Are you Looking for the Best Odoo Hosting in 2023? In this article, you will find a detailed analysis of the best hosting providers for odoo ERP and CRM and you can run your website without any issue.

Getting the best hosting for Odoo is really very tedious work and you cannot use shared hosting to run your odoo software. To run Odoo efficiently you need to have VPS Hosting or dedicated server hosting and you can select any one of them as per your budget and requirements.

Before providing you the detailed information on Best Odoo hosting in 2023, I will provide you the basic details on the Odoo Hosting requirements that will help you to decide on your hosting partner for a long time.

Odoo Hosting requirements

For 5 user (Basic Usage)

  • 2 CPU Server
  • 2GB of RAM

For the basic usage, you can opt VPS or a dedicated server that meets the above criteria and you can go for unlimited bandwidth and Storage space.

For 20 user (Intermediate Usage)

  • 4 CPU server
  •  8 GB Ram

For the Intermediate usage, you can opt VPS or a dedicated server that meets the above criteria and you can go for unlimited bandwidth and Storage space.

For 100+ user site (High Usage)

  • 2x 8 CPU
  • 32GB of RAM
  • It is recommended for split app and database servers

Let’s see the Perfect Odoo Hosting Provider Companies in 2023

Here, I will not give you the list of 5 to 10 hosting companies and then I will ask you to decide, Here you will get the top 2 hosting companies for odoo and that will make your work very easy to decide the best oddo hosting in 2023.


For VPS Hosting, I recommend everyone to host their website with A2hosting. They provide one of the best odoo hosting services and you can easily ERP and CRM to run your business. The Basic hosting plan of A2hosting for Odoo starts at $5 Per Month. The basic plan is a kind of entry-level plan and you can test the A2hosting provider and if you think they are good at the service, then you can upgrade our plan without any extra charge. If you are not so technical savvy person, then A2 will help you in the odoo installation for you.

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Let’s See the basic features of A2hosting

  • If you are going with A2hosting, I will recommend you to select the ELITE hosting plan. It has less RAM, but for testing purposes, it is good to start at a low price. In the future, if you think you need more resources, you can always upgrade your server by purchasing the RAM and other resources.
  • Up to 4 Cores of CPU is provided
  • 2 TB of data transfer is provided
  • 1GB of RAM is provided, you can add additional RAM by paying the extra amount of money
  • Free SSD
  • Root Access is provided
  • The best thing about A2hosting is an Anytime money-back guarantee

By doing research on the best odoo hosting, I will recommend you to go with A2hosting as it is the best.


Rosehosting is a famous hosting company which provides the best VPS hosting service and It is 2nd in my list of best hosting for odoo. If you think A2hosting is not as per your requirement then you should go with Rose hosting. Rosehosting provides a fully managed odoo hosting service. Rosehosting provides the most powerful managed odoo VPS hosting solution that you have in the market.

Rosehosting - Odoo Hosting Provider

Rosehosting provides all the support that you required to run your odoo ERP software without any issue. If you need then the Rosehosting odoo expert team will help you in the installation of your odoo software in your VPS, but for this, you have to file a request. Rosehosting offers free website migration and they offer free migration of your odoo instance without any extra charge. They will also help you in the installation of the 3rd party odoo add-ons or modules for your application.

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Let’s See the Features of Rosehosting

  • The basic hosting price starts at $21.95 per month
  • up to 6 CPU cores is provides by Rosehosting. In basic, you will get 1 CPU cores
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Up to 150GB of SSD webspace
  • 8TB of Bandwidth is provided by Rosehosting
  • A dedicated IP address is provided with every hosting plan
  • Full Root access

Below are the features that come with every hosting plan you take with Rosehosting

  • Rosehosting takes a full website backup every week, so you need not worry about losing your data
  • Free Odoo Installation
  • In Every hosting plan, you will get SSD Storage
  • You will get full root access in every hosting plan
  • Free 24×7 Premium customer support service is provided with every hosting plan
  • Rosehosting provides you 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Firewall Security to protect your CRM from any unwanted access.


If you need a stable server for your Odoo, then LinuxFox is the best option. They offer superior uptime and performance with their performance-tuned Odoo Hosting plans powered by KVM.

All resources are dedicated to your Odoo server, so do not worry about sharing resources with other customers even during peak time. You can expect uptime and performance similar to that of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost.

LinuxFox Odoo Hosting

If you have a business that is mission-critical, then LinuxFox is the right choice for you. They offer up to 10 dedicated CPU cores on their KVM-powered virtual servers and up to 20 CPU cores on their Odoo dedicated servers.

Guaranteed RAM starts from 2GB and goes all the way till 384 GB. You can start small and scale up your server as needed.

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The support staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They are always eager to help. We highly recommend LinuxFox Odoo Hosting if you have a business to run and you are looking for a reliable managed Odoo hosting provider.


  • The basic 2GB RAM KVM server starts at as low as $14/month and offers 2 dedicated CPU cores.
  • Up to 20 CPU cores, need to contact them for a custom quote if you need more than 8 cores
  • Up to 500 GB of RAID-10 SSD on the KVM ODOO plans and up to 12 TB of SSD storage on Odoo dedicated servers.
  • 10Gbps network port per server, with a guaranteed bandwidth of 1 Gbps per VPS.
  • Full root access
  • Free Odoo Installation (unlimited times)
  • 100% Availability with an SLA of 99.9%.
  • Firewall Security
  • 24/7 support, average response time of 20-30 minutes.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try without any risk and then decide.

So, here are the detailed information on Best Odoo Hosting providers in 2023, which will help you to find your odoo hosting partner without any issue.