Are you Looking for the Best Owncloud Hosting Companies in 2022? That will help you to run your own Cloud storage portal and you can share your data without relying on any third party. In this blog article, you will find the detailed information on Owncloud hosting providers with its Features and Pricing.

Brief Description of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage simply means where the data is remotely accessed, managed and backup. To elaborate a little cloud storage provides the required space to keep the data within the user reach so that they can access them later from any location through the internet.

The cloud storage has adopted a large sphere of the market where Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and others are ruling the internet space. The main advantage is usability, bandwidth, accessibility, disaster recovery and cost savings.

Cloud storage makes use of web-based API that works with a client application in accessing data stored online. It’s the name that is used for storing your files. Cloud storage permits the upload of data which are typically encrypted and safely stored to see no damage or loss takes place. However, you may need of internet while accessing the data store on cloud storage to view or retrieve them.

Best Owncloud Hosting

We have picked 3 best web hosting providers for owncloud. The best part is that they only take only 5 minutes for setup.


If you’re looking for the best owncloud hosting provider then you can trust A2hosting with all important files. However, a free cloud storage is at risk when you don’t know who else can access them or what else is stored in the server. With A2hosting things are little different they take back the control of your files and offer a personal owncloud server that brings a complete peace of mind.

A2hosting Owncloud Hosting

A2hosting is a reliable owncloud hosting provider that help you access your personal data and files from anywhere or whatever device. A2hosting provides you complete details about the server or where your files get stored. The 24×7 guru support will help you with setups and occasional queries.

The Hosting price of Owncloud starts at $5 per month

The owncloud hosting from A2 offers superior performance when running in a SwiftServer platform that runs on Turbo Servers which offers 20x Faster page loads as compared to owncloud hosting providers. Owncloud from A2hosting offers a top-notch solution for managing and sharing all your personal or organization files on the go.

Also, A2 host additional document sharing options such as Pydio, explorer and Cozy with few things you get amazed by the performance from the A2hosting.


Rosehosting is one of the top most own cloud hostings provide next to A2hosting that offers brilliant VPS and dedicated hosting plans with the following features such as.

Rosehosting - Owncloud Hosting Provider

  • Free weekly backup
  • Free owncloud installation
  • SSD storage
  • Full root access
  • Free owncloud configuration
  • Free 24×7 managed support
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Full root access
  • Firewall support

Owncloud installation is simpler with Rosehosting that manually optimizes the server with the software installations. It offers an enterprise level SSD storage that provides better disk I/O performance and compared to normal VPS hosting on a traditional hard drives storage. It offers weekly backup for efficient disaster recovery. The EPIC 24×7 support provides awesome support with the time taken less than 5 mins to resolve a query.


Hostforweb is a leading provider of low-cost owncloud hosting that provides you freedom and control over the data. This helps in to run your personal space on the server thereafter owncloud allows you to access the data wherever you need it. You can choose the VPS hosting from the hostforweb that is affordable and simplifies the need for performance and usability and ensure that your server always is available wherever you need it.

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There are 3 popular VPS plans from hostforweb and features some of the best specs for the price.

  • The base plan offers you with 2GB of RAM
  • Storage space of 100GB SSD
  • And a bandwidth of 2TB

Hostforweb has an easy control panel that manages domains, email accounts, files and more. The website followed with tutorial videos of all management tools. And, a mere 24×7 support jumps in for further assistance.

What is Owncloud?

Owncloud is a suite of client-server software that is widely used in file hosting services. Mainly it works similar to Dropbox but the main difference is a server edition of owncloud which is the free and open source and allows programs to install and operate without being on a private server.

Owncloud is a web-based self-hosted file sync platform that provides users with easy access to data for synchronization and allows syncing clients. The platform is highly secure and open source makes it everything on control with an extensive API based platform makes it one of the best choices to test plugins which further allows you to work with any type of device.

Features of Owncloud

As said earlier it’s an open source API based platform that makes use of a web-based interface allowing seamless access of data between multiple devices such as iOS, Android. The desktop client sync files by keeping the selected folders synced through various devices. Users can share the password protected public links to the public also allowing them to upload files.

Through the interface, it notifies every time when a file is shared or uploaded or edit documents, comment on pictures and videos shared on the public.

Owncloud supports Mac, Windows, Linux native apps and heavily used in android and IOS devices which turned out be a huge success for people hunting for external space or storage. Instead of using Dropbox, icloud and google drive or a local hard drive, the owncloud is used extensively without the keys leaving the owncloud server.

The apps and other data can be encrypted and managed using the external key management tool. Owncloud is highly secured with HTTPS based on the WebDAV standard.

