Magneto is an open source platform that is used to build up an online store. The platform helps you to integrate with powerful options to stay top in the competition. However, to work in a Magneto store need a better hosting environment that has the required speed which will venture into the upcoming success of your Magento store? In this article, you will find the List of Best Managed Magento hosting providers which will help you launch your Magento ecommerce website without any issue.

You must have come across different hosting provider who claims to offer top-notch services on paper and looks impressive in pricing. However, it can turn out to be a total disappointment for some. There are hosting companies offer hosting requirements for magneto as well as for Magento hosting.

Choosing Hosting for the Magneto Store

Choosing the right configuration can sometimes feel confusing. However to start a 4 CPU cores with 8 GB of RAM and a VPS server will offer you enough resources for your new Magento online store. Later, you can change the resources without an additional server setup.

Mostly all web hosting make use of SSD disk for an increase in the speed of databases and operations. These are one of the best middle-sized magneto shops. Choosing a VPS hosting for the Magento store seems the best option.

So where to look for a best managed Magento hosting. There are specific Magento hosting providers you can lean towards!

My Recommended Fully Managed Magento Hosting Provider

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Click here to visit A2Hosting (opens in a new tab) A2hosting is one of the best managed magento web Hosting company which provides Fully Managed hosting service to its clients

Common Mistakes of choosing to host for Magento

Choosing a host pertaining to the exact requirement of your Magento store there are few things you should abide to prevent common mistakes that users went through most of the times.

  • Don’t use windows hosting for Magento store
  • Set the sufficient memory size
  • Always check your logs
  • Backup your Magento store
  • Pick the right one for you; remember “Free magento hosting” or “cheap magento hosting” these are popular searched keywords on Google.

To find an exact question for this it all depends on many factors such as Magento version, the number of products with a high monthly traffic. Well, Magento is a scalable solution and in such cases acting quick can be bad. Take the time to go through the entire article and choose the best investment for your store.

Best Managed Magento Hosting


Let’s start with few basic now!

To start with best managed magento hosting there are few hosting types depending on the who’s managing the server!

  1. A Fully Managed Magento hosting
  2. An Unmanaged Magento hosting

A managed server and a shared server. In case of managed magento hosting along with all server, configurations are held by the hosting specialist. However, if you like to use Memcache or any other that did not come with a managed hosting package. And, you can’t make some unusual setting in a managed server.

Luckily, if you go for an unmanaged or a self-service hosting then, no one could limit the functionality of your need. And you get the full control to freely add things without much of hassle.

Let’s See the List of Best Managed Magento Hosting

Doing an extensive research we’re going to pick a few top choices for best managed Magento hosting 2018.

A2Hosting  – Managed Magento Hosting

A2hosting is a full-featured web hosting that looks pretty good for the price and features. A2hosting plans are quite affordable and if you try one of their VPS or dedicated servers. More specifically a Managed VPS which offers abundant power, speed, and stability in a competitive package.

  • A Managed VPS cost $49.99/month
  • With 4GB of RAM
  • 75 GB of storage
  • 2GB Monthly Data Transfer

You see Magento is pre-installed on a shared account that can be easily configured on servers. The best thing is you never need to stress with complicated setup files. They offer built-in caching something can’t be found in another host. With Caching helps in improving the overall site performance.

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A2Hosting is able to take care of everything from optimization to security work. All you need now to try out one of their plans and forgot everything other than managing your store and running your daily business operations.

Cloudways – Best Managed Magento Hosting

Magento store can be a good choice for site owners to directly boost sales and conversions. If the Magento store doesn’t load up well most visitor will leave your store. You should consider a reliable hosting solution that will be the key to success for your Magento e-commerce store. However, when it comes to hosting a Magento store you always need a good managed hosting which provides you with exceptional features and stable performance all day around.

Cloudways is one of the best Managed Magento hostings that specializes in providing optimized hosting for all Magento store owners. There are few advantages of using cloudways such as you can deploy Magento store on top of cloud infrastructure like AWS, digitalocean, Vultr etc. Cloudways manages to care all things from setting up a server to application deployment.

