If one desire to have managed WordPress Hosting, then it will be the best because it will keep your website fully updated then it will lighten fast and also perform great. There are various benefits one can get after availing this facility like one can get easily backup and regular security checks; will be like a bullet-proof security against cyber-hacks. It determines your website behind the scenes and maintains consistently high performance.

If you want Managed WordPress hosting, then, it is not a hard job. The Bloggers or businesses that want to focus on running their site, without worrying about updates, backups, and behind-the-scenes technicalities. This is best for those who require these qualities. These are some of them according to me:

The clientele who are planning to get their traffic fast and wants check regular spikes in visitors. Those clients can afford this service if their website cannot afford any downtime and for the anyone who values great support and value.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Before telling about the Top Best Managed WordPress Hosting providers, let’s discuss some benefits in details:

  1. Bulletproof Security:

For anyone, the bulletproof security is the utmost demand and the biggest incentive for managing the host. Why one will upgrade, if security will not be available. One must be known, most hosting platforms are doing regular security checks and also removing malware from the websites.

  1. Specifically Optimised for WordPress:

The specialist service always has an upper-hand than any general services. The servers are totally fine-tuned and best optimisation is for WordPress services too.

  1. Auto- Updates and Auto Backups:

The websites which managed WordPress hosting will provide gets automatically updated to the latest version for achieving the highest performance. The clients need not check as well as install, updates manually in their updates.

With the auto-updates, the client will also get auto-back-up because managed WordPress hosting also offers daily backups. The client can sleep smoothly without any tension of losing the precious data if some worst happens on the website.

  1. Super- Speed:

Being an internet savvy, it will not good for a client to have a slow website. A slow website hampers and affects the sales, conversions as well as user experience too. If one manually speeds up, then it brings brain-teasing and skill taking also. Managed WordPress hosting uses built-in caching and it also provides CDN for making super changes in the website, which can increase the speed automatically.

  1. 24/7 Support:

It is best to have assistance at the time of need and this is the most appreciable thing which a client needs at the time when some worst happens on the website. Managed WordPress hosts packages usually come with the facility of an access to a premium support service so that you can skip the queue and speak to real developers. It will surely beneficial for any client.  It’s always better to know that there is a person behind you to assist in your problem.

  1. Flexible and Scalable for Huge Traffic:

Managed WordPress hosting will make you amazed by handling a more traffic and bandwidth than shared hosting. After getting traffic, the site will not crash.  I totally agreed with the fact that it’s costly, but, services are really best to have for anyone for its websites. Sometimes pennies can be lost, if you want to have best with you.

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Top Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers of 2017

WP Engine:

WPEngine is perhaps the biggest name in Managed WordPress hosting as it is loaded with ample of qualities which include professionally tweaked, daily backups, malware scan, fully managed, firewall as well as CDN-readyWPEngine is perfect for up to 25,000 visitors per month, but one needs to upgrade for unlocking more resources and for 24/7 phone support. In WPEngine, The entry-level alternative, ‘Personal’ is generous, offering a staging environment, one-click backup, and free site migration.

Features of Wp Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

  • The Pricing of Wpengine starts at $29 Per Month
  • Wpengine provides 5 different hosting plans and you can select them as per your requirement
  • You can try wpengine for 60 Days and If you are not happy with their customer support you can get full refund on your money
  • Free website automated migration is provided by Wpengine
  • Free SSL Certification is provided on every hosting account purchase
  • You can also read about Wpengine Coupon to get update on all the latest offers and discounts


  • WPEngine is more expensive than many competitors.
  • WPEngine has a list of prohibited plugins.
  • 24/7 support is only available to premium customers.


DreamHost has a firm reputation as a web server, with over 1.5 million customers and a 2016 award for ‘Best Customer Service’. Dreamhost Press boasts no limit on bandwidth or visitors. It’s the most traffic space you can buy for the price. There are also no restrictions on plugins and themes, so you have more control over the customization. DreamHost found the speed which is average against others on this list, but very sufficient given the low price.

Features of Dreamhost – Why Dreamhost is the Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

  • Dreamhost is fully managed wordpress hosting provider and you can focus on your content and other website promotion activities
  • The Price of Dreamhost managed wordpress hosting starts at $16.95 Per Month
  • Managed wordpress hosting of Dreamhost is 5 times faster than the shared hosting provider
  • Unlimited Bandwidth is provided by Dreamhost
  • Rock solid security is provided by dreamhost managed wordpress hosting


Not ideal for ‘power-users’ – lacks a staging area, CDN services, and free migrations.


Cloud hosting is much more powerful and reliable than traditional VPS. It is also one of the best and affordable managed wordpress hosting provider. Cloudways has the standout feature of speed. It’s by far the fastest provider, we tested scoring the only ‘A’ rating in the group. Advanced options come with GIT integration, staging URLs, and managed backups. Cloud hosting is much more powerful and reliable than traditional VPS. Cloud hosting has an intuitive and user-friendly control panel.

Features of Cloudways – Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

  • The Cloudways Hosting plan starts at $7 Per month
  • Cloudways provides different hosting plans and you can select the hosting plans as per your requirement
  • On Cloudways you can install unlimited wordpress websites
  • Free SSL certificates is provided on every hosting plans you purchased from them
  • Cloudways provide Single click installation and free website migration is provided
  • Managed backup is provided by Cloudways
  • Cloudways provide 24x7x365 customer support service is provided by cloudways
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Cloud hosting can be a little technical, but the user-friendly control panel does help smooth out the procedure.


