Mechanical keyboards have become popular among computer users all around the world. The mechanical keyboards make use of spring technology that makes the movements easier for the keys.

The mechanical keyboard India makes use of rubber domes that are most convenient to use with complete mechanical design and supported by the clickable switches. The keys are long durable even when used for long time under the pressure.

The keyboards remain functional under various situations and conditions. The mechanical keyboards are mainly used not only used for typing or for coding but the keyboard is also helpful while playing higher-level games using multi-player options.

The mechanical gaming keyboards are available for reasonable prices that most users can easily afford.

The high-quality keyboards with spring activation have become part of computer accessories during 1980 when such accessories came into the market for the first time.

The mechanical keyboard with its perfectly designed framing, superior functionality and flexibly operated PCB boards has become favorites among masses. The type print methods and LED lighting keep the keyboard ahead in brightness, sharpness, and adjustability.

Mechanical Keyboards

When you use the keyboard, you will enjoy working on it and love the feel of tender switches. Most of the companies manufacture keyboards using membranes and that are cheap and of lower quality. But the mechanical keyboards are the most versatile with higher functionality.

Below List will help you pick the best mechanical gaming keyboard

1. Logitech Mechanical keyboard (G413)

Logitech brand is one of the most trusted by computer users. The best mechanical keyboard is considered to be one of the medium-budget and superior quality gaming keyboards available in the market.

The keyboard is in carbon black color with nicely framed keys. The keyboard is made of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy build that remains lightweight and long durable.

The mechanical keyboard India is highly popular among is gaming enthusiastic. The keyboard has anti-ghosting options and a set of 26 key rolls over.

The keyboard can be customized using the software and keycaps offer perfect lighting that makes the keys visible even during night gaming.

The Logitech keyboard with USB ports offer high-speed data transfer and also allows mouse connectivity which is an advantage.

The functional keys allow you to play, pause skip, mute, control volume, and also help you to toggle the settings of the lighting while using the best budget mechanical keyboard.


  • Slim and lightweight.
  • The USB port is available.
  • Nicely designed.


  • Available in single color only.
  • No support for key-caps.

2. SteelSeries Apex Mechanical Keyboard (350)

SteelSeries Apex 350 is one of the highly branded keyboards offering multiuser options. The users who are into heavy gaming and love to have high-end gaming peripherals will always use this keyboard.

The cheap mechanical keyboard has many useful options such as media keys, anti-ghosting keys, and macro keys.

The RGB zone illumination makes the keyboard look outstanding. The keyboard with plug-and-play functionality and customized options offer multiple advantages and remain completely reliable.

The SteelSeries Apex keyboard is not completely mechanical but the customized software provides many more functionalities that make it very useful it can allow you to create several customer profiles and unlimited macros.

The two best options with keyboard offers are it has two USB ports that are useful and handy while using other accessories.

The Apex 350 keyboard has keys highly customized with a swappable rubber base. The best mechanical keyboard for typing offers a 2- year warranty from the date of purchase against any mechanized defect. The lightweight keyboard is handy during gaming sessions.


  • Simple design port for USB is helpful.
  • Macro keys (22) are useful in gaming.


  • The Price is on higher side
  • Not completely mechanical keyboard.
  • Unconventional layout.

3. Redragon Mechanical Keyboard (Anala K558)

Redragon Anala K558 is a mechanical keyboard that can rightly fit into your budget and offers you several advanced options along with useful functionalities. It has a customized DIY mode that makes the keyboard highly versatile to use.

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The FN+9 and 0 helps in displaying LED backlight design that is useful during working as well as playing the games. The keyboard is water-resistant and dustproof and having a set of drain holes.

You can set a keyboard profile according to your requirement and it can be reset if required.

Redragon Anala K558 keyboard has OUTEMU blue-colored mechanical setup of multiple switches. It also has keycaps in chick-let styles with a variety of lighting modes in 8 different colors.

The lock and unlock function can help you to avoid unwanted clicks while playing the games.

The best mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic and stylish design can catch the attention all the time. It offers an outstanding gaming experience for the players to spend long hours while using the keyboard happily. The nicely frame keys and the customized design makes the keyboard highly preferred among the users.


  • The keyboard is customizable easily.
  • Keys are a bit pointed and easier to handle.


  • The design looks outdated.

4. HyperX Alloy Mechanical Keyboard (HX-KB1BL1-NA/A3)

HyperX mechanical keyboards are mainly famous for the SSD components that can be used internally to make the keyboards perfectly suited for high-end gaming. The keyboard with its decent look and lightweight body makes use of Cherry MX switches which are in blue.

