Are you Looking for the best Moodle web hosting service provider? Today, In this article I will provide you the affordable and top moodle hosting service which will help you to start your online course or eLearning solutions.

There is always a confusion to get the best hosting service for their website, to avoid such confusion I am writing this article on Moodle hosting. I will provide you the detailed information, Features, Plans, and Pricing which will help you to find your hosting partner.

Best Moodle Hosting Provider

I will not share a long list of 10 or 100 moodle web hosting services, this article will only discuss those web hosting companies which is the best and I have full confidence in their services. I hope this list of moodle hosting services will help you to Choose the Best hosting for Your LMS website.  By doing a lot of research on a review website, On Social media then I came up with the best hosting providers for your LMS script i.e Moodle.

Let’s get started with the best recommended Moodle hosting provider


Fastcomet is one of the fastest and affordable SSD cloud web hosting which provides one of the best hosting services to its clients who want to start the LMS type website. Fastcomet is my top choice for Moodle hosting and currently, I am hosting my website on their server.

Fastcomet is one of the most affordable hosting services and their basic shared hosting plan costs only $3.95 per month for 3 year hosting plans and the renewal rate is the same as that of the purchase price. Fastcomet hosting plan is good value for the money and for the startup Fastcomet is the best solution.

Another great offer provided by Fastcomet is the Lifetime Free domain name on every hosting purchased from them. Now you don’t need to worry about renewing your domain name every year

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I have written Fastcomet Reviews on shared hosting service where I have provided my personal experience with them

Let’s See the Features of Fastcomet

  • Fastcomet provides SSD equipped Cloud hosting service to its clients
  • Cpanel powered hosting service is provided for your Moodle website
  • Fastcomet provides Daily and weekly backup of your Moodle website, so by this, you will not lose your website data at any time
  • Single-click installation is provided by fastcomet
  • Unlimited Email Accounts is provided with your Moodle website
  • If you want, Fastcomet provides a Free Moodle script installation for you
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of money back guarantee for Moodle hosting

Sign up for Fastcomet to Get Moodle Hosting

Why Fastcomet is the Best Moodle Hosting?

I have review moodle web hosting based on the usability of fastcomet such as Moodle Software, Moodle themes, Applications, Modules, Moodle Technical support, Price, Money back guarantee, and Security.

  • Usability is an important aspect when it comes to looking for a web hosting for Moodle script. The usability of moodle is from how easy it is to install the script and start your work without any issue
  • Fastcomet provides Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated server hosting for your Moodle website
  • Security – Fastcomet provides an advanced level of security for your Moodle. They provide Application and network firewall to protect your moodle or LMS website
  • Free Moodle up-gradation is provided by Fastcomet
  • If you are Moodle beginners no need to worry, Fastcomet provides Step by Step tutorials so that you can easily learn about Moodle script
  • Fastcomet provides Free moodle Extension installation help is provided by fastcomet
  • Technical Support – Fastcomet provides 24x7x365 days of Customer and technical support service to its clients
  • Money-Back Guarantee – Fastcomet provides 45 days of money-back guarantee service to its moodle hosting clients
  • Reliability and Performance – Fastcomet provides the best reliability and performance for your Moodle website. Fastcomet has invested huge money on infrastructure and in data centers
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What is Moodle and Why it is one of the Best Learning Management System!

What’s Moodle anyway? You must be thinking, and so let us give you a quite impressive outline about the online help in academics available today before we come to the million-dollar question!

LMS or Learning Management Systems are very popular and very handy software applications available online that help to basically provide studying materials to students and cool fun ways of teaching those subjects to teachers, all around the world.

Moodle is one such an application alongside many others i.e. Blackboard, Kannu, Grovo, Litmos, TOPYX, Edmodo, HotChalk, etc. The main difference between Moodle and these others is that Moodle is a free educational open-source software! Yes, Moodle, free of cost, helps students to get an awful lot of help, easiest way possible, to understand a topic of any subject by downloading especially created subject papers by experts from all over the world!

You have no clue how to tackle that one particular chapter in Geometry?

Go to Moodle, and download the inside out of that chapter’s whole deal, easily designed to understand by an expert! Having trouble understanding what Keats is trying to say in his poems! Go to Moodle and download everything there is to know about that poem in the easiest to understand way.So that is what Moodle is!

But that is not all folks! Moodle has tons of features for Teachers too.

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It helps them, to go into detail of any course pattern, devise a curriculum (create a whole new course study method!), invite their students, teach them online about your subject your way, allot them the homework that actually helps, take helpful online tests, keep an eye on their developmental progress without any disruption or absences.

So ultimately Moodle is open-source learning software that is contributed in by anyone using it from anywhere. And now a little history about Moodle first tested in 2002, Moodle has begun to function very recently, in May 2017, and has gained immense popularity.

It is an open-source learning platform that mainly offers easy management planning for anyone using it, sort of like the way you make your “to-do lists” in a particular order so all-important kinds of stuff get done without any double turn.
And now you are like – It seems brilliant, how may I test/use it?
Well, it’s easy – just go the installation page here.

And download it!

You will never have any trouble with it since apart from being a robust, private and secure online learning platform, Moodle is also backed up by heavy resource materials, is open 24/7, 365 days a year and it holds strong community support despite being a free LMS! And that is what particularly makes Moodle the best Learning Management System available online today! God, why didn’t we have it back in our days? Anyway, so we suggest you use it as much as possible starting now.

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