Today, I am writing this detailed article on the top 3 hosting providers or companies that provides the best monthly web hosting service in 2022 with its features and pricing which will help you to decide on monthly hosting plans for your website or blog.

Web hosting services are secretly mischievous when billing cycles are around the corner. While there may be many tempting hosting offers ushering in a market that goes down even to $3 per month. You eventually feel are cheated just after the purchase of a web hosting.

Monthly Web Hosting

So what’s our take?

In this post, we’re determined if we can find any hosts that leverage users with an actual month to month web hosting options?

It is true to some fact that cheap web hosting is the first thing that everyone finds first. Especially when they are starting out a new blog.

But when it comes to monthly based payment (web hosting services) they are little trickier to find. Only a few companies (We’ll discuss later in the post) offer a monthly web hosting that helps users to find the PROS & CONS of a hosting.

Today, we discuss the wider aspect of web hosting in the blogosphere. There are lots of big brands and companies over the web and millions of hosted domains on earth. Consider the use of one that suits your needs and budget.

You now need not worry because due of course we have gone through the hosts billing process to find out the actual monthly charges you need

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Can you pay monthly for web hosting?

The basic idea of this question asked by people who have not started a website yet seems interesting.

Since we study the prices of the hosting fees associated with the hosting resources that involve checks from time to time may take some to calculate. But don’t worry we do the Maths so that you can decide the ballpark figure.

Let’s start with an example of the value of an item that shoppers see first to determine its dominant quality. Now would you assume the most expensive will be the most durable or offer the most features?

Similar to web hosting when shocking low price banners hit your door, doesn’t mean the quality is guaranteed.

There are several month-to-month hosting plans but not all web hosts offer the same reliability, features or affordability to the users.

Down below are a few specific web hosting providers offering great quality, features, and reliability to the users and most importantly they provide you with a monthly based subscription plan.

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They are pretty similar to each other in features such as the presence of free site builders, unlimited resources, and so on.

What are some Web hosting providers that accept monthly payments?

Most web hosting providers don’t have a monthly-based plan. They either require you to pay for a long term or a full year of hosting upfront. This is where most people hold down back from building their own website.

So, if the cost is holding you down then we have a list of web hosting providers that offer the option to purchase the month-by-month hosting now and you have your website up there before you know it.

While searching for the best monthly web hosting services many people fall into the trap of marketing strategies by hosting providers.

Undoubtedly there is a huge competition who are willing to convey every sort of lie to lure customers to make a good profit out of it.

These include outrageous claims such as unlimited everything when you purchase their services which on paper looks absolutely phenomenal but in execution can really deeming in the eye of the user.

Thereafter many web hosting providers take advantage of the website owner due to a lack of technical knowledge and by offering unlimited hosting plans which cost really high. This type of web hosting should be avoided simply because the cost is high in the end.

Always go with legitimate web hosting services where you get to see high quality, good cluster, and better industry-standard services. Considering that many web hosting services for easy monthly-based purchases here are some monthly-based web hosting services.

List of Best Monthly Web Hosting Providers with its Plans in 2022

We believe there are no reasons to pay annually. In several instances, website owners are forced to pay annually to tie them up to services they have tried before.

Sadly, for most, it turned out to be the biggest nightmare for them whereas monthly-based web hosting plans are better in a way to have more control to immediately cut the agreement the moment you feel the resources, and supports are not adequate for horrendous hosting services.


A2hosting came to light in the year 2001, in hosting services initially for developers. Later the company shifted its operation as well the servers owned privately keeping its own technical team to allow it to the customers. A2hosting web host allows users with monthly hosting plans charges a significantly higher $10.59 per month (price drop in case of annual subscription) with all available resources.

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SignUp with A2Hosting

A2hosting is an ideal web hosting provider mainly for small businesses that have 3 subscription options available for hosting plans with the price of the packages on a monthly based plan at $4.90 and going up to $12.25 per month for the highest shared hosting package.

