspect one should have in mind while choosing a VPS server would be Disk space and RAM. When you’re buying Liquid web VPS server for podcasting website its essential to have plenty of disk space and RAM. Look closely and you’ll see the pricing listed below.

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The liquid web does have a well-rounded managed cloud VPS hosting packages that remain a premium choice for all users trying to host their podcasting website.

The company offers pretty good features they are as follows:-

  • Excellent uptime
  • Money back guarantee
  • Expensive and powerful

Liquid web hosting features

  • Friendly user interface even for a newbie
  • Options to upgrade and server later available
  • Powerful firewall and DDoS protection with plans
  • Best suited for podcasting website

Few things that we did not like about Liquid web hosting

  • Lack of Asia based data centre
  • No email hosting on managed WP plans
  • Does not host a support forum

We recommend you get a reliable web hosting for your podcast website. But we do not recommend you using these hosting services for podcast media here.

For podcast hosting, you can refer to liquid web cloud hosting plans that are fully managed cloud VPS hosting used by most of the web professionals.

They are the leaders with stellar support. All liquid web hosting plans include SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, daily backups, security as well as DDoS protection.

Recommended web speed results

For a faster website, you always need a faster hosting. To help you out with this concern, we found the easy way out for the best podcast hosting provider. Therefore, we found the web page to load less than a second in our web speed test results.

Now, that you have read enough about these 2 best podcast hosting 2022. We hope going through the entire post would let you make a firm decision choosing the best podcast hosting for the website.

Quickly wrapping up on Best podcast Hosting 2022

Picking the best web hosting can be difficult sometimes because most care about friendliness, support stuff. Like many, we did feel the same instead we thought to check both the host and felt like part of the family.

In the most situation, we do like the features of the Liquid web in spite of higher price ratio then Podbean. Liquid web support staff responded quickly over the phone, live chat or through a support ticket. and this leads us to favour Liquid web one of the best podcast hosting providers in 2022.