One of the most integral parts of the website development is not only building a website with all the necessary plug-ins but web security, which is the most trending problem for new developers. Web security is not only limited to getting secured from inside vulnerabilities but also from external malware, Trojans etc too.

Only malware and Trojans are not the problems for websites in today’s world but more problems like XSS, Information Leakage, Authentication and Authorisation, Session Management, SQL Infection and other.  We only consider the design of the website and SEO for running a website successfully but if your website is vulnerable to the entire discussed problem than it is going to face difficulties in the long run and traffic is going to abandon your websites due to various infectious Trojans and malware transferring from your websites to their systems.

There is always ambiguity related to “how to scan your website?” and what are some of the best online tools for complete Website Security and Website
Protection so today I am going to write and tell you some of the best websites for website protection and security in this article.

List of Best Online Tools for Complete Website Security and Website Protection

Sucuri –  If your website is already infected or you have a new website and  in a need for a web security client than offers a complete solution to infected websites and as well as protects newly developed websites by removing website malware, blacklists, phishing, infections, defacements, SEO spam, and other infections from infected websites. 

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It offers a complete solution for an inclusive price rate of $24.99/month which really helps completely in developing your website.  Another genuine website is site-scanners the main motto of this website is to detect malware early and protect the website from it. Nobody would like if someone clicks on your website and it shows warning to users. If there is any malware or unwanted code on your web pages, site-scanner will find it and alert you before your site gets blacklisted.

Their basic plans start from $6.95/month which gives an Automatic daily scan of 1 website, Automatic malware & blacklist monitoring, Automatic email Alerting, Site uptime monitoring, Site response time monitoring, Malware cleanup help, Blacklist removal help which is not a bad deal at all.

Webguard: It is one of the most used and easy to use website which ensures personal and financial details safety, Increases customer convergence by at least 14% and Boosts customer confidence in your business. The is all about identifying loopholes in your websites and resolving them before the hackers attack.

The offers three plans first one is trial version which is almost free and you can get to know about the features about the, the other one is LITE Scan which is $48/year and best suited for those who are not frequent in redesigning their websites regularly because it scans the websites on monthly basis and the last one is Security Scan which is of $365/year which gives you 100% security from hackers and other Trojans which can easily affect the website in a long run.
SiteGurading :  Last but not the least website which is genuine and reliable and does the job is The features of are 24/7 Live Support,  Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring, Security Alerts, Daily File Scanning & File Changes Monitoring, Access to Engineers to Fix Vulnerabilities and others too.
They also provide a 14-day free trial which helps you to understand the features and potential of the website. Their paid plans start from basic (6.95EUR/month), standard (9.95EUR/month) and premium (19.95EUR/month).
So, Here are the Best Tools available online for Complete Web Security and Website Protection. Select anyone of them as per your requirement and budget.