Although, pricing may is on the higher side nothing matters when you get hosted on cloud infrastructure and then, paying the administrator for managing the server.

With Cloudways managed Magneto hosting everything is on 1-Click. Setting up a Magento store is not easy you might need a team for that. Once you come on Cloudways you could forget these worries. Cloudways is the only the best place if you are a store owner, developer, designer or development agency.

From installing an SSL, creating a clone of your Magento store all can be performed with few clicks. You get direct access to the SSH terminal which will ease the workflow using Git tools. In regard to that, you also get cache system such as Varnish and added security for your Magento online store.

Free Trial Period

Unlike another hosting, Cloudways provides you with free chance to test the platform before moving permanently, Cloudways offer a 14-day trial for Digital Ocean server and 3- days on AWS. You can test all things before you hop in running your Magento store. If you want to know about the offers and discounts, you can read my detailed article on Cloudways Promo Code which will help you to get all the latest offers and discounts.

Features of Cloudways

Managed Magento hosting from Cloudways offer necessary elements for an e-commerce store such as:

  • SSD based Magento Cloud hosting
  • Advanced Cache
  • Optimized stack
  • PHP 7 Ready servers
  • CloudWays CDN
  • Free Magento Full Page Cache

If you’re looking out for making this deal with Cloudways then the process of moving is simply the best here. You get to deploy essentials or a custom one to be productive that highlights your Magento store.

SiteGround Managed Magento Hosting

When you look for a perfect host, you will be seeing many hosts. Thus, you’ll be also looking for a host that offers quality hosting service. Despite this other thing do you consider featuring in your host? I guess performance, reliability, awesome page loading time with solid uptime, customer support along with affordable pricing.

After, being found out there it’s time to look for Magento hosts, those offer optimized service for Magento. With specialized tools and perfect integration, Siteground is second on our list.

When you visit the SiteGround page immediately you’ll come to notice about the section that talks specifically about Magento hosting which includes free Magento installations.

SiteGround is definitely one of the top choices among the masses featuring quick SSD drives for all plans. Magento optimized servers work similar to A2 optimized cache plug-in, daily backups with regular security patches and hack protect comes with all managed Magento hosting plans.


  • StartUp: $9.95/month
  • GrowBig: $14.95/month
  • GoGeek: $29.95/month

Every plan is scaled according to the monthly visits. With the first plan, you are entitled to have 10k visits. Following the next GrowBig, it offers around 25k monthly visitors, the last but not the least has got 100K visits. Storage space is limited to each plan starting with 10Gb, 20Gb and 30Gb is the only option you’re left with.

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All 3 plans offer more or less the same benefit to a user unlike with addition on GrowBig and GoGeek that offers an unlimited number of sites to host. All the plans offer a free domain for life, a drag and drop builder with daily backups.

The features are endless which make your Magento site as easy and efficient. The support seems to work 24×7. These guys will lend you a helping hand whenever need.

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Important things to consider when choosing a Managed Magento Hosting

  • It’s always necessary to ask if the potential host has network blackholed It means the hosting might be linked with spam. Theoretically, this results in blacklisting the whole IP nets which can cause serious damage to your Magento store.
  • Do not buy something only if it’s large or well-known hosting provider. The scale does not mean quality. See all things before you end up deciding the perfect hosting partner for your online store. Giant hosting companies might have dreadful support or stability.
  • Reading reviews can sometimes be helpful. Know more about a specific hosting provider from the real users can help you with valuable information about hosting company can respond to the issues and requests.
  • Not to mention the only important thing you would be seeing is the quality support you get from the host. You need to check thing such as standard support feature behind fees. In other words, it will be pretty easy to check things out with a little bit of conversation with the host partner.
  • Price does matters but not always, the best way to see the proportion of features and the price.

How to build a successful e-commerce magento store?

There is most likely the e-commerce is expanding constantly. Individuals Prefer purchasing everything online. Call it startup or small business owners all have a site running today to remain in the competition. The most celebrated e-commerce solution these days is Magento. On the prospect that you plan to have a fruitful e-commerce site running then you should pick Magento. With Magento Ecommerce development services it is easy and convenient to setup an ecommerce magento store and makes it prominent.

