MongoDB is NoSQL which is a nonrelational database structure that stores data that depends on a format like BSON. MongoDB has a standard scheme which in turn greatly simplifies mapping between domain objects and DB.

Things like hidden objects/arrays / hidden inside your domain objects can be stored transparently in the DB. It becomes easy to make significant application changes in real-time, code integration is also more reliable, and it takes a bit of database administrator time.

Some of the best MongoDB hosting below can be your reference in choosing MongoDB hosting service.

Best Place for Hosting MongoDB

Best MongoDB Hosting

If you have a question “where to host MongoDB?” The answer is in some MongoDB hosting services described above. Why MongoDB? This is because MongoDB is often a better choice for very large datasets with very high write charges, in situations where you need to get rid of the database. This is also a good choice if your data model or schema is unstable and needs to evolve over time.

Let’s See the List of Best MongoDB hosting platforms that support MongoDB:


If you are looking for the Premium and Best MongoDB web hosting provider then A2hosting should be your first choice to look it for. From the last 14 years, they are providing hosting service to its clients who are looking for some specific niche hosting services such as MongoDB. A2hosting provides the fastest, simple, and most reliable MongoDB web hosting provider service around the globe & I always recommend everyone to try A2hosting as your hosting partner.

MongoDB Hosting


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A2hosting provides developer-friendly MongoDB hosting service and it provides all the facilities for the developers and Do you know A2hosting is the first hosting provider who started providing PHP supported platform. A2hosting provides shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting server, and whenever you need to upgrade the hosting service, it can be easily done with A2hosting.

Features of A2hosting – Why it is Best MongoDB Hosting Provider

  • A2hosting provides affordable Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated server hosting
  • At A2hosting, you can make your own perfect VPS for your MongoDB project.
  • You can select the amount of RAM, web space, and data transfer that you’re required.
  • A2hosting provides the number of operating systems including CentOS and Ubunto.
  • You can get up and running with your MongoDB hosting account very quickly. With the Single-click, you can install MongoDB by using the Webuzo auto-installer.
  • A2hosting provides ultra-reliable servers that are backed with 99.9% uptime commitment
  • The main feature of A2hosting is its Anytime Money back guarantee, you can use their service and if you don’t like their Mongodb hosting then you can get your full money refunded.

Pricing of A2hosting for your MongoDB Hosting

  • The Pricing plan for MongoDB A2hosting starts at $5 per month

Customer Support – The Guru Crew support of A2hosting provides 24×7 customer support via Live chat and ticket-based and a2hosting has received many awards for their hosting customer support.


Bluehost is the cheap MongoDB web hosting providers around compared to the other alternatives. The Making of the top and best MongoDB web hosting is running successfully. In Bluehost, you can perfect design your VPS for your MongoDB project. you should know the Disk space, RAM, and data transfer that you need for your project. Bluehost is known for its best MongoDB hosting service and customer support. Bluehost provides NextGen Mongodb VPS hosting service to its clients.

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MongoDB Web Hosting

Bluehost Price for MongoDB Hosting – The Bluehost MongoDB hosting price starts at $19.99 per month

Features of Bluehost Why you should choose MongoDB

  • 2 IP address included in every hosting plan
  • 24×7 customer support service is provided by Bluehost
  • Multi-Server management, If you need additional server than you can link to your server
  • Bluehost advanced capabilities provide SSH access, server-side includes log file access, web managers for files, database, and Email
  • For the advanced users, you will get enhanced Cpanel control panel which provides full access to CentOS, which gives you complete control of your server
  • If you’re not satisfied with the Bluehost’s features you get 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • They also have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • They also have advanced protection from spam and virus

Customer Support – Bluehost provides 24×7 customer support for the MongoDB users via Live Chat and ticket-based or Via Phone.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is different in many ways than SQL, to which we often turn to whenever we need a solution. MongoDB offers a better solution when compared to SQL. MongoDB is a popular database structure and it offers faster indexing and information retrieval.

MongoDB falls under the non-relational database structure, known as ‘NoSQL’. The data storage in MongoDB is based on an object-oriented view, unlike SQL. Scalability and speed can only be achieved if the database is set upright. The data storing is done by JSON documents known as BSON (Binary JSON). MongoDB also adapts to the company’s growth and expansion.

Strength of Visualized MongoDB:

In some cases we might not know the information we might store in the future or keep track of things later; MongoDB can be used in these situations. SQL organizes data in a format where it is difficult to fit real-world domains. MongoDB is one of the new NoSQL which is a document-based database.

SQL stores data series have interrelated table rows, in the most case single item, multiple cross tables which spread casually. MongoDB stores the information of a single item in a single document; this makes the process of retrieval faster and easier. It also allows documents to be grouped together and indexed. It also facilitates the changes with the evolving web.

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MongoDB avoids any kind of cascading deletes. Though MongoDB has many benefits it also comes with some drawbacks. When you’re developing an application that involves using SQL or data normalization, in such case don’t use MongoDB.  In the future, you might require using other joins, which is not applicable at MongoDB. You will again go through the process of developing the application in a new database or migrating the entire cluster.

This involves more time and money. MongoDB allows for lenient data modeling thus resulting in poor application development. This leniency might lead to the lazy development of the application t initial stage itself, which might create a problem at a later stage. Again it involves more time and money to fix the problem which could have been avoided in the first place. They also do not check for data consistency in the database layer. 