A2hosting is unbelievably a renowned hosting service provider having a good reputation in uptimes history and 24×7 support mechanism.  It is a blazing fast host providing additional functionality like caching and add-ons.

Can I pay for A2hosting monthly?

Of course, if you are willing to choose to be billed monthly, you can go ahead and make a purchase for a 6, 12, 24 or 36 months period. A2host offers significant discounts when you pre-pay for the packages. All the prepaid accounts are covered with 30 days no question asked refund policy.

Starting up with a new host doesn’t necessarily be expensive even when you opt-in for services like WordPress for a few costs to buy a domain or sign up for a hosting plan.

There are several hosting services and plans can be challenging as lesser the days you opt-in for service the prices are going to get high. However, A2hosting does not believe in taking advantage of the users who have purchased hosting for 30 days.

Although A2hosting provides users with all free access to the server rewind free. Since the backup tool is provided by A2host can access the Cpanel for taking backups of files and databases. This means you no longer need to outsource the backups and helps in saving a significant amount of time and labor.

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It is difficult to imagine that websites now contribute to climate change. While there are millions of servers set up with thousands of data centers present worldwide needs a massive amount of electricity that results in polluting the atmosphere. GreenGeeks came out impressively with super flexible hosting stands on their own.

GreenGeeks partnered with the U.S recognized green power seeking a similar interest to make the environment-friendly energy-saving hosting company in the industry.

However, the monthly based plan starts with a rise in price of $9.95 which is considered a pretty high price for a monthly based plan.


SignUp with GreenGeeks

Trey Gardner is the founder of GreenGeeks and has over 30 years of experience providing web hosting services to the public.

Now, why GreenGeeks web hosting popular?

The only selling point that sets GreenGeeks apart is taking advantage of wind energy credits to offset carbon output by their servers. Studies say that servers account for more CO2 output every year. GreenGeeks is essentially an environment-friendly web hosting that people are searching for.

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However, GreenGeeks hosting provides a great uptime guarantee which is ideal for users who want to try the hosting at least for a month. GreenGeeks offers great customer support and also it provides complete environment-friendly services to the users. So if you like green hosting and good service then you may try GreenGeeks hosting.

While GreenGeeks is a great option, it targets a specific niche in the web hosting world although this should be enough for trying out services in the future. GreenGeeks bestows professional and friendly staff that uses tools and technologies. GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting companies that claim to provide 99.9% uptime.

Well if you are thinking about stable web hosting with all the bells and whistles then you can be pretty sure about the reliability, customer service, uptimes, and innovations being a green company is all you need for your hosting projects.


Hostwinds is famous for providing low-cost hosting that aims to provide great quality hosting at a lesser price. Hostwinds provides users with monthly based hosting plan it offers nicely monthly billing cycle of $6.50 per month.

If you want a powerful but flexible web hosting provider then Hostwinds is designed to appeal to both small and big website owners.

Hostwinds is a relatively new host founded in 2010 that features awesome 99.9% uptimes that meet every user’s basic needs. Hostwinds provides outstanding customer support through ticket raising and resolving within 15 minutes.


SignUp with HostWinds

Starting with a shared server Hostwinds low-cost web hosting where you find attractive, wallet-friendly Linux-based shared hosting plans come in 3 different categories as Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.

These plans offer you unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited storage, a free dedicated IP address, and one can host one single domain.

Unless you are strapped for cash there is an ultimate version of the Hostwinds shared hosting that lets you grow your audience base. As with other web hosting services. Hostwinds plans to stay ahead with flexible monthly billing plans and discounts that hardly go unnoticed.

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The Verdict

There are a lot of other hosting companies that offer monthly web hosting plans. You can surely be behind them if you want. Not every company is verified and trusted but a few you can host with total security. Although,

My Recommendation Monthly web hosting Provider is A2Hosting