The anti-ghosting option and the N-keys rollover make it a highly useful keyboard.

The cheap mechanical keyboard is made of steel and having USB ports for charging as well as for using other accessories. The keyboard also has FPS caps used for other keys including WASD. HyperX Keyboard has long detachable wires which suit well to the ultra-portable design of the keyboard.

The cheapest mechanical keyboard india supports well-built textured key frames that are useful for FPS games and plays. The LED light makes night gaming sessions interesting.


  • The custom key caps are supported by Universal Cherry MX keys.
  • It has two USB ports.


  • The LED color is average.

5. Razer Ornata Chroma Mechanical Keyboard

Razer ornate is a brand become popular among the users in a short time as the most users started preferring it. The mechanical keyboard India is doing well in the market when compared with the accessories of many branded companies including gaming devices and mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard with ergonomic design and highly supportive Mecha-Membrane technology makes the device look elegant and highly practical to use.

Razer keyboard has keycaps are of mid-height with backlighting options is easy to customize with an RGB display.

The anti-ghosting and 10 keys rollover option along with wrist-rest keep the keyboard ahead in the market. The Razor software is highly useful in making the keyboard most versatile and highly effective.

The best budget mechanical keyboard also offers a nicely designed and comfortable-looking wrist-rest that helps while using the keyboard for long. The LED light option allows easy access to the keys even in the dark.


  • Razer’s software is highly useful and effective.
  • It is light in weight and easily portable while playing games.
  • It also has comfortable wrist-rest.


  • No warranty.
  • Extra macro keys are not available.

6. HyperX Alloy Mechanical Keyboard (HX-KB2RD1-US/R1)

HyperX Alloy mechanical keyboard with single color LED display is highly effective while you use it for work or for playing games.

The USB ports are handy and can be used for connecting various other devices like pen-drives, headphones, microphones, or even mouse. The Cherry MX keys offer superior functionality and an attractive look.

The easily portable best mechanical keyboard india remains anti-ghosting with a rollover option for N-keys. It also has 6 different lighting effects that are highly dynamic.

The keyboard also offers a set of media keys, a USB port, and an easily removable wrist-rest. The wrist-rest adds to the comfort while using the keyboard.

The custom setup of the keys makes it highly flexible and the integrated LED light bar adds to the usefulness of Hyper X keyboard while the users use the mechanically designed, the cheapest mechanical keyboard for long hours without feeling restless.

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  • Universal Cherry MX keys allow custom setup for keycaps.
  • The USB ports are highly useful.


  • The LED color display is in single color.

7. Corsair Vengeance Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K65 is a highly prestigious company that manufactures highly functional and widely used gaming accessories. The K65 products are highly popular among users and game lovers.

The mechanical keyboard with its Cherry MX red framing keys that work efficiently and makes gaming practically easier for the people who love playing games.

The keyboard is nicely designed with long and sleek AA chassis that makes it adaptable to use.

The keyboard with 100% anti-ghosting and with rollover options makes it highly outstanding to use. The USB is available with a detachable cable that makes working effortless.

The cheapest mechanical keyboard is lightweight and portable. The ultra-compact technique is most suitable for the people who make use of laptops while playing games.

The ultra-compact design makes the keys flexible while playing the games. Corsair K65 keyboard is travel-free, smooth, and noiseless.


  • Universal Cherry MX setup is used for keycaps.
  • Gunmetal grey offers a grand look.
  • The ultra-compact keyboard works better for gaming.


  • Lightweight but shaky.
  • Backlighting not possible.
  • Wrist-rest missing.

8. HP Omen Mechanical Keyboard (X7Z97 with SteelSeries)

HP Omen is one of the highly functional keyboards with a mechanical setup that doesn’t need any introduction. It has become a part of gaming devices that most game lovers prefer to use.

The best mechanical keyboard has 5 different zones with the LED capability. The keyboard can have 16 million color combinations that allow you to customize the keyboard as per your preferences.

The USB options are useful in connecting other peripheral devices and accessories. The keyboard has a set of 88 macro keys that makes your task easier while using the customized keyboard.

The keyboard also has a set of rubber bars that can help you to adjust the height while working or while playing the games.

The branded best mechanical keyboard india is not only useful for gamers in high-end games but it has a set of additional keys that make handling easier. But HP Omen keyboard is not compatible with MAC.


  • Easy to customized.
  • It has 88 macro keys for multiplayer gaming.
  • USB highly functional.