Magento has loads of components and it can meet the necessities of any business today. There are heaps of themes and plugins accessible which you can use to get your e-commerce magento store up and running swiftly. At that point, you can begin selling your products and services online every minute of every day. You simply need to pick the good Magento hosting plan apparently. Without it, your site may not stack as quick as you might want and you may lose visitors and sales.

Let’s look at Magento Connect features. It’s one of the largest eCommerce marketplaces for to Merchandise your online store.

Magento says “The platform is just the Beginning” so do we. With more than 1,50,000 developers worldwide. Magento web development agency can be a crucial in setting up your e-commerce magento store such as:

  • Website Management features
  • Checkout, Payment, and Shipping
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Marketing Promotions and tools
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Accounts
  • Catalog Management
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalogue Browsing

Magento is free so you can use it without hesitation. That implies you can see the source code and alter it to fit your needs.

Magento is super cheap to run and support. The setup cost of Magento incorporates a domain name registration, with development services, one can build Magento store and tweak some advancement with themes and extensions. After that, you are prepared to sell on your Magento Store.

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5 tips to run successful e-commerce Magento store

In the event that you are preparing, to begin with, your online store, there isn’t a superior platform than Magento. This open source CMS solutions offers hearty answers for building successful e-commerce Magento store to fulfill a wide range of requirements. It is very adaptable and offers an exceptionally financially savvy answer for anyone wanting to begin off with an e-commerce magento store.

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It takes 5 tips for you to get the best out of your Magento fueled store.

#1. Visitor Checkout

As shopping online for products is turning into a piece of everybody’s life you have to repeat an indistinguishable affair from a user’s gets while shopping from anofflinestore. One of the significant barriers is the sign-in process that the users need to experience in every one of the stores. To manage it you should permit your users to checkout as visitors without going through the long registration process on your site.

#2. Customized Support

A large portion of the Magento web development services cancan now be offered to ease your experience while building an ecommerce Magento store in a hi-tech way.  It lets you use or make chat support for your users that permit them to find solutions to every one of their questions progressively.

#3. Search Engine Optimized

The success of your online store and it might come by means of search engines and henceforth you have to optimize all the product pages on the store. Ensure the contents of every product are optimized with targeted keywords as these will ensure you get your audience. Urge reviewers to buildreviewson products available in the store as this aid in expanding the drive and uniqueness on each page. It is, however, prudent that you moderate the user generated content.

#4.Nested Static Block

In the occasion that you are running an expensive product store with many products in various classes, this is one component that would enhance your store. It permits you to effortlessly lead block in numerous data blocks. Not exclusively does it make your site stack speedier for the advantage of the customers it likewise makes refreshing the store with new products effortlessly?

#5. Alert Notification

This is a brilliant element that you should consolidate in your store as it gives you a chance to remain associated with your customers. This element is greatly helpful in advising customers about new products to a specific class or on product availability that they hunt for but sadly were out of stock. You can send these notifications through email or SMS. For powerful conversation, you have to know the likings of your customers.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a web host for Magento?

Magento is one of the robust e-commerce platforms used by many and it is recommended to have a proper hosting solution for optimal performance flow. There are few things that you should consider before choosing the best Magento hosting provider.

They are as follows:-

  • Fully loaded optimized stack
  • Scalability
  • A cache plug-in to boost the Magento performance
  • Powerful security
  • Automatic backups
  • SSL & CDN
  • Prompt support

Is Magento completely free?

Yes, Magento is said to have developed an open-source platform. It’s completely community driven and comes absolutely free of cost. However, there is a Magento Enterprise Edition which adds few more features.

Get a Great Managed Magento Hosting – Final verdict

You have an eye for detail! So which host should you choose to host the Magento Store? There is a list of option available for you that provide you complete plan details and fees structure. With powerful servers and abundant resource structure that can drive your drive traffic easily. Be prepared to spend a little to get the performance you need.

Managed Magento Hosting is the best choice when you want 1-click optimization built into the platform. If you don’t want to the server to manage by yourself which require some advanced tasks. Then, these hosts sit right through your need.