Flywheel provides best managed wordpress hosting provider for designers and agencies. Flywheel is the managed hosting provider which only hosts wordpress website only. Flywheel has auto-back-ups and bulk plans available. The flywheel has loaded it with collaboration tools, but one need to pay the only little excess. Thither is a super-cheap entry option at $15, but the real value lies in their pro packages. Standard features include daily backups, round-the-clock security, free migration, and a helpful support team.

Features of Flywheel – Best WordPress Managed Web Hosting Provider

  • The Hosting price of Flywheel starts at $15 per month
  • Flywheel provides Free SSL certificate to your website
  • Flywheel provides Free WordPress Malware Removal service to its clients if they are affected with malware
  • By using wordpress hosting with Flywheel you are not sharing your server resource with anyone else
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee is provided by flywheel
  • Custom Control panel is provided by flywheel
  • Flywheel provides 24×7 customer support service to its clients


  • The entry-level option offers little more than shared hosting alternatives, so you’ll want to start with the $30 per month package.
  • If you’re used to cPanel, you may not like the custom dashboard.

Inmotion Hosting:

Inmotion WordPress hosting is the cheapest category you’ll get a free website transfer, data backups, and easy WordPress setup. Inmotion Hosting comes with a bunch of good features as standard. Inmotion WordPress hosting, the company is giving their premium customer support and maximum speed with the unlimited data transfer to their clients, however, will cost you a little more.

Features of Inmotion Hosting – The Best Managed WordPress Web Hosting

  • The Inmotion Hosting pricing starts at $40 Per Month
  • Enhanced security measure is provided by Inmotion managed wordpress hosting
  • Best platforms and solutions is provided by inmotion
  • Inmotion provided Fast accurate responses is provided
  • Use Inmotion Hosting Coupon to Get Flat 40% discount on your Hosting


Inmotion Hosting is missing the staging area as well as security features of managed hosts, but it is only a third of the price.


Bluehost provides optimized wordpress managed hosting service to its clients. Bluehost provides fast, secure and most amazing wordpress managed platform to host your wordpress websites.  Bluehost is one of the excellent options if you have a high budget. Its key features are Linux & cPanel with the unlimited resources for its clients. The automatic backup for the resource protection is also an important attribute.  BlueHost has its speed consistently fast across the US and stability around the rest of the world. There are even some pro tools like CDN options as well as it has security for the clients.

Features of Bluehost – Get the Best WordPress Managed Hosting

  • The Bluehost hosting price starts at $19.99 per month
  • Bluehost provides multiple hosting plans as per the need and requirement
  • Free Ip addresses is provided by Bluehost
  • Free SSL certificate is provided by Bluehost
  • It is built on advanced NGINX Server architecture
  • Bluehost is the recommended wordpress hosting since 2005
  • Get Bluehost Hosting Coupon to get all the latest offers and discounts


No site migrations are available as well as some websites have reported load speeds and support response for its clients.

What is Managed Hosting and how it can Help Your E-Commerce business?

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Introduction to managed hosting

The answer to the question “what is managed hosting?” is a bit tough. Furthermore, how it can help your web based business? Is exceptionally precarious to reply. Managed hosting is an advanced version of dedicated web hosting. In this kind of website hosting, the needed hardware remains with the service provider and is taken on lease by the service buyer or customer. Managed hosting is slightly different from other kinds of dedicated web host plans. In fact, the management and maintenance plans on day to day basis are handled by the service provider of managed hosting. Thus clients of such kind of service buy it at once and feel relaxed and free from worries.

Advantages of managed hosting

Managed hosting has some unique advantages. Take for example it is as cheap as shared hosting. Yet it carries all advantages and benefits of dedicated web hosting plans. In simple words managed hosting is a web hosting service that works on internet based computing. During past years people used to download web hosting software on their desktop or server present in their building. Managed hosting is that web-based hosting that runs on a server hidden in the cloud. Its advantages are as follows:-

  • Managed hosting plans are the best for large and small scale business that have growing as well as expanding demands of bandwidth. If your requirement for web space increases then managed to host can assist you by increasing the bandwidth of your hosting server.
  • Today online business firms of all widths are worried about recovery from robust disaster. Managed hosting is a service that works on cloud technology that saves you from losses on the web.
  • One prominent advantage of managed hosting is that you won’t need to update your web hosting server. After signing up a service plan of managed hosting your service providers will automatically update your hosting software. You won’t feel worried about managing your web hosting tools, software, and hardware.
  • When you sign up a plan of managed hosting then you can use it by relocating anywhere on the globe. All you need is an internet connection and computing system.
  • Managed hosting helps you in doing a business collaboration with other companies located in other parts of this world. You can easily use the managed hosting server and share your business credentials with other companies with ease.

How does manage hosting help to grow your E-commerce business?

Today internet has become overcrowded with many E-commerce service providers. However, only those e-commerce professionals are succeeding on the web that used managed hosting servers. The main advantages of managed hosting plans are that they are available with free email addresses and a free lifetime domain. Another benefit of using managed to host E-commerce solutions is that they work on Linux operating system that works more efficiently than Windows operating system. Here you will be provided with sufficient bandwidth and website building tools. However while buying an E-commerce plan you will have to investigate whether it is compatible with managed hosting services or not?