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Security and authentic format:

The next best MongoDB web hosting is MongoDB Atlas which is solely based on cloud-hosted MongoDB services. MongoDB Atlas is most liked MongoDB’s best web hosting. If you decide to develop an application using MongoDB Atlas, you can forget about data management, setup, configuration, software patching, monitoring, backups, and distributed database cluster. MongoDB Atlas operates at zero downtime, just create and deploy a cluster in minutes. You can also modify the cluster at no time.

MongoDB Atlas secure and data are protected at all times. Authentication, network isolation, and encryption are done at the very start of the application. MongoDB Atlas is flexible at all points and can be added or removed with a single operation. Backup is automatic in MongoDB Atlas with queryable snapshots for future reference. MongoDB Atlas shows your performance on your dashboard in real-time.

You can customize all the notifications for your liking. MongoDB Atlas has the feature of living to migrate data from a different cluster. It is inexpensive since it does not require more server space and money since everything is stored in a cloud.

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The top 12 alternatives for MongoDB are:

  • RethinkDB can scale to multiple machines with very little effort. You also have to create your own account to access RethinkDB.
  • CouchDB can operate even when the networks are partitioned and where application versioning is necessary. The future is uncertain at CouchDB.
  • ArangoDB Setting up a cluster is easy. Unlike other NoSQL, you can join AQL here.
  • PostgreSQL is the most supported in Node and widely used one. But it is not suitable for small apps.
  • Couchbase Can make and uses redefined fast queries. Couchbase is released under the Apache license since it is open-source.
  • MySQL is pretty straightforward. Easy to set up and use. It can be used in large applications and store a large amount of data. The error messages are vague and not detailed enough.
  • Redis can be used for a commercial product. It also has a large number of client libraries and frameworks.
  • Orchestrate is a cloud database where multiple databases are stored in a single database. It is a database as a service, so no downloading and installing. Here the data are not stored in your server.
  • Cloudant can replicate the database at multiple server hosts.
  • Cassandra, it is similar to SQL, making it easier for SQL users to adapt to. Joins are not allowed.
  • ConcourseDB can retrieve data from anywhere with built-in version control yet not a popular one.
  • DynamoDB allows 40 million database operations, free for a month. It can be integrated with other Amazon services. They have poor documentation compared to other alternatives for MongoDB.

Why is hosting so important for a MongoDB database?

Hosting is a cost-effective solution and easy on the go for deploying mainly MongoDB in the cloud. However thousands of companies around the world competing against another. So, what makes other shared MongoDB hosting right for your business.

Shared hosting for MongoDB is most fulfilling for startups or medium-sized businesses those who need the work to be fast-paced, develop customer scenarios, or host a development or to test their application.

If you are looking for a perfect hosting solution for your MongoDB database then consider the most important things to look for in shared hosting MongoDB that is fully managed that help you to monitor, backup, and troubleshoot your databases operations.

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Consider the following benefits you get from shared MongoDB hosting

  1. High availability
  2. Disaster recovery
  3. Dynamic, automatic scaling
  4. Database monitoring and alerts
  5. Automatic MongoDB version upgrades

You can click the link to set up a test environment using A2hosting now. You can start making queries to the SQL system you may already know and familiar with. A2hosting is truly excellent when it comes to hosting MongoDB databases offering great guru support service and extremely high speed for your MongoDB projects.

Advantages of MongoDB over other databases

In relation to the popularity of MongoDB, it’s faster than the traditional databases certainly there are lots of advantages such as

  • MongoDB is a schema-less means the document database holds a collection of different documents at the same time.
  • They are quite different than other databases in a number of fields, content, and the size of the document from one another.
  • Structure of a single object is clear in MongoDB
  • MongoDB does not share complex joints at all
  • MongoDB facilitates deep query due to support for a dynamic query on documents
  • Easy scalability
  • It makes use of internal memory for storing all the working sets, this results in faster access.

Typically a relational database (RDBMS) tables are used for storing elements while in MongoDB used as a collection.

In RDBMS, multiple schemas and in each individual schema has a table to store data while in MongoDB has specific document-oriented database through data is written in BSON format known as JSON format. MongoDB is way faster than traditional database systems.

Disadvantages of MongoDB

As we know nothing is fully complete or perfect. In spite of counting for so many advantages, MongoDB also has some limitations such as.

Joins not supported

MongoDB does not support relational databases. One may additionally use the joints functionality added using manual coding practices. But it gets really slower in execution as well as in performance.

High memory usage

MongoDB usually stores a key name for each value pairs. Thus, problematic nature due to no functionality of joins creates data redundancy results in increasing unnecessary usage of memory.

Limited data size

Limited data size means a document size is not more than 16MB

Limited nesting

Nesting documents are not allowed for more than 100 levels.


Shared hosting is where an IP address is shared between different accounts shared hosting totally unsuitable for MongoDB. When you decide using MongoDB, a NoSQL of a database, you might have other needs that are impossible to find in an inexpensive shared hosting platform.

MongoDB can successfully work on any web server, provided that it has a separate IP address and access the Ports 27017 and 28017. In many web hosts, you will have to request each and every time when you have to use these ports. MongoDB operates on a regular operating system with simple hardware requirements.

Final Verdict:

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