Are you Looking for the Best Node js hosting provider? Where can I get good and cheap node js hosting 2023? Today in this article I will provide you an easy and cheap way to host your Node.js applications.

A good sign of a rising community, society, and social infrastructure is its constant betterment and when it comes to technology, the aspect that literally separates us from the dark ages, upgrades, and updates are a 24/7 thing!

I Highly Recommend A2hosting as your Hosting partner for Node Js Applications

From the past few years web hosting services have been slowly but steadily picking up on the new methods of providing better and better options that make for much easier and far better web application development services and one such really must-notice technology is the node.js hosting in the construction of web applications and today we will briefly but entirely review of the cheap, affordable and best node js hosting service provider that you can use to make your web applications and online marketplace a miles ahead from your competitors.

Best NODE JS Hosting

Since we now know what and how important node.js can be and will be for our web application endeavors, let us see some simple solutions about how we can easily create or transfer our websites or web apps to node.js hosting for the most advanced and fastest connection and business growth.

But of course, this all has been too technical mumbo jumbo, before we do any reviewing let us first delve into a much more understandable term about this whole node js hosting thingy…

Get the Best Recommended Node JS hosting provider 2023


It is the Best Hosting Solution for a Node.js based dynamic website. A2hosting is known for its cost-efficient and Reliable node js hosting service provider around the corner. By reading all the reviews on different hosting review platforms, reading the customers feedback on social media, I have come to the conclusion that A2hosting is the best web hosting provider for your node js website or applications.

A2hosting is the most highly rated web hosting providers that dwell in node.js hosting services, instead of providing a VPS hosting they have optimized servers, diligently working to provide you and your business the full effects of node.js perfection.

Best Node JS Hosting

This, in turn, guarantees you that your website will get a lot more loading speed power, that is the most important part of any hosting service and a definite top spot guarantee.

They do free migration of your website to node.js hosting with tons of extra benefits like no downtime, full-on crew support, full activation, and instant setup, money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, optimized hosting, great security, and cache cover layer services!

Features of A2hosting – How they Provide Best Node JS Hosting Service

  • The Node Js hosting price starts at $3.92 per month for your node js website.
  • A2hosting provides Shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server if you think that you need to higher space with full flexibility is provided by a2hosting
  • Unlimited websites and space is provided for your node js applications
  • Cpanel equipped node js hosting is provided by them
  • A2hosting provides you the complete help on installing node js on your hosting platform
  • Free account migration service is provided by a2hosting to its clients
  • Anytime money-back guarantee is provided by a2hosting



Fastcomet provides one of the best hostings for node js applications. Within a Span of time, Fastcomet has made the top positions by its affordable plans and excellent customer support service.

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I recommend everyone to check out the once before finalizing their hosting partner. By doing research from my end, I have found out that Fastcomet is one of the cheapest ways to host your node js applications.

Fastcomet is among the web hosting companies that are supporting node.js applications.

node.js hosting

Fastcomet provides Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated server hosting to the user who wants to deploy node js applications. You can select any one of the hosting services as per your node js application requirements. Fastcomet is among the hosting company which also provides node js shared hosting as well.

Before going with Node js VPS Hosting with Fastcomet, I will recommend you go with Node js Shared hosting service provided by Fastcomet to test their node js environment then go with VPS or dedicated if your application needs that.

Why do I Recommend Fastcomet as your node.js hosting partner in 2023?

  • Fastcomet provides Stunning and Fast secure web hosting for node.js powered websites and applications
  • Free Domain name or Domain Transfer is provided by Fastcomet
  • Fastcomet is among the hosting provider which provides a node js optimized environment that has all the features to run your node js applications smoothly
  • Free Daily Backups of your website is provided
  • Fastcomet provides 8 datacenters for your node js application and you can select any one of them as per your targeted audience
  • 15GB of SSD webspace is provided by Fastcomet in a basic hosting plan
  • Unlimited Bandwidth is provided by Fastcomet

Pricing for Node JS Application

  • Fastcomet is very affordable in nature and its hosting price starts at $3.95 per month for a basic hosting plan and $5.95 per month for ScaleRight Hosting plan and $9.95 for SpeedUp Hosting plan
  • The Renewal rate is the same as that of the purchase price, so you don’t have to pay any extra amount during renewal time.

Fastcomet Technical Features

  • Fastcomet provides 2 Cores CPU Available for a basic hosting plan and 6 Cores of CPU is available for a higher hosting plan
  • 2GB of RAM is provides in a basic hosting plan, 3GB of Hosting plan and 6 GB of RAM for higher hosting plan
  • Concurrent connections (EP):upto 40 is provided
  • Number of processes (nPROC): Upto80
  • Script Executions by Fastcomet server: 4 000/hour, 40 000/day, 800 000/month
  • Average Script Execution Time: 6
  • Average Daily CPU Utilization is 100%
  • Fastcomet provides the maximum number of inodes i.e 5,00,000
  • Minimum Cron Job Interval: 5mins

By Reading all these features of Fastcomet, I will recommend you to try it once with hosting your node js applications and you will get 45 Days of Money back guarantee service if you don’t like their hosting service provided by them.

VISIT FASTCOMET to Sign Up for Node JS Hosting

What exactly is this Node.js?

Do you have any spice boxes back in your home kitchen? You know, a set of selected spices that help to make a variety of different kinds of dishes and meals! Yes, same as that, in the digital world a framework is just like that spice box set that helps in creating awesome web applications.

Frameworks, design the behavior of your website and web application in order to give a 100% satisfactory result to your users. Node.js is one such framework tool and it’s one of the most popular ones right now!

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Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript Framework that is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine, meaning, it’s one of the really advanced software of its kind!

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What does Node JS do and why do I need it node.js?

Excellent question, node.js framework is best used to develop those web applications that are mostly I/O intensive web applications.

Node.js is an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model framework that is especially helpful to create fast, lightweight, efficient, perfect and data-intensive, real-time application that runs on distributed devices.

What that basically means is that if you are a potential business owner of a web application that heavily deals with real-time data streaming like – video streaming and conferences, online games, online chat and messaging or any online transaction and such, then nothing beats Node.js framework for your site to work the best!

Considering that every online marketplace of both small and big businesses is based on only data sharing/streaming and visual presentation, node.js is basically a universal deal for most of any kind of website you might be looking for!

Where to use Node.js?

Now that we have essentially described how cool Node.js actually is, let us go a bit deeper and see in what cases node.js hosting can and cannot help us the most!

The library of commands (APIs) in Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven, which actually means is that it is non-blocking or non-delay in its working. Node. js-based servers don’t wait for the APIs to send data instead they move on to the next API, connecting fully still. The code execution of Node.js is extremely fast thanks to the very advanced and powerful Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

It uses a single-threaded program for request fulfilling with an event looping and a non-blocking response execution program that is highly scalable and thus makes Node.js handle way more requests at a time than your traditional servers like Apache HTTP server.

There is NO buffering in Node.js, just data output as it is.

So, what all that means is that if you are going for any of these websites or web applications then you must consider node.js for the best results possible;

  • Data Streaming applications
  • I/O bound applications
  • JSON APIs based applications
  • Single Page Applications
  • Data-Intensive Real-time applications (DIRT)

If your website or web application has anything to do with real-time events and/or data sharing, meaning any facility that doesn’t require a refresh button hit, like online gaming, chatting, messenger, e-transaction, video conference, etc then Node.js is the next age step that will keep you way ahead in the matter of speed loads and faster conversion rates for your business than any other server hosting.

If your web application happens to be a single page application, then node.js is the best hosting option for that too for it will provide really fast environment for it all the while processing many requests at a time, instantly sharing data files between client and server and you don’t need any more hardware upgrade for such high speed since all it does is basically data shuffling.

Here are the Examples where you can use Node.js

Node.JS is a runtime environment so JavaScript is used for the network applications buildings for developers and programmers to execute codes on the server-side. The Node.JS is lightweight, fast, and easily scalable for coding. However, from writing codes and scripts, there are several projects where Node.JS is used by companies such as.

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PayPal and Node.JS

PayPal is used widely and rightfully there are more than 200 million active users. According to the statements, Node.JS is twice faster than the usual consisting of 33% of less code.

Netflix and Node.JS

The global streaming services from Netflix have got the largest users base in the market. Most interestingly Netflix is one of the Node.JS apps due to offering better user interfaces and decreased build times. Netflix has won awards for the improved loading time of app up to 70%. Node.JS has increased the time taken for TTI metric for app startup and interaction.

Uber and Node.JS

Uber uses Node.JS which is a mobile app that impacts loading speed, data process capabilities for winning solutions. Uber mainly relies on customers and drivers for choosing Node.JS and JavaScript in general.

LinkedIn and Node.JS

LinkedIn is mainly the biggest professional networking site that has more than 450 million active members. The LinkedIn mobile app has been on Node.JS and operating backend successfully. The performance and efficiency of the app are mind-blowing due to the course implementation of Node JS.

Where not to use node.js!

If your web application has less to nothing to do with data sharing and I/O usage, if your site is basically for writing video encoding, coding in general, artificial intelligence construction – any work that is CPU usage-based, then node.js is probably not going to fit the bill there!

Who else is using node.js?

Microsoft, EBay, Wikipins, Yahoo, PayPal, Uber, Yammer, General Electric are some of the MANY websites out there using node.js framework hosting.

So it only goes to show you how exactly capable, trendy, popular, efficient and helpfully practical Node.js hosting is!

Is node.js a good option for real time web applications?

Yes! Yes absolutely, in fact, there might not be anything better than node.js at the moment, thanks to its powerful Google Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine with non-blocking functionality.

Can I use node.js with shared hosting?

Yes, you can, however, since node.js is comparatively “younger in age” thus many hosting services have not remodeled their servers for this service. But that is where we go back to our initial detailed but brief review of the most awesome and affordable node.js hosting services available today! You can host your node js applications on shared hosting and a2hosting provides one of the best shared hosting services.

The final verdict on node js hosting providers:

So finally, if you are a new business owner hoping to make it big in the online world with your digital marketplace, then node.js hosting is the most advanced facility humanity has to offer you! I hope you have liked an article on the best hosting for node js.

I would appreciate it if you provide comments on your feedback or your experience on node.js

I Highly Recommend A2hosting as your Node JS Hosting partner for your Node Js Applications


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