Are you Looking for the Best Mojoportal Hosting Provider? Today, In this article you will get the information on the most affordable and top Mojoportal web hosting company which will help you to host your website without any issue.

Mojoportal is used to create advanced websites, so you also need a hosting partner that can handle your website and your website is always up and running. There are thousands of hosting providers that claim to provide the best mojo portal hosting service, but researching all thousands is not possible.

I have faced such situations, to overcome such situations I am writing a detailed article on the Best Mojoportal Web hosting service provider. If you want Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting for your Mojoportal website then this article will help you to get that

I Highly Recommend A2hosting as your Hosting partner for your MojoPortal Website

If you are in hurry then you can use the above links and you can host your website without any issue and If you like my blog writing and If you want to know more about Mojoportal and hosting then you can read the article and you can provide comment or feedback in the comment box, so it will help me and my readers about it.

In this article, I will not provide 10 lists or 20 lists stating all are best to host your website and it creates a lot of confusions, but in this article, I will only provide the best Mojoportal web hosting provider

MojoPortal Hosting


Let’s start with the Top and Best Mojoportal Web Hosting Service Provider 2019

A2hostingDo you know A2hosting is providing the best web hosting service Since 2003, yes you read it right. Last 14 years, a2hosting is providing one of the best hosting experience to its users who all have trusted them. A2hosting provides the Windows hosting service to its clients, so you can easily host your Mojoportal website without any issue.

MojoPortal Web Hosting

If you compare a2hosting with another hosting provider, you will come to know that A2hosting is the best and around 5000+ customers have given 5 ratings to hosting services.

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Visit A2hosting – To Sign Up for Mojoportal

A2hosting provides Best Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS hosting, Cloud VPS hosting service, Email Hosting and Dedicated server hosting, so at any time you think that your website is growing and you need to upgrade your mojo portal hosting solutions, then you can very easily upgrade your plans.

PriceA2hosting shared hosting price costs start at $3.92 per month and they have higher different hosting plans to fulfill your requirements.

Storage – A2hosting provides Unlimited storage space to its customers, so you need not to worry about the hosting space.

Bandwidth – Unlimited Bandwidth is provided by a2hosting on every hosting plans

Control Panel – Please control panel is provided by A2hosting to its Mojoportal customers

Security – A2hosting provides a free SSL Certificate and SSD equipped hosting service. You can read my article on the Best Malware Removal Tool.

Windows Feature supported by A2hosting – A2hosting provides one of the best versions of your windows hosting software. A2hosting supports ASP.NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012 Access Database MVC 4 or 5 Classic ASP .NET Core 1.1,  Silverlight 4 or 5, MySQL 5.6,  PHP 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1

Website Migrations – A2hosting is among one of the hosting services which provide Free Website Migration with Hosting service. A2hosting will do all the work of migration of your Mojoportal website to their platform without any downtime of your website

Customer Support – A2hosting provides friendly 24x7x365 Days of knowledgeable customer support to its mojo portal customers

Money Back Guarantee – Anytime money back guarantee is given by A2hosting if you don’t like their hosting service.

Uptime – 99.9% Uptime guarantee is given by a2hosting

By Reading all this feature, I can understand you are very eager to register with A2hosting, But one thing I want to tell you that A2hosting provides the Turbo server which is 20 times faster than any other hosting servers. But yes you can get this feature only in Turbo Hosting plans.

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Visit A2hosting – To Sign Up for Mojoportal

What is Mojoportal?

Mojoportal is a free open source advanced content management system that anyone can use to build their website without any coding knowledge. With Mojoportal you can build a simple blog to the complicated web portal and big business websites. For more than 10 years Mojoportal is providing this platform to build.

Features of MojoPortal
There are many core features provided by mojo portal that helps the webmaster to start their website without any issue. Here, I have list some Salient Features of MojoPortal CMS
1. Content creation is Easy – Content writing is very easy in Mojoportal. If you ever use a word document, then you will never face any issue in writing on Mojoportal. You can write content, add images, videos all in your browser.
2. Managing Files and Folders – MojoPortal provides full control over your website, you can Create, Edit, Rename and delete files and folders very easily just from your browser. Your media can be managed from one convenient location.
3. Pages and Menus – You can create, edit or delete your pages very easy, Managing your pages across the website is very simplified by mojoPortal, and Menus are automatically created at a defined location by your themes.
4. Language Localization – MojoPortal is being translated into 10 different languages and you can create Multilingual websites without any worry and If your language is not in the list, you can contact then they can help you in that
5. Mobile-Friendly – Mojoportal is mobile friendly and the Skins of Mojoportal comes with fully responsive and if you want to create, you own Mobile friendly skins, you can do that without any issue
6. Security  – In the mojo portal, you can provide role-based security to your users. As per the task of your user, you can assign the different roles, so there will be no full access to any users.
Read my detailed article on WordPress Malware Removal Service Provider
7. Internal Site Search – You will be knowing about internal site search, Mojoportal site search automatically index all your pages, allowing the visitors or end-users of websites can easily fetch your data
8. Search Engine Optimization – Mojoportal CMS is built keeping SEO in mind. Page creating and editing tools have the inbuilt features of SEO, if you need any custom SEO solutions, it can be easily done by Mojoportal
So, here are some basic features that will help you to know about Mojoportal, If you want to get more detailed information, You can visit Mojoportal Official Website.

MojoPortal Hosting Requirements

Let’s see the requirements, you should look before purchasing MojoPortal Hosting from any hosting provider (A2hosting supports MojoPortal and they are the best in providing the windows related hosting)
  • Mojoportal is CMS, so if you are looking for hosting service, then it should be Windows Hosting.
  • You need ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 or ASP.NET 4.0/4.5
  • IIS 6 or higher
  • Database (You can have 6 different databases)
    • MSSQL 2005\2008\Azure
    • MSSQL-CE 4
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Firebird SQL
    • SQLite
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You can Host on my Recommended Mojoportal hosting provider or you can host Mojoportal on your web server and you can Read Web Site Configuration documentation.

SO, here are the detailed information on the Top and Best Mojoportal hosting provider which you can host your Mojoportal website hassle-free. I hope you have like this article and you will share this article with your friends and relatives so that they can also know about it.

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If you have suggestions, recommendations you can comment in a comment section and by doing this it will help my readers to get the best information.