  • Not compatible with Mac.

9. Zebronics Max Mechanical Keyboard

Zebronics Max keyboard is mainly designed using the technique of ultra-minimalistic design. It uses double injection keycaps and it makes the mechanical keyboard popular among the users.

That mechanical keyboard India is delicate to look but sturdy and long durable. You can work or play games for long hours without feeling any pressure over your fingers.

The mechanical keyboard also supports anti-ghosting fully and also offers wireless and N-key rollover options. The name of the company is not as big and famous as many others but it provide a perfectly designed, most reliable keyboard in the market.

The unique design of key frames offers a perfect keycap setup. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the product against any manufacturing defects.

The ultra minimalistic setup of the best mechanical keyboard helps people who love playing games for a longer duration. The Zebronics Max keyboard offers a warranty against any shortcomings while manufacturing.


  • The set of ultra keys and portable design make the keyboard versatile.
  • Custom keycap setup uses Universal Cherry MX keys.


  • The backlight is in a single color.
  • Keyboard has a heavier body.

10. Razer Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard

Razor black is an award-winning keyboard with mechanically designed superior key-switches.

The keyboard works well with the help of Razer Synapse software and it keeps the keyboard fully under control with its programmable techniques. The cheapest mechanical keyboard is mainly used for high-end gaming.

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The flexible keys and the lightweight body of the keyboard offer an outstanding experience for the users and the players. The mechanical technique used while testing the keys for about 50 million keystrokes along with the higher response.

The 100% anti-ghosting and the N-key rollover have always offered dynamic effects. The best mechanical keyboard for typing also offers advanced options for in-built USB, along with a jack for headphone and microphone each.

The Razor Black Window keyword offers superior technology and excellent design that always gets all attention.


  • The budget mechanical keyboard has won awards of excellence.
  • Razer Synapse software works effectively.
  • Backlighting is highly useful.


  • Only one LED color Green.
  • No warranty

User Guide for the best mechanical keyboard:

The user guide to choose the best mechanical keyboard for gaming definitely helps the users in finding more information about the keyboards.

Types of key switches:

The mechanical keyboard doesn’t look any different and it looks same as any other keyboard. But the make and design of the mechanical keyboards is completely different.

The best mechanical keyboard india has rubber mat on which the set of keys are placed. Cherry MX switches are most common in mechanical keyboards. The Cherry switches are available in variety of colors such as Red, Blue, Brown, and Black.

The best mechanical keyboard offers a variety of switches having different designs and colors.

  • Cherry Blue switches have both audible and tactile clicks. These switches are highly preferred.
  • Cherry Brown switches have only tactile clicks but doesn’t support audible clicks.
  • Cherry Red and Black switches don’t have either audible or tactile clicks. These switches need less pressure while using.

The other type of switch which is mainly used in mechanical keyboards is Alps switch.  These switches have similar mechanism and it has loud clicks.

Additional form of switches:

Another switch type is the Alps switch, which are somewhat similar mechanism to Cherry: Also the Buckling spring switch and Topre switches have been also used as a part of mechanical keyboards but these switches are highly expensive.

WASD 6-Key switch tester option allows you to test various switches and find the most suitable for the best cheap mechanical keyboard.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about keyboards:

Q: Which are the switches that work well for gaming?

Most mechanical keyboards are well-suited for the gaming but the Cherry Red switches are most perfect to play for longer hours. It also allows you to make use of macros while playing the games.

Q: Which are the switches that work well for typing?

The switches that are highly recommended for typing are Cherry Blue switches. The cheapest mechanical keyboard india have efficient switches that are easy to use and offer better techniques.

Q: How useful are the backlit keyboards?

The cheapest mechanical keyboard with backlit options are useful while typing or playing the games in the dark.

Q: How useful are the wireless keyboards?

The keyboards with wireless option are easy to handle, portable and most convenient to use. But it needs a set of batteries which is to be replaced, depending on the usage.

Q: what advantage USB keyboards have over other keyboards?

The mechanical keyboard India with USB port offer easier options for peripheral connectivity. You can easily connect to Pen-drives, headphones, and speakers. You can also connect the mouse to the keyboard which is most handy.


The cheapest mechanical keyboards have become the most useful peripheral devices that are preferred by users depending on the functionalities and usefulness. There is variety of keyboards available in the market today.

The mechanical keyboards are look and work like any other keyboard yet, it has different technique and better versatility than most of other keyboards.

Above given list of mechanical keyboards will help you to choose the best mechanical keyboard for your computer and laptops.