What makes Owncloud unique is the ability to use the rich documents which can be accessed and edit in real time. Users can even watch videos, edit pictures or read PDF’s through the collaborating editing by 5 peoples within the browser.

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The web-based interface notifies users of the actions pertaining to editing, deleting or other activities within the browser.

Owncloud vs Google Docs

Most of us require file sharing software for all our business needs. If we compare owncloud vs Google docs for their functions and crucial services then we can say that Google drive has better user satisfaction rate than the latter. But this doesn’t mean Owncloud is bad. Picking a software seeing the price tag is not always the best choice. However, to elaborate a little we have the detailed comparison below.

The prices are more or less equivalent in both the software but you get to more option such as Free|Annual Subscription|Quota based option in owncloud.

Both the software platforms support a secure way to connect, sync and access data using the client software and operable in windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS.

The main difference lies while purchasing an owncloud for free or choosing one enterprise grade license that allows you an AGPLv3 license. While the Google drive offers a minimal cloud storage to its users for personal and business needs. A personal plan starts with 15Gb free with the paid plan you get 100GB with a mere cost of $89/month or so.

Advantages of Owncloud

Owncloud is an open source platform that boasts some of the best features such as

A scalable owncloud Pi cluster

Owncloud is an open source that makes it easy to choose between the self-hosting server. However, owncloud is scalable and able to deploy any number of users bringing multiple tiny systems together to make one super-fast owncloud.

Keep the password synced

You have not checked the owncloud then you should consider checking it. You get to see music, video players, calendars, contacts, productivity apps,and games. Managing password is definitely the most liked feature in owncloud. Other functionalities such as passwords, secure container,and passman have enhanced features too.

Store your files where you want

There are few things that you should watch carefully to differentiate between the owncloud and other FTP, Dropbox or Google drive interface. A user of Dropbox can only collaborate with box users and this is similar with the Google drive where you need to have a Google account if you want to access the files.

Owncloud is different here with the ability to configure the share link access seamlessly from any browser without having an owncloud account is definitely a plus point.

Get files uploaded

As Owncloud is open source it carries the interesting features and lots of contributors are already on the way to introduce many more features. Owncloud provides access to the public links that means anyone can edit the files when shared.

Limitations of Owncloud

Owncloud is managed to upload a file and later access the documents across the link shared. They may be easy and efficient for work but there is some limitation which you should know such as the inability to collaboratively edit the same document by several people.

The other major drawback is the apps, calendar,and contacts that are not a part of the basic core which is easily supported and cannot deploy in outlook, Thunderbird or any other email client.

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The risk of breaking of the public sometimes can have severe loss of data, as the links cannot be reverted or restored anymore. When an owner deletes a file or folder its straight goes to the recycle bin which the user cannot delete or revert such actions of the owner.

How to select the Best Owncloud Hosting in 2022?

Before choosing the best web hosting for owncloud you may consider choosing different factors such as storage space, secure of data, bandwidth and no. of users utilizes the own cloud storage as well as the performance and the unique requirement like uptime and owncloud storage.

The requirement is especially for those of person, organization or company structure. The owncloud provides users with the cloud solutions for storing a small amount of data pertaining to PDF documents, photo, music,and small videos.

Why Owncloud Shared hosting is the not the ideal choice?

Regardless of many hosting providers in the market. Leaning toward owncloud shared hosting is definitely not the ideal choice because of some pertaining issues. The following below points will further clarify why we don’t recommend others to go for owncloud shared hosting?


The major drawback would be simply relying on the PHP & MySQL to install owncloud, therefore to run owncloud you must rely on the host then offers softaculous-click installs.


Though you have documents and file on the server, your data is extremely personal and sensitive information for you. To have them secured it’s better to move to a host that provides the owncloud hosting with better security that can safeguard your private data.


Speed is necessarily important when you’re uploading or downloading the data on the server. Choosing a shared hosting might result in slower speed where lots of users downloading files at the same time.

Storage capacity

If your shared hosting space lumps up into the total amount of web server space. You might now able to play with extra GB’s. While you buy VPS or dedicated plans you may have the option to upgrade the plan later on.

Conclusion on Best Hosting for Owncloud

Now, you know what are the best alternatives to owncloud? If you have been looking for an owncloud host. We have listed the best owncloud hosting. Owncloud is a flexible open source file sync solution that can help users with building their platforms using the owncloud software. You can even try around with their free plan and use it as a personal server with a single account.

Gone are those days when enterprises spend all day around to own a physical storage infrastructure. With a growing number of users and diverse access options, people have started with cloud storage systems available in the market. So, as the security options have revamped it to promise and keep users sensitive data in the cloud in the most sophisticated way.

This is where the Owncloud brings the best practices to move the organization towards the so-called “Private cloud”.