The best niche for blogging in 2023 is vastly categorized into diverse selection. More often we have heard people asking several questions about the “Where to Start” or “What topic should I choose that will generate income”.

Niche selection is the toughest in our opinion. But who doesn’t love the idea of staying at home or earning money while staying at home?

But do you know what a Niche blog is?

Niche blogs are often referred to as something carrying a narrow focus. On the other hand, some niche even is known as a micro-niche blog. These fall under the niche blogs as well as the micro-niche blog correspondingly.

Most of us are not sure about where to find blog niches that make money when we start for the first time. But as time passes we better find a niche that helps us focus on a single aspect that we want to write for.

Though it’s a hard decision to find the best niche for blogging in 2023 or about the topic that we want to write.

If you’re one of a kind thinking to start blogging, you are ought to find a suitable niche that stays for a longer duration.

In my case, I struggled to find a suitable niche since the first time I had a blog. But eventually, I found a way out for the perfect balance between passion and profit.

In respect to finding a healthy long term best blogging niche in 2023. You should head over to ancient Japanese principles known as “ikigai”.

Here in the above screenshot, portrays the condition of finding a perfect niche for your blog in 2023.

  1. Select a niche you are more acquainted
  2. Select a niche of your expertise
  3. Select a niche that is profitable
  4. Select a niche that has ongoing demand in the world

In the mere circumstances, more than 80% of the blogging industry falls under the following niches.

  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
  4. Lifestyles
  5. Education
  6. Spirituality
  7. Fashion

Starting with any of these niches are profitable and exciting.

It is usually best if you start writing about something you are passionate about also in a mere situation all niches are profitable as well as easy to monetize.

Blogging is tough initially but choosing a proper niche you’re passionate provides a seamless experience that would soon generate an income of about $100 per day.

In this article you will learn about the following things:

  1. The best niche for blogging
  2. Blog niches that make money
  3. Micro niche blog
  4. Best micro niche for blogging

We have curated the best niche for blogging in 2023 that can earn some good money.

1. Personal Finance

Personal finance is a spectacular topic people are looking for. It is, therefore, a profitable niche to get your money invested to achieve the best ROI.

If you are well aware of finance and understand everything about Mutual Funds, Stock & market conditions and know about risk factors then you have found a perfect niche for yourself.

You can start sharing information about how to invest money in stock markets, mutual funds, SIPs, and everything related to it.

Also, you can make others aware of the different risk factors that come associated with buying & selling shares with high returns.

Finance is a high paying niche. Almost 80% of companies are competing against each other in terms of Ads, if you are well equipped with the niche then there is no better option for you than this.

You should start writing a blog without wasting any more time.

How do you plan to Monetize a finance blog?

Banking and financial institutions offer good commission per lead if you refer to them. In that case, if you acquire more leads the chances are that you get paid very well.

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You can take the opportunity to help people refer to insurance policies, personal loans, credit cards, mutual funds, etc.

Once you achieve a significant milestone in acquiring decent traffic on your blog.

You can simply collaborate with the financial experts & advisors for sort of paid services like consultancy and earn commission on a referral basis.

You can also use amazon self-publishing to write an e-book related to your expertise in finance and publish it on your blog and earn huge commission or royalties through self-promotion of e-books.

2. Political News

Political news is the best niche for those who love politics and current affairs. Political news websites can operate from any corner of the world irrespective of the country.

In this niche you can rationalize how politicians fight against each other to win over elections, also you can cover various election campaigns.

People are eager to know what’s going on and what it takes to beat the opposition parties.

You can basically follow up with every news that comes around and people will more likely to follow you.

If you are starting to write about Politics this is a significant step towards growing your blog in no time.

You can use a few techniques like interpret news from mainstream media houses in your own words and make it look more appealing to the public.

In this way, in no time you will,  more likely to hit millions of traffic straight on your blog.

How do you plan to Monetize a Political News blog?

Irrespective of the kind of political news blog you have the best way to earn from these blogs is AdSense or other ads programs.

You can even contact or bid for different ad agencies to show the advertisements on your blog and earn a good recurring income every month.

3. Health & fitness

Health & fitness is referred to as an evergreen niche that is more popular than any other niche in the world.

Because the population of the world is growing rapidly and more people are becoming conscious about their health.

And everyone is searching for good foods and tips to prepare them to remain fit and healthy.

You can plan to build a WordPress blog on Health & Fitness niche and publish content that captivates a young audience.

Also, be cautious about things that you will write on your blog as this is a health niche, you should have a working knowledge about writing about this niche when you recommend dietary supplements or information about various food diets.

You have to be clear and precise when you’re sharing tips or medication. You should sound authentic and clean for the recommendations and solutions.

As of now most websites on health & fitness are seen to misguide people for just selling non-effective foods for getting a commission through affiliate marketing,

If you are well versed in the health & fitness niche you can start this as the best micro niche for blogging.

  • How do you plan to monetize a Health & Fitness blog?

The best way to start monetizing your health & fitness niche blog is through Google AdSense.

You can also rely upon different agencies through which you receive a lot of products for review. Use them for writing an honest review on your WordPress blog and recommend through affiliate programs.

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Also, companies provide good remuneration to bloggers for writing reviews about the company (offered) products to help others aware of their products.

4. Home décor

These days the majority of us look forward to decorating our home. It is quite evident that the décor of the house directly affects the mood of the people residing in the house.

Hence, a good looking house is always pretty and even great for getting rid of anxiety and stress. As the internet has reached every home, millions of people usher a phenomenal interest upon home décor ideas.

Photo by Kaboompics .com

If you are too one of a kind, creative and passionate. Be a   home décor blogger.

You can basically tell people about the guide to prepare, How to, home decorations tutorials, designing ideas that others may take an interest in your ideas for assistance.

Also, you can share ideas, plans, and theoretical in different genres of home decoration such as bedroom ideas, kitchen ideas, and home décor ideas for a birthday, etc.

  • How do you plan to monetize a Home Decor blog?

If you know how to craft homemade products then, you can start an online blog and help others through your blog.

AdSense is a primary source of revenue for these kinds of blogs. In another way, you can affiliate products made by other companies. You can even set up an Amazon associate program for promoting their products online.

You can also try contacting some home décor companies and ask for remuneration for a promotion on your blog.

There is numerous way through which you can head start your home décor blog. The home décor niche has a lot of potentials to grow in the future. Also, it is said to be a micro-niche blog that only focuses on a single or distinct product in one segment.

5. Tour & Travel

The best thing about a tour & travel blog is that people love getting reviews about someplace they haven’t visited or planning to visit. You can start a blog in the travel niche and write for an adjoining audience of interest.

Also, you can share tips about planning a journey to a specific place and inspire others to do interesting things. If you start it up now make sure you understand how to bring traffic from social media and through the use of SEO.

Photo by Archie Binamira

Blogging in the travel niche doesn’t mean you have to visit the place in real. You can take help of other online material (Video or text) and create content in the travel niche.

It has the good potential over other niches as a farfetched idea simply appeals more than you think. The idea of starting a travel niche is definitely a hot option to consider especially for the new generation.

  • How do you plan to monetize a Tour & Travel blog?

There are more than one ways to earn from a travel niche blog.

You can just simply earn money with a sponsored post, or you can go for a paid marketing campaign with brands with many tourism boards.

Also, affiliate marketing is a good way through which you can sustain your travel blog.

Once you setup everything generating income is easy as it seems.

You can promote products from tourism boards and services for which you will be paid a commission for every referral and so on.

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6. Technology

One of the most enchanting blogging niches is a tech and it is always profitable in growing technology strands on the internet today.

In today’s tech world almost every other day there is a launch of new mobile phones, which is fairly going to uprise in the near future.

Photo by

Also, there are many people who seek a bit of expert advice on things that interest them. So, irrespective of age, gender there is a greater following in tech blogs.

Thus you can start a blog related to technology and better if it’s a micro-niche that reimbursed expert reviews or opinions on particular gadgets people wish to see.

  • How do you plan to monetize the Technology blog?

Start with advertising a nice way to earn piles of cash is usually through banner ads.

Although you can sell electronic goods, gadgets by partnering with any company that approves affiliate commission.

If you have decent traffic why not sell a ad space. Monetizing your new tech blog is essentially is easy and you can earn a lot more than you think.

Also sites like Amazon, GearBest, Aliexpress runs affiliate programs through which you can review new tech products and take away loads of direct commission from sales.

7. Personal Improvements Blogs

There are millions of people searching for a way to live a life better. You could help them probably transform their life as a whole.

Personal improvement blogs are meant to deliver usefulness to one’s life. Similar to personal finance, you need to find and resolve a particular and specific issue.

Photo by Oleg Magni

Personal developments carry self-motivation, spirituality, a resolution to mental or emotional boredom, love, date & relationship as well as yoga.

If you love living others’ life you should start a blog and discuss some persistent issues in life. You can let your thought process at work and find some sub-topic accordingly.

  • How do you plan to monetize the Personal Improvements blog?

The best way to monetize a personal improvement blog is through Google Adsense. Whilst Google advertising is mostly preferred and it’s the only company that’s been running for years now.

You can easily fetch traffic from search engines and through social media platforms and include 4-5 ad units in every article.

Writing appealing content will bring more visitors and hence, your personal skill set and how you appeal to your audience with a required skill set will bring more visitors.

Summary: 7 Best Niche for Blogging in 2023

We’ve reached the end of the post since we have explained everything in our post. We hope now it’s not difficult for you to choose the best niche for blogging among the 7 best niches for blogging in